Chapter 176 Mystery Man

Deep in the starry sky, a huge cloud and land floated, with thousands of purple mists filled with auspicious air and red clouds rolling in golden light.

At this moment, in front of the Southern Gate of Heaven, all the golden and silver armed celestial troops are in a state of great danger.

Because of Sun Wukong has an intense blade-like hostility, which makes them unconsciously defend themselves.

Magic Green coughed softly and said, "Monk King, you should know the rules of heaven. I can't open the Southern Gate of Heaven until I get the orders from seniors. Otherwise, we can't open the Southern Gate of Heaven at will."

Magic Green and others do not know that Fairy Zilan is the immortal who was killed on Slaying Fairy Terrace.

If they know, how can Magic Green have the courage to talk to Sun Wukong like this?

When Sun Wukong had a big fight in heaven, he was really beaten to be scared of him. Now he still feels scared when he sees Sun Wukong.

Although he knows that Sun Wukong is no longer as brave as he used to be, his fear of Sun Wukong has not dissipated.

"I want to see Zilan. Open the Southern Gate of Heaven." Sun Wukong still repeats this sentence.

Hearing these words, Magic Green and others just gave a wry smile and a headache. what is wrong with this damned monkey? Why are you so obstinate? this is ut them in a dilemma. If other people dared to talk to him like this, Magic Green bet that he would have cut each other into minced meat long ago.

There are many people who died in front of the Southern Gate of Heaven. many bones are buried under the cloudy land.

Magic Green and others, after cutting Sun Wukong with a sword several times in their hearts, said with a smiling face: "Monkey King, you should not embarrass me and my brothers anymore. If we let you in like this, our brothers will be punished. The crime of dereliction of duty is a serious one!"

"Yes, Monkey King, it's not our brothers who won't let you in. It's really our duty. Our brothers have no right to open the door for you!" Magic Sea has a smiling face.

"Otherwise, Monkey King, if you really want to enter, you can wait here and let my brothers report to the higher authorities to see what it means?" Magicked bent over and said.

If it were usual condition, Sun Wukong would surely feel a little better and wouldn't embarrass Magic Family in the face of such a low attitude of Magic Family. However, at this time, Sun Wukong felt more and more anxious and didn't want to waste any time. If it hadn't been for Magic Family guard the Southern Gate, Sun Wukong would have rushed directly.

Sun Wukong's patience has reached its limit. A cold voice said: "Open the door, I say it for the last time, I want to see Zilan!"

Zilan, Zilan, why do you want to see Zilan? Although you are companions, you don't have to meet in such a hurry, do you? It's no to part forever!

Damn it, look at Sun Wukong did not listen to them. Magic Family was nervous now.

Magic Green was about to speak, and when he was about to try to persuade him again, a voice from somewhere sounded.

"Hum, Fairy Zilan has been killed. Who do you see? you should so back where you come from!"

"who is there? Get out of here. What do you say? what happened to Fairy Zilan? " Hearing this, Sun Wukong immediately shouted.

"who? Come out, dare to gossip? You need to be punished! " Magic Family was also angry when hearing these words, and their hearts were throbbing with the disorderly jump. The four obviously felt Sun Wukong's momentum was suddenly changed and became extremely dangerous.

The four are extremely angry. Who is this outspoken rumor monger? Do you want to die?

Magic Green and others were extremely angry ... The man was sowing discord.

However, Magic Family has been probing carefully but found nothing. The voice appeared out of thin air.

"You demon monkey, what I said is very clear, Fairy Zilan has passed away in Slaying Fairy Terrace, her body is taken to the fairy grave, you can't even get in the door, and it's ridiculous to call yourself Monkey King." The voice rang again.

"Shut up. Don't listen to this monster's nonsense." Magic Family was so angry when the voice appeared for the second time.

The monkey will go crazy if the other party talks about it again. Magic Green four people all felt Sun Wukong's imminent anger ... ……Magic Family and others are all a little scared and have sweated.

At the same time, the four people thought in their hearts, why did the mysterious man spread rumors and cause trouble?

Is it?

A flash of light abrupt flashed through the minds of the four, and the sound of the knife ringing seemed to sound in their ears again. They had a bold guess ... Did the mysterious man say the truth instead of spreading rumors? At this moment, all four felt that something big was about to happen!

"Hee hee, what I said is a rumor? you will know everything when you go into heaven to have a look?" The mystery man laughed.

"Yes, just take a look!" Sun Wukong heard these words with such whispers, and his palm was unfolding. Monkey King Bar appeared in his hand. the sinister smell was so strong that it had almost already condensed into substance. His eyes burst out with a three-inches long golden flame: "Open the Southern Gate of Heaven for me!"

While talking, Sun Wukong had already started his work. Monkey King Bar was falling at Magic Family and others, and the afterimage of the golden stick was all over the sky.

"Bold demon monkey, dare to attack us, you deserve death!"

When Sun Wukong started work, Magic Red became angry and roared. When Sun Wukong started work, it moved. The umbrella with beads turned up and magnified at the same time, forming a chaotic starry sky that enveloped all the people, turning the sky and ground upside down and devouring the afterimage of the stick all in the sky.

In addition, the sharp rays of light shot out from the chaotic starry sky towards Sun Wukong.

Bang ...Bang ...Bang ...

However, those sharp blade light on Sun Wukong, but Sun Wukong has golden shield the sharp blade light couldn't cause a little damage, only sparkles disorderly jumps on Wukong's body ...

Magic Red has already started the battle with Wukong. Magic Green, of course, will not standstill. They also understand that the battle must not be ceased.

In their hearts, they hate that voice even more. If it weren't for the provocation of that voice, how could it have started?

At the same time, the four people are also speculating about who the mysterious person is. Why did he do this? What are the benefits of doing so?

Magic Green's moves were not been effected when their anger rose.

With a sound, Magic Green slashed with his sword, and a blue curtain of the sword appeared, like a blue light hanging over Sun Wukong.

Magic Sea is to play the four strings of jasper pipa, and stones, water, wind, and fire appear together and turn into four torrents towards Sun Wukong.

Magic Shou is not slow either. He presses the purple mink back into his arms, pulls out the whips it away. The pair of whips turn into two green dragons.

At the same time, celestial troops and generations, which had been prepared for a long time, also attacked Sun Wukong, causing an instant riot in front of the Southern Gate of Heaven.