Chapter 174 Passing Away

The ground is a dark red with much dry blood trace. Terrorist death smell rushed clouds. the air almost is split up.

Terrible cracks are gathering here like countless scars.

This is Slaying Fairy Terrace, everyone turns pale at the mention of it. many famous fairy gods have been killed here.

The blood left by all the immortals has dyed on the whole Slaying Fairy Terrace which is floating island thoroughly. The evil spirit condenses in the void, and the anger howls here.

And there are black and red cracks in the air from time to time, sending out a strong scent of metal and bloody knife, terror, and amazing.

That is the brand of sword light left by the immortal-cutting hay cutter in the air. Each brand of sword light can easily cut any fairy, with infinite power.

And hay cutter, which is used for cutting off immortals, is a peerless fierce weapon in heaven.

In addition to the saints, whether you are a giant buddha or high-position fairy, you will have to die under the hay cutter.

This is because hay cutter, who cut off the immortals, represents the Taoism in the world---all saints are ants under the hay cutter.

At the moment, a purple petite figure was lying weakly on Slaying Fairy Terrace, and her little face is white. It is Fairy Zilan.

Fairy Zilan now looks extremely weak, weak, and pitiful too much, which makes people cherish her extremely.

Although Fairy Zilan no longer has a magic chain on her, she still cannot use mana power.

Because people on Slaying Fairy Terrace, even a great fairy, could not mobilize any strength but had to wait to be beheaded and killed.

"Little monkey, you mustn't come here, don't come here!" Fairy Zilan muttered in a low voice, her eyes seemed to pass through layers of space and saw Sun Wukong. At this moment, Fairy Zilan was most worried about her little monkey, not her own life.

the cold and merciless voice sounded from a distance: "Time has come, kill!"

At the same time as he spoke, a flag appeared in his hand, and then the flag burst open and burst into a bright fairy light.

The fairy light was brighter than the sun and quickly sank onto Slaying Fairy Terrace.


After the immortal light sank into Slaying Fairy Terrace, Slaying Fairy Terrace began to officially operate. A giant hay cutter, which seemed to stand between heaven and earth, squeezed out from thin air. The blade was bloodied and countless ghosts were entwined.

The immortal light that broke from the flag and turns on Slaying Fairy Terrace.

the fairy hay cutter represents the Taoism power, and cannot be used at will if someone wants to use it, he has to pay a big price to sacrifice enough energy and mana on it so that he can summon the fairy hay cutter to really cut a fairy.

"Am I going to die here?" Fairy Zilan smiled wryly after the hay cutter showed up, feeling its great but terrible power. "am I going to be famous for dying under the well-known fairy hay cutter."


Fairy Zilan has not finished her words, and the sound of a knife is resounding. countless dark and horrible thunderstorms accompanied by the sound of a knife emerge over Slaying Fairy Terrace, bursting the air, and countless chaotic Qi pervading ...

At this moment, many immortals in heaven are getting cold. Looking ahead at Slaying Fairy Terrace, they don't know which immortal would be beheaded on Slaying Fairy Terrace.

Sighs rang out in heaven. When the immortal hay cutter was cut off, one immortal would surely die.

At the same time, the body of the hay cutter was also wrapped in a black thunder and fell down with boundless chaotic Qi.

The knife light is dense, thunder light is twinkling, on more pale Fairy Zilan's face.

Fairy Zilan's eyes seemed to see through the layers of space again and smiled miserably: "Goodbye, little monkey!"

At this moment, Fairy Zilan seemed to see the little monkey coming anxiously ... The past scenes reappeared in her eyes.

The knife light fell, and a drop of tears flowed out of the corner of Fairy Zilan's eye, then disappeared in thunderlight and chaotic Qi.

Knife light, thunder, and chaotic qi dissipated one by one, and the body of hay cutter once again disappeared in the midair but left a brand of knife light over Slaying Fairy Terrace, and a beautiful ghost emerged on the knife light ...

A purple figure was lying quietly on Slaying Fairy Terrace, and a horrible knife mark slowly appeared on her neck.

Bright red fairy blood, began to spray, soon filled the whole Slaying Fairy Terrace---Fairy Zilan passed away on Slaying Fairy Terrace!

Looking at Fairy Zilan, who was beheaded on Slaying Fairy Terrace, the celestial troops and generals next to the terrace also have a faint sigh. The one who was dead under hay cutter has no chance to have a reincarnation, and then the generals said to those celestial soldiers: "take Fairy Zilan's immortal corpse and send it to the fairy grave."

"Yes!" The celestial soldiers said, then took out the coffin prepared in advance, threw out the chain to take Fairy Zilan's body on Slaying Fairy Terrace, put it into the coffin, and then they headed for the fairy cemetery...

Fairy grave is the place where celestial immortals will stay after death. celestial immortals who died for whatever reason will be buried there.

Watching the heavenly soldiers go away, the general took out a rune paper for summoning, looking at Slaying Fairy Terrace, and then he disappeared.

If the general didn't leave so soon, he will surely be surprised to find that the blood flowing out of Fairy Zilan on Slaying Fairy Terrace has undergone wonderful changes. Little purple brilliance floats out of it and then converges into a purple ball of light, like a firefly and like a seed.

The seed-like purple light group first swam and danced around Slaying Fairy Terrace, aimlessly.

After a long time, it seemed as if it had finally identified the direction and was heading for the west unsteadily.

Under the condition that no one cares, this purple light travels silently through the layers of heaven's prohibition, leaving heaven ...

In Longevity Stars Palace, Great White Planet and Lord Lao Zi are still playing chess, and various terrorist visions are emerging.

Great White Planet put a white cheese piece on the chessboard, and countless demons were born on the chessboard. They roared and roared and fought forward.

Lord Lao Zi put a black cheese piece on the chessboard and stars appeared above the chessboard, turning into knife lights and cutting off the demon army.

Just as Great White Planet was about to put down one more chess piece again, a sharp voice resounded through the heaven. The action of the Great White Planet was immediately stopped.

With a long sigh, Great White Planet looked Lord Lao Zi straight in the eye and said, "teacher, is this worth it?"

"Someone has to die!" Lord Lao Zi seems to have answered the irrelevant question and said, "it is your turn now!"

Great White Planet still hasn't put his chess piece. A wry smile lifted from his mouth and said, "Have you sacrificed anything? Haha, what a sacrifice! "

"Teacher, I have some affairs to deal with, so I won't play chess with you."

Great White Planet stood up and bowed, then disappeared in Longevity Stars Palace. There was no need to play chess anymore.

Lord Lao Zi watched Great White Planet leave, but this time he did not stop, and his face was still sad and joyless. Only when rune paper flew to his front and a smile appear on his face: "It's time to prepare, and this time we must not waste any chance … Well, Taoism is still much stronger than I thought!"

A little blood trickled down Lord Lao Zi's mouth. Fairy Zilan should have not dead for her crime, but he killed her by the fairy hay cutter. Even Lord Lao Zi paid some price!

The voice echoed softly in Longevity Stars Palace, while Lord Lao Zi's shadow slowly disappeared, leaving only a game of unfinished chess.

On the chessboard, the black chess pieces seem to have completely occupied the advantage, but the white chess pieces still have a chance ...

PS: Have a guess where did Fairy Zilan go?