Chapter 179 Box on The Ear

As the Southern Gate of Heaven is getting closer and closer, how to enter the Southern Gate of Heaven has become a problem for Monk Tang to consider.

Pigsy played a little trick, first raising the question and expecting the answer from Monk Tang and others.

But Pigsy never expected that shame Monk Tang was to kick the ‘ball’ back to him.

Pigsy opened his mouth wide...

"Master, Brother, you don't have to worry about this. Look over there ..." Little White Dragon's voice sounded at this moment.

"hmm? Holy crap! Pigsy, is this really the Southern Gate of Heaven? you must be kidding me!? This is fucking ruins! "

Monk Tang was shocked when he heard these words, and then his eyes were wide open and he looked at everything in front of him.

In front of him, there was a lot of damage, and a huge cloud was gathering into a land full of cracks as if it was broken.

Over the cloudy land, a huge whirlpool with colorful light slowly rotating.

"ah?" Pigsy looked at the ruins in front of him and was not sure: "Maybe, maybe, maybe ..."

Pigsy was also a little dumbfounded. The Cloudy Land where the Southern Gate located was different from what he remembered, just like being robbed.

The point is ... where is the Southern Gate of Heaven? Without the Southern Gate of Heaven, one cannot enter heaven, let alone find heaven.

"Master, there is someone over there!" At this time, Sandy said, pointing at a huge rock, behind which a hand leaned out.

"Go, go and see!" Hearing these words, Monk Tang was delighted. He came to the side of the rock with a flash. The man with the blood on his mouth was leaning against the rock, his eyes closed as if he was dead.

"Holy crap, isn't this Magic Green?" Monk Tang was shocked to see the man's face. the person seems to be suffered a bit miserable.

"isn't this Magic Green? How did you get into this? Who did this? "

Pigsy looked at Magic Green's miserable appearance and couldn't help saying this, but he silently praised that someone did a good job.

Pigsy vaguely remembered that Magic Family was those persons who threw him into the human world and let him be a pig.

"Master, there are people here!" Sandy's voice rang again. Monk Tang looked. not far from Magic Green, there were still people lying on the ground, one after the other, and many of them had already died.

Little White Dragon couldn't help exclaiming, "It's too great to know who did it! Is it Big Brother? "

"why not we ask them?" Monk Tang said.

"How?" Pigsy has some doubts. Looking at those almost dead people in a coma, it seems no one could be asked!

"look at me!" Monk Tang took up his sleeves and raised his eyebrows at Pigsy and others: "Get out of the way!"

According to his statement, Pigsy and others retreated aside to see how the monk would begin his performance. Is he to cure the sickness and save the patient?

However, the next moment Pigsy's other disciples widened their eyes: no healing the sick! this monk was extremely bad.

The other three apprentices saw Monk Tang roll his arms and sleeves to the unconscious Magic Green. he lifted up his arms, slapped on Magic Green's face. Bang uttered a loud sound and the sound was crisp and bright. Pigsy could not help covering his face and feeling pain for Magic Green.

Visible to the naked eye, Magic Green's dark face has become even darker and swollen like steamed bread.

"cool ~" The slap one his face makes Monk Tang immediately refreshed, the last time Magic Family followed Li Jing to come over and block the way and catch the White Bone Demon back to heaven. Monk Tang always remembers them. this slap is aimed at paying them back.

At the same time, Monk Tang felt a little excited. This is really a slap in the face of the gods. Not everyone can do it.

Monk Tang always regards himself as the ordinary people on Earth in his heart ~

"PSST ... what happened to my face? Why is it so painful? ?” Monk Tang's slap in Magic Green's face was quite effective. Magic Green immediately woke up.

Magic Green was a little stunned. He only remembered that the monkey smashed the Southern Gate of Health, and when he got into the transmission channel, he fell into a coma under his anger and then knew nothing.

"Magic Green, wake up, I have something to ask you!" Magic Green heard a voice in his ear when he was confused. At the same time, there seemed to be a shining bald head hanging around in front of him. Magic Green saw very a dazzling light in front of him.


Magic Green suddenly opened his eyes wide. Sure enough, a bald head was just around the corner. At the same time, it was a smiling and handsome face!

“Golden Cicada X?” Under this Magic Green is completely awake, cried.

"Don't be so excited, it's me!"

Monk Tang said with a smile, at the same time some regret. He awakes a little fast, Monk Tang wanted to slap him again.

"Golden Cicada X, why are you here?" Magic Green asked, but knew he was talking nonsense as soon as he opened his mouth. The monkeys came, and it was normal for the Master of the monkeys to come here. Then Magic Green saw the Pigsy and others and thought that Monk Tang and his party had really all come here.

" you don't mind Why am I here, you answer my question first, what happened here? What is that colorful whirlpool? Where is the Southern Gate of Heaven? How can we get into heaven? " Monk Tang said like this ... Damn it, I woke you up not to let you ask me questions! or should I change someone to ask? Hit you in a coma? My hands are still itching!

Magic Green could not help shuddering, sensing the malice from unknown sources, and said: "This is the Southern Gate of Health, but it was broken by Sun Wukong. The colorful whirlpool is the transmission channel. Once you enter the transmission channel, you can enter heaven."

"Holy! did Wukong do all this?" Hearing these words, Monk Tang opened his mouth in surprise and said that although there had been speculation in his heart, he could not help but be shocked. Monk Tang knew Sun Wukong was really anxious this time.

"Yes, Sun Wukong did it all, but how did you wake me up, Golden Cicada X? Hiss ~ why does my face hurt so much? still dizzy? It's like being hit hard! " Magic Green, covering her face, asked, feeling more and more painful now. His burning face is very similar to a big apple right now.

Hearing these words, Monk Tang said with a sincere and friendly smile: "Don't care about the process and details, the result is the most important. Magic Green, do you mean that when we enter the colorful whirlpool, we can enter heaven and find heaven? "

Pigsy, Sandy, and Little White Dragon looked at Magic Green, whose face was swollen to blood steamed bread, and tried to suppress a smile: Don't care about the process and details? You monk is simply afraid of being slapped by Magic Green if Magic Green knows what happened just now.