Chapter 18 Upgrade

The Lion Tiger Beast rolled on the ground. After a while, it stopped. After standing up, it looked at Monk Tang with a very hateful look, and then opened his mouth and roared, and the tiger shook the mountain forest.

When he shouted, Monk Tang felt a strong wind, and the leaves on the nearby trees couldn't help shaking, making a rattling noise, and the ground was shaking slightly, and Monk Tang felt a palpitation!

what the hell, wouldn't it be tiger imposing? Monk Tang thought, holding the monk spade in his hand!

The Lion Tiger Beast started to spin around Monk Tang. There was a roar from time to time in his throat, but there was no flutter. Watching the monk spade in Monk Tang's hand flashed a dread, that hardness made him feel uneasy, and he didn't want to Bite it and taste it!

Suddenly, Monk Tang found a problem. The Lion Tiger Beast didn't seem to see Sun Wukong. Although Sun Wukong was not high above his head, The Lion Tiger Beast never looked up. This is not reasonable!

"Wukong, this Lion Tiger Beast, as if it hasn't seen you!" Monk Tang asked Sun Wukong.

"Well? Master's observation is good, yes, this evil animal can't find me, I used a small trick to make it think I was a stone!" Sun Wukong said bluntly.

Monk Tang: Good skills, but why not you can't give me one, you! dead monkey, you are on the purpose? right?

Roar, The Lion Tiger Beast screamed again, and finally couldn't help but rushed towards Monk Tang, but he bit it without opening his mouth. The monk spade in Monk Tang still gave it a great shock. The Lion Tiger Beast The attack slammed forward and swept across with the same tail of a steel whip.

Snapped! Click!

One bent down, his tail swept across with wind, and it was pumped against a large tree that was embraced by several people.

The big tree was immediately pulled out of a deep trance, the sawdust flipped, and Monk Tang felt cold all over. If it was drawn to the body, it would be a broken bone and a drop of sweat from his forehead. Only the Lion Tiger Beast is much stronger than the wild boar last night!


Monk Tang also counterattacked. As soon as the monk spade was on the waist of The Lion Tiger Beast, The Lion Tiger Beast hit by a huge force, who was also a swaying, painful howl from the mouth of the Lion Tiger Beast.

Monk Tang's eyes glowed. Sure enough, the cats were copper-headed iron-bone tofu waist. This monk spade seemed to be more harmful than the Lion Tiger Beast's self-destructing incisors. The Lion Tiger Beast walked after this blow. It seems to be awkward!

Sun Wukong was sitting on the tree, eating peaches while watching Monk Tang fight with The Lion Tiger Beast. When he saw Monk Tang dodging the tail of The Lion Tiger Beast and sweeping back, he couldn't help but hit The Lion Tiger Beast's waist. Wukong Nodded.

Wukong thinks Monk Tang did a great job. Although the strength is a bit weaker, it can be found where the weakness of the Lion Tiger Beast is. It is a very good choice to attack others' weak points when they are relatively weak. Sun Wukong fights by himself since he was a little baby, I don't know how many fights.

Before going to Three Stars Cave to learn magic, he just hit the weakness of the enemy.

However, after studying art, he has not attacked the enemy's weaknesses. The only thing he does is waving his stick! All will surrender themselves to his stick.

Monk Tang naturally did not know what Sun Wukong thought. Monk Tang was a little excited at this time. After discovering that the weakness of the Lion Tiger Beast is the same as that of the earth cats, Monk Tang is greatly confident. The Lion Tiger Beast is not so difficult to deal with.

Although Monk Tang is still 4th level, after having a meal of the wild pork meal last night, Monk Tang's physical fitness has improved a lot, and his endurance has also greatly increased, so they fell into a stalemate.

Half an hour later, Monk Tang finally found the opportunity again. This time he was ready, so this spade he gave to the beast was particularly strong.

The nine-ring monk spade hit the Lion Tiger Beast's waist like a golden meteor. This time The Lion Tiger Beast is not only so painful. The moment the monk spade falls, but also the bones are broken. The cracking sound is ringing, and at the same time, there is the roar of trembling!

Monk Tang seized the opportunity to attack in succession. In the end, The Lion Tiger Beast was unwilling to scream, it still killed Monk Tang's hands.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading The Lion Tiger Beast and rewarding 50 points for experience values.’

Hearing the system's prompt, Monk Tang was a bright eye. I didn't expect this Lion Tiger Beast was worth so many experience values. It seems that it can already be upgraded. Monk Tang immediately opened the character panel to check it:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 4

Experience: 110/80

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, and three-hoops (fake)

Sure enough, after killing The Lion Tiger Beast, the experience value has accumulated to 110 points which are enough to be upgraded again. Monk Tang said without any hesitation: "System, I want to upgrade!"

‘Ding Dong, congratulations on the level of the host being upgraded to one level, and the lack of experience do not meet the conditions for continued upgrading! ’

Immediately after the upgrade, the task panel changed:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 5

Experience: 30/160

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, and Gold three-hoop Ring(fake)

After seeing Monk Tang finally killing The Lion Tiger Beast, Sun Wukong jumped down from the tree and said, "Master, I can stand it this time, have I? I never felt the urge to shoot!"

Saying this in his mouth, but a flash of golden light in his eyes, Sun Wukong felt that after killing the Lion Tiger Beast, the realm of Monk Tang was elevated. This made Sun Wukong puzzled. Can a fight raise the cultivation? This is one thing even he can't do!

Monk Tang didn't know that his level improvement immediately made Sun Wukong aware of it. Hearing Sun Wukong's words, Monk Tang was twitching his face. This monkey even dared to come to take credit for his achievements. How couldn’t he find this monkey was so shameless? He was grinning and smiling, "That's really hard for you!"

"Hey, no hard work, no hard work, I'm not tired at all, it's very interesting to watch!" Sun Wukong laughed and blinked at Monk Tang. He almost enraged to twist Monk Tang's nose. The monkey was definitely intentional.

However, Monk Tang is not tangled in this aspect but looks at the dead The Lion Tiger Beast, drooling. This tiger forest is really a natural treasure house of ingredients. There is no need to move the place to automatically bring the ingredients to the door, first is a large cock, and then a big boar, and now there is a tiger waiting for him to eat!

The thought of eating, Monk Tang is to start cooking it immediately, he thinks that it must be his brunch.

As for Monk Tang, flaying and plucking can be said to be extremely skilled. The Lion Tiger Beast was quickly broken down. The Lion Tiger Beast looked very large and was similar to that wild boar, but its body was not big. After picking meat down, those are two hundred pounds.