Chapter 175 The Fairy Hay Cutter

A dark golden streamer tore through the sky. The place where the streamer passed was filled with terror and awe. many fairy gods were frightened.

At the moment Sun Wukong's eyes were blazing with fire, his whole body burns with the rolling sinister smell, and he was heading for heaven at top speed. Those who dared to obstruct his way was kicked off by Wukong.

After hearing what Monk Tang said, Sun Wukong just lost his mind and neglected everything. At this time, he just wanted to get to Fairy Zilan as soon as possible. Sun Wukong whispered, "Zilan, wait for me, I'll be right there. No one can hurt you."

At this moment, there was a sound of a knife ringing between heaven and earth. The next moment, Sun Wukong suddenly felt abnormal grief in his heart, as if he was going to lose something important in his heart. A drop of tears fell silently from Sun Wukong's eyes.

"What is wrong with me? How can I shed tears without reason?"

Sun Wukong was surprised and wiped the tears at the corner of his eye. This was Sun Wukong's first time to shed tears, and then he used more strength to fly to heaven.

However, it didn't take long for Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong stood motionless in the void, looking at the direction of heaven. A picture seemed to appear in front of Sun Wukong's eyes. A petite figure collapsed on the bloody ground. A bloody, thunderous, hay cutter, enveloped in boundless chaos, was cut on her head.

The petite one with a smile seemed to be staring at him. Sun Wukong did not know why such a picture appeared in front of him. But looking at the hay cutter, Sun Wukong felt his heart stopped beating and could not help but exclaiming, "Zilan, run away!"

However, this is only an illusory picture seen by Sun Wukong. It is not real and the sound cannot be conveyed there at all.

"Damn, how can I see this picture, Zilan will be fine, Zilan, you wait for me ..." Sun Wukong completely panicked after seeing this picture, and his breath fluctuated violently, his eyes flashing at the same time, and then he went ahead to heaven at a faster speed.

Sun Wukong swore in his heart that if Zilan lost one hair from her head, he would make another big disturbance in heaven and turn the heaven upside down ...

At the same time, Monk Tang and others who were trying their best to catch up with Sun Wukong. They also heard the sound of knife ringing resounding through the sky, and several people have muddled.

Pigsy said, "Damn it, how did the fierce weapon, the fairy hay cutter reappear?"

Sandy's eyes also flashed a ray of worry: "When the immortal hay cutter appear, there must be a fairy died. Is it Zilanxian ...?"

"Sandy, shut your mouth. How could it be Fairy Zilan!" Pigsy immediately interjected Sandy's words.

At the moment when Monk Tang heard the sound of the knife ringing, his heart trembled inexplicably. He heard their conversation. Although he didn't want to believe Sandy's words, he felt inexplicably that was the truth.

Because, isn't this the sound of hay cutter's sword beating just after he got the news from White Bone Demon, which is not such a coincidence?

However, White Bone Demon hasn't sent any new news yet, and everything is still uncertain. Monk Tang prayed in his heart ... Maybe celestial troops and generals escorted Zilan to Slaying Fairy Terrace just for show, and Monk Tang had so little hope in his heart.

"Little White Dragon, can you be faster?" Monk Tang's heart was blocked and he wanted to catch up with Sun Wukong as soon as possible, but his voice was shaking ... he has fear of heights.

"Well, Master, I will try my best!" Little White Dragon replied like this, the moment he is to burn up the whole body of dragon fire in the body, all turned into the energy to hit on the road. Little White Dragon's body immediately turned into a silver horse and gone away.

Little White Dragon is not concerned about anything else at the moment. He can feel the anxiety in Monk Tang's heart and he has got along with him these days. He has a brotherhood with Sun Wukong and others. Can he not help his brother if something happens?


Looking at the starry sky from afar, the Bella and the Big Dipper are far apart, and there is a huge cloudy land floating between them.

On the cloud road, there are ten thousand golden lights and purple mists that twine and the auspicious cloud is surging and the red clouds are rolling.

The huge gate stands upon the cloudy land, 3,600 feet high, with the mana lines interwoven and the chains crisscross on the gate.

It was the Southern Gate of Heaven. It was as dazzling as jade or glass.

On both sides of the gate were dozens of men of god dressed in golden armor, each holding a halberd, a whip and a sword.

There are also rows of celestial soldiers in silver armor, armed with silver spears, with sharp eyes.

In addition, there are four giant gods, prowling around. They are very different in appearance from others, and their power is surging.

A man's face is like a living crab, and his beard is like a string of coins. He holds a green sword with symbols of land, wind, water, fire, and black wind.

One man was armed with a pike, with a jasper pipa on his back with four strings and four colors. It was symbols of land, wind, water, and fire on the pipa.

A person's face is like poker, holding a jade umbrella inlaid with precious beads. There are many kinds of precious beads on umbrellas such as emerald and stop-wind bead, and etc.

The last man held a pair of whips in his hand, with a pouch hanging from his waist. In the pouch there was a living gold furred creature, looking like a fox or a sable.

(ps: pipa is Chinese ancient, lute of Chinese origin, is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world.)

These four people are Magic Family——Magic Green, Magic Sea, Magic Red, and Magic Shou.

On this day, Magic Family and many celestial troops and generals, as usual, carried out the task of guarding the Southern Gate of Heaven.

If there is any difference, it is the sudden sound of a knife ringing from Slaying Fairy Terrace not long ago.

However, this is only a slight surprise to Magic Family. Every year did the beheading-immortal hay cutter would appear once or twice.

To tell the truth, Magic Family has long been used to it---whoever dies, it is good not to have anything to do with them.

"hmm? Who is there? What a fast speed! "

At this moment, the four people of Magic Family suddenly saw a golden light coming from a distance. When they found it, the golden light was already in front of them. At the same time, terror and pressure rolled towards them, with strong hostility.

In an instant, Magic Green and others responded, holding their weapons in their hands and pointing at the golden light. they were very nervous.

The golden light exploded, revealing a human figure.

“Monkey King! ?” At the moment of seeing the bearer, Magic Green and others were fiercely in their hearts and hurriedly stepped forward to greet him.

They wondered how the monkey came to heaven and how he is full of such strong hostility.

"I want to see Zilan! Open the Southern Gate of Heaven!"

Sun Wukong said directly, this is the only idea in Sun Wukong's eyes at the moment.

The four people looked at each other, eyebrows slightly pick, secretly surprised that the monkey is so urgent to come here unexpectedly just for this purpose.

Although the four knew the relationship between Sun Wukong and Zilan, they were surprised to see Sun Wukong in such a hurry.

What's more, heaven is not a place that anyone can casually enter.