Chapter 171 Lord Lao Zi's Conspiracy

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And just as Lord Lao Zi sighed, a streamer came straight from the sky to Doushuai Palace, it is a rune paper to send a message.

Lord Lao Zi gently waved his hand is to take over the messenger rune paper and then check the information in the rune paper.

As the information in rune paper was read, Lord Lao Zi's face brightened up gradually and his eyes shot out. Finally, Lord Lao Zi burst out laughing: "ha, ha, ha. What a coincidence! This time I'm going to make a good plan. I absolutely can't waste this opportunity, even if I have to pay some price! "

The laughter stopped for a while. Lord Lao Zi seemed to think of something. waving his hand, a few rune papers appeared, which turned into streamers and disappeared into the sky.

Later, Lord Lao Zi also took a step to disappear from Doushuai Palace, leaving only a faint voice: "Great White Planet, you must not ruin my plan this time ..."

Because one day in heaven equals one year in the human world. Although it did not take so long in heaven, several days have passed on the ground. Fairy Zilan and Monk Tang and others finally proposed to separate and return to heaven after a few days later on the road.

"Zilan, when will you come down to the human world again?" Sun Wukong heard that Fairy Zilan was going back to heaven. Although he did not want to in his heart, he seemed calm as usual.

"Hee hee, little monkey, don't you want me to leave ?" Fairy Zilan smiled at the words and reached out and touched Sun Wukong's soft golden hair on his head, which was loose and comfortable.

"don't call me little monkey, don't touch my head, call me Monkey King!" Sun Wukong said discontentedly, hitting her hand. the title of little monkey is really too bad for him.

"Nope! I will still touch you and call you little monkey!" Fairy Zilan rubbed Sun Wukong's head. The one who dares to rub Sun Wukong's head in this way, is, only Fairy Zilan in this world, even now Monk Tang is very careful to touch the monkey's head.

"Amitabfa, Zilan, if you have the chance, you should come down and see us often!" Monk Tang said the same thing at this time. Monk Tang thinks he needs to give Sun Wukong some assists and let Fairy Zilan descend from heaven a lot in order to further promote the relationship between Sun Wukong and Fairy Zilan---Monk Tang really made his efforts for his disciples.

"Well, yes Master, I will come down as soon as I have the chance." Fairy Zilan nodded at the remark and added: "Master, the little monkey is in Master's custody. He is very naughty. you should teach him a lesson and not let him be bullied by others! ?”

When he heard these words, Monk Tang was just speechless. what did you say? Don't let Sun Wukong be bullied? Oh, it's good that he doesn't bully others. Of course, Monk Tang has another story on his lips: "Zilan, rest assured that as long as I am here, no one can bully Wukong."

Sun Wukong was immediately displeased when he heard these words and said, "Bully me? Who dares to bully me? I killed him by my Monkey King Bar! Those who can bully me have not yet been born. "

Fairy Zilan ignored Sun Wukong at this time and was delighted to hear Monk Tang's answer: "Well, Zilan believes what Master said, then Master, little monkey, pig head marshal, ugly fish general, deformed white dragon, I'm leaving!"

In the end, Fairy Zilan waved her little hand and said good-bye to the crowd. her body exploded with a loud bang and disappeared into countless petals.

Monk Tang picked his eyebrows. Fairy Zilan's show-up way and leaving way are in a unique way.

Pigsy and others were black-faced, Damn it, she left without forgetting to give them bad nicknames!

Pigsy, Sandy, and the Little White Dragon found that the nickname "little monkey" was the most normal among the four of them.

"Well, let's continue to hit the road, Zilan will visit us again soon." Monk Tang patted Sun Wukong, who looked at the purple orchid disappearing in some trance direction, and motioned for him to continue on the road. Monk Tang himself flew onto the horse.

"Well, I know Master!" Sun Wukong nodded his head and agreed with Monk Tang. Moreover, Sun Wukong was thinking that even if Zilan could not go down to the human world casually, he could find a chance to sneak up to heaven to meet Zilan. The departure was only temporary.

Later, Monk Tang and his party continued on the road without any worries, because Monk Tang and others did not know that Fairy Zilan secretly came here. If Fairy Zilan had been secretly descended into the human world, it would not have been so easy at the moment, or even they won't let Fairy Zilan return to heaven like this.

Not only did Monk Tang and others not worry too much, but Fairy Zilan herself did. All of them took this separation as a normal one.

Although Fairy Zilan went into the human world secretly this time, she has done in a very hidden way. Fairy Zilan's timing of going into the human world was very accurate and very short. Fairy Zilan was confident that no one would find out.

Moreover, Fairy Zilan is confident that even if she is discovered, she will not be punished much. At best, he will suffer a little. Fairy Zilan feels it is worth suffering a little compared with the joy she gets after seeing Sun Wukong.

Monk Tang and others went on their way over there, while Fairy Zilan returned to heaven soon. Just when Fairy Zilan recalled her happiness with Wukong, a group of celestial troops and generals, with a bitter look and strong pressure, intercepted her.

When Fairy Zilan celestial troops and generals, her heart was thumped and she knew that she should have been exposed by sneaking into the world. But Fairy Zilan did not know how she was exposed and how she was found in such a short time.

Of course, although there was speculation in her heart, Fairy Zilan said firmly, "What are you doing? Why did you stop me? " she must not be timid. Once she is timid, she will become even more guilty.

The general said with a cold snort: "Hum, Fairy Zilan, please come with us, don't I have to say why?"

Fairy Zilan sighed when she heard these words. At last, she made it clear that she was really exposed. sHe resigned and said, "Well, where do you want to take me? Is it the Hall of Thunder or the Hall of Fire? "

At the moment, Fairy Zilan did not know that a big plot had been launched on her. She just thought that punishment was inevitable. According to Fairy Zilan's understanding of heavenly rules and regulations, although she secretly went to the human world and breaking the heavenly rules, the time was so short that she will be punished by some small punishment such as thunder or fire.

"You will know when you were there!" The general continues to cold say, corners of the mouth with scorn passed.

At the same time, he waved his hand and let the celestial soldiers shackle Fairy Zilan. and she was tightly encircled by a group of soldiers in the middle.

Seeing this, Fairy Zilan's eyebrows puckered and she noticed something was wrong. It seemed a little too much to catch her.

However, Fairy Zilan did not resist, because at this time if she resistants against them, that would be an aggravating her crime...