Chapter 172 Slaying Fairy Terrace


God's voice is curling up, clouds are floating, the wizard of oz is looming, the stars are shining, and the stars are within reach.

On top of a small shining star with a diameter of about ten thousand feet, a splendid palace is located here, which is exactly Longevity Stars Palace.

At the moment, two old men with white hair and beard are playing chess in Longevity Stars Palace. They are Great White Planet and Lord Lao Zi.

Great White Planet held white chess in his hand and pointed his finger into the air. A mana condensed power landed on the chessboard. In an instant, the fairy wind was swept through and dragons sang in bursts. There was an amazing vision on the chessboard. A silvery-white dragon roared into the sky and the stars were all shaking.

Great White Planet smiled and said, "Teacher, why do you have time to play chess here?"

Lord Lao Zi also reached his finger. A dark mana chess piece fell, a dark knife light appeared, and it fell like a heavenly knife. Suddenly the dragon's blood fell and the silvery-white dragon was beheaded.

Lord Lao Zi said lightly: "I am free now. how long have you and I not played chess together?"

Why is he suddenly recalling the old times? Great White Planet heard these words, felt strange, Lord Lao Zi suddenly came to him to play chess earlier, Great White Planet has some doubts, at the moment is full of doubts, Lord Lao Zi is not a person that likes memory of the past!?

Despite doubts in his heart, Great White Planet appeared to be silent on the surface. When the chess pieces fell down, another big dragon was born the chessboard, spitting out the breath of the dragon and burning down the dark Jack nife. He said, "I think the time passed really fast. I haven't played chess with you since I became a god."

"Yes, how quick it is." Lord Lao Zi nodded, a chess piece fell down, and dense knives appeared, cutting the dragon into minced meat---the game was over.

Just then, a Taoist flew in from outside the palace in a panic and shouted, "Great White Planet, no good ..."

Great White Planet's eyebrows shook and shouted, "What's the hurry? ? Don't let Lord Lao Zi see your joke. "

The child calmed down, only to find Lord Lao Zi was there. he saluted hurriedly and said, "nice to meet you, Lord Lao Zi."

Seeing his Taoist calm down, Great White Planet nodded in secret satisfaction and said, "Tell me !"

Hearing this, the Taoist boy glanced at Lord Lao Zi and then attached his mouth to Great White Planet's ear, informing Great White Planet of the news he had just received.

Lord Lao Zi was sitting there, playing with a piece of chess, his face grinning.

"What, what you said is true?" Great White Planet's face changed when he heard Taoist boy's words.

"Yes, Great White Planet, it's all true. Fairy Zilan has been escorted to Slaying Fairy Terrace, and she will be beheaded in no time." Taoist boy said in a hurry.

Great White Planet was greatly shocked when he heard these words. He got up quickly and said to Lord Lao Zi, "Teacher, I have something urgent to do and can't play chess with you …" He said and left in a hurry.

However, at this moment Lord Lao Zi began to speak again with burning eyes and said, "No, let's play another set!"

Pa ... Lord Lao Zi took the lead to put one chessman on the chessboard.

Looking at Lord Lao Zi's burning eyes, Great White Planet gave a flash of eyes and then said with a wry smile: "well."

At the moment, Great White Planet understands what it is. the Fairy Zilan has something to do with Lord Lao Zi. Lord Lao Zi came to play chess with him suddenly. he felt strange. now everything makes sense. Lord Lao Zi came here just to hold him back.

A sigh in his heart, he was a little bit disappointed. although Lord Lao Zi has still the same appearance, he is no longer the teacher he used to know. After he became a god and the so-called game began, Great White Planet found that his teacher had changed so much that sometimes he dared not greet him.

Great White Planet took his seat again, knowing that he could not leave here now. A chess piece fell down and he began to play chess. He sighed repeatedly in his heart, knowing that great events would happen in heaven soon. Great White Planet had already understood Lord Lao Zi's idea at the moment---to use Fairy Zilan to attract Sun Wukong and others to heaven.

Great White Planet waved his sleeve to send the Taoist boy away and played chess with Lord Lao Zi.

Lord Lao Zi looked at the Great White Planet, who sat down again with a smile in his eyes. as long as Sun Wukong did not let Great White Planet leave Longevity Palace before he came to heaven, everything will be fine.


Fairy Zilan was locked in a chain of immortals and surrounded by a group of celestial troops and generals. After walking for a long time, Fairy Zilan finally found out that the way to Fire of Hall was wrong. Although this was also the way to the Punishment Hall, the direction was somewhat biased, and it was even more like the direction to Slaying Fairy Terrace, the most dangerous place in heaven.

Fairy Zilan couldn't help saying, "Where are you taking me?" At the same time try to struggle, trying to get rid of the chain lock fairy.

"Hey? Did you finally find something wrong? But it's too late. The chain is specially made. Fairy, you can't break free! " The head of the day heard these words, then despised.

With a wave of his hand, he would shout to those celestial soldiers on that day: "Speed up and take Fairy Zilan to Slaying Fairy Terrace."

Slaying Fairy Terrace, it's really Slaying Fairy Terrace. Fairy Zilan's face went white immediately after hearing these words. She couldn't help but break away. If she goes to Slaying Fairy Terrace, The moment she was beheaded by the immortal-beheaded hay cutter, her soul would pass away, and there would be no chance to have a reincarnation for her.

Fairy Zilan didn't want to die, but she couldn't understand why she was taken to Slaying Fairy Terrace to try to run the immortal power in his body. However, as it is. she was firmly locked by the chain of immortals. The chain of immortals also is cast a special spell. She can't use her mana at all. Fairy Zilan now understood that this was a trap set by others.

However, who has the ability to set such a trap for her? Why did he set such a trap for her?

Fairy Zilan's mind was disturbed at that time, and she felt that she was an insect that fell on a spider web and only had no strength to struggle.

Sun Wukong's figure passed away in Fairy Zilan's mind. Suddenly, Fairy Zilan's eyes stared.

Fairy Zilan realized that she was now an insect on a spider web, so the person behind the creation of the spider web was definitely not just to catch one of her insects, but to catch more insects. She was a bait to attract more insects to fall onto the spider web.

Fairy Zilan clearly realized at this moment that this spider web is not for her, but for Sun Wukong and others.

Because what happened was so coincident ...

Fairy Zilan's heart was cold, and then she struggled fiercely. No matter who was behind it, she must not be punished for his plot. No Slaying Fairy Terrace. She is not for survival, but for the sake of the little monkey ...

Mingle mingle.

Fairy Zilan struggled in the chain of immortals, and then her petite body slammed into the soldiers around her, ready to escape.

However, Fairy Zilan can do nothing, because all her mana power has been sealed up. She is not a rival of celestial troops and generals now?

She was Quickly suppressed and escorted to Slaying Fairy Terrace.