Chapter 173 Danger

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Lush vegetation, pines, and cypresses, fog transpiration, glow looming, water rumbling, gold and silver waterfall Pentium down in the distance.

Monk Tang and his team continued to travel west. Monk Tang was sitting on his horse, while Sun Wukong was walking in front.

However, this day Sun Wukong is different from the past, showing abnormally impatience and scratching his head from time to time.

"Wukong, what's wrong with you?" Monk Tang couldn't help asking.

"Master, I don't know why I was so upset after Zilan left. Master, why I feel so anxious?"

Sun Wukong heard these words, a flicker came to Monk Tang and asked, looking very anxious.

Before Monk Tang could open his mouth, Pigsy is teasing, "Big Brother, are you missing Fairy Zilan?"

"Big Brother, Brother is right!" Sandy chimed in, saying that Sun Wukong is missing Fairy Zilan.

"Shut up, you dead idiot!" Sun Wukong kicked Pigsy off and shouted.

Sun Wukong's face was a little red, and he was also secretly wondering if he really misses Zilan to be upset. But the thought was gone immediately.

This unsettled mood is definitely not because of Zilan. It is not because he has a totally different feeling which differs from the feeling in the past.

Sun Wukong once again turned his eyes to Monk Tang, hoping to get an answer from him to rid of his doubts.

Monk Tang also thought that Sun Wukong missed Fairy Zilan as soon as she left. After all, the two had just established a "lover" relationship.

However, looking at Sun Wukong's expression, Monk Tang also felt that his false judgment was somewhat unreliable, and Monk Tang also felt a little unsettled.

Just as Monk Tang was about to open his mouth to persuade Sun Wukong to be calm, a strange and familiar trickle was heard in his mind.

A sounded a warning tone at this time, and Monk Tang hurriedly check at it, impressively, there were three messages from the White Bone Demon---

[Hua Qiangu: Master, are you my master? ]

[Hua Qiangu: Master, it's not good. Something big has happened. Fairy Zilan is in danger. ]

[Hua Qiangu: If the one who got the message is you, you do something to save Fairy Zilan. She is Sun Wukong's good friend, right? ]

When he saw the first message, Monk Tang still had a smile on his face and thought that he could get in touch with each other through the mysterious numbers.

But when he saw the second message, his face turned wild and he knew why Sun Wukong felt restless.

"Master, what's wrong with you?" Sun Wukong watched Monk Tang's face changed, and his heart immediately thumped and became even more agitated.

Monk Tang looked up at Sun Wukong after hearing these words. he did not know what to say at that time, but hesitated for a moment, then decided to inform him and said, "Wu kong, you must calm down later. I just got the summons from Qiangu. It said that Zilan is in danger."

"what? Zilan is in danger? How is that possible? No, I'm going to find Zilan! " In an instant, the hair on Sun Wukong's body was bristling up, the golden flame in his eyes was burning brightly, the horrible evil spirit was soaring up into the sky, and the voice had disappeared before it fell.

Holycap, looking at the place where Sun Wukong disappeared, Monk Tang just couldn't help scolding.

Damn it, why did you not listen to me? calm down!

If you want to go, you have to make things clear before you go.

Monk Tang regretted that he had told Sun Wukong so soon. He should have asked the White Bone Demon more clearly.

Monk Tang quickly sank down and got in touch with the White Bone Demon to find out what happened.

[Tang Xuanzang: Qiangu, It's me, your master. You said Fairy Zilan was in danger? What kind of danger? Let's talk about it in detail. ]

[Hua Qing u: ah, I really can get in touch with you...] the White Bone Demon exclaimed and then continued to send the message by her mana.

[Hua Qiangu: here is the story. Just now I got the news that Fairy Zilan was escorted to Slaying Fairy Terrace for breaking the law. ]

[Tang Xuanzang: What? Slaying Fairy Terrace! They want to kill Fairy Zilan. What kind of laws did Zilan break? ] Monk Tang was shocked.

[Hua Qiangu: I don't know. I only know a little. It seems that Fairy Zilan was escorted to Slaying Fairy Terrace as soon as she returned to heaven. ]

[Tang Xuanzang: How did you know that Fairy Zilan was escorted to Slaying Fairy Terrace?] Monk Tang wondered.

[Hua Qiangu: Master, I didn't know until I overheard what the prison guards said.]

Monk Tang was silent for a moment, only to know that although the White Bone Demon is fine, the situation is definitely not too good, and hearing the message from White Bone Demon, Monk Tang also had a flash of mind, knowing that the White Bone Demon could hear the news and she did not overhear it.

But someone deliberately let the White Bone Demon hear it, and that person also knew that the White Bone Demon had the means to get in touch with him.

Monk Tang's heart was faint with cold. he immediately understood that this was a plot.

Using Fairy Zilan to plot against them.

In a flash, Monk Tang was thinking of Lord Lao Zi and other people with great power in heaven. Only these people have enough power to directly convict a celestial being who violates the laws of heaven but has not yet confirmed his guilt.

Monk Tang gave a wry smile. Although he knew this was a conspiracy, Monk Tang is helpless but they had to go to the trap they set. Besides, Sun Wukong had already gone in first. In other words, this was no longer a conspiracy but a big obvious trap for them.

Although Monk Tang is not so sure who designed the plot.

However, the other party is undoubtedly a big shot.

First of all, the other party knows the relationship between Fairy Zilan and Sun Wukong and knows that Sun Wukong will definitely go to Zilan in case of an accident.

Secondly, the other party also knew that once Sun Wukong goes to save Zilan, Monk Tang and his pupils would never sit idly by.

After Monk Tang's analysis, he took a gasp. The other party wanted to catch up with all men in his team.

Monk Tang's eyes gleamed with cold light. A wave of sharp anger rises in his eyes.

Monk Tang laughed bitterly in his heart: if he wants to eat us, he will see if his teeth are firm to eat us.

Monk Tang passed the last message to the White Bone Demon, allowing her to continue to inquire about the message without replying to him, and then his thoughts returned to the noumenon.

It seems that Monk Tang and the White Bone Demon talked a lot, but only a blink of an eye passed.

"Master, what shall we do? big brother will not have an accident? " Pigsy asked with some worry, Pigsy naturally knew where the monkey had gone. Although Pigsy had always wanted to be a master elder brother and wanted to squeeze the monkey out, Pigsy was also very worried about the monkey when it came to the major issues.

"Master, let's help the elder brother!" Sandy said this with urgency.

"Sure, we are going there!" Monk Tang's eyes flickered with cold when he heard these words. he looked up at the sky and patted the Little White Dragon. "Little White Dragon, wake up, take us to heaven, and catch up with your big brother …"

"Yes, Master!"

Ang ~

Terror dragon roar rang out and a silvery-white dragon appeared. The roar is hanging in the whole sky. Little White Dragon carried Monk Tang and others and disappeared.