Chapter 170 Master

Just after the upgrade of Monk Tang was finished and the food was almost ready, Sun Wukong and Fairy Zilan had finished their whispers and flew back from a distance hand in hand with a full smile on their faces.

"Wow, holy monk, did you do all this?" Looking at the rich dishes on the table, Fairy Zilan exclaimed, her big eyes gouged out hard on every dish back and forth.

In the conversation with Sun Wukong just now, Sun Wukong has told Zilan everything about in the past 500 years and all things on the way west, including things like Monk Tang, can cook. Fairy Zilan did not believe Wukong said. She did not believe A monk can cook. That's impossible, especially meat dishes~

But at this point, looking at the table full of delicacies, Fairy Zilan was extremely skeptical!

"That's me. Eat whatever you want. Help yourself!" Looking at Fairy Zilan's surprised look, Monk Tang smiled triumphantly. Monk Tang is absolutely confident in cooking or something. He is a cook in his previous life.

When speaking, Monk Tang also secretly looked at Fairy Zilan. Monk Tang found that Fairy Zilan has also changed a lot compared with before. Her face is more delicate and charming and lovely, her breath is enhanced, and her orchid fragrance on the body is also much stronger.

Monk Tang immediately understood that Fairy Zilan might have eaten the ginseng fruit!

"Really! ?” Fairy Zi Xia's big eyes blinked and her lovely smile said, "Holy monk, then I'm not at all welcome!"

When Monk Tang heard this, he was immediately displeased. His face twitched and he said, "Still called me holy monk? You can call me Master as Wukong does. "

Fairy Zilan was stunned when she heard this, then glanced at Sun Wukong. Her face was flushed and she said sweetly, "Master."

"Ah!" Monk Tang responded with great comfort. This girl is not bad. She is quite good. Although she is not good at speaking, she is likable because she is smart and energetic. She quickly understood what he meant.

"Master, have tea!" Then Fairy Zilan poured another cup of tea on the table and respectfully offered it to Monk Tang.

At the same time, Fairy Zilan also kicked Sun Wukong. Her face flushed and said, "Little monkey, why you stand still? pouring tea for Master! ”

Next to Sun Wukong, he was somewhat stunned. He scratched his head and buttocks. Why did she suddenly call the monk "Master" and he need to pour tea for the monk?

Also, why let him, Monkey King, pour tea for a monk? Sun Wukong thought that he is not to pour tea to Monk Tang under any circumstances. However, Sun Wukong hesitated for a moment. Sun Wukong saw Fairy Zilan's blade-like eyes and startled his little heart. He even said, "I'm sorry. I do! what are you going to do?! "

Sun Wukong rudely poured a cup of tea, handed it to Monk Tang, and said, "Master, have tea!"

The monkey's attitude is really infuriating, so why Damn it you did understand her? But after glancing at Fairy Zilan, Monk Tang said, "Okay, I'll drink it now!" Say, he took the cups to drink off.

"Brother, Master, what is this? How can Fairy Zilan call you Master and serve you tea? " Sandy is also stunned at the moment, biting his pen and whispering to Monk Tang nearby.

"Hey, don't you understand, you are as stupid as that monkey!" Pigsy smiled triumphantly at this remark and did not forget to do a personal attack. He said: "calling him 'Master' is an admission of Fairy Zilan's identity. Do you think that 'Master' could be called everyone? ? There is something you don't know. "

"No, Brother, can you speak more clearly?" Sandy continued to be stunned. What's the point of calling a Master?

Pigsy said: "you are stupid, you are really stupid, what is the relationship between the little monkey and Fairy Zilan?"

"This still needs to say? Of course, it is that kind of relationship! " Come on! they are holding hands! Sandy squinted at Pigsy.

"Yes!" Pigsy gave Sandy a look that you were not hopeless, saying: "Master, you admitted Fairy Zilan as Wukong's woman. We should call Fairy Zilan 'sister-in-law'."

Pigsy has made up his mind in his heart that he will treat Fairy Zilan well in the future.

"I see ..." Sandy slapped his forehead, suddenly enlighted, and then began to record.

They had a wonderful meal for more than two hours, then they just continue to hit the road.

A line of four people and one horse has been changed into five people and one horse. Fairy Zilan joined the team. According to Fairy Zilan's meaning, she wants to taste what it feels like to go west to seek sutras!

While Fairy Zilan, Monk Tang, and his disciples were heading west, all of them did not expect that a plot was coming towards them ...

In Doushuai Palace in heaven, the fire in trigram stove has never been extinguished. Lord Lao Zi has just returned to Doushuai Palace and it was not long before. Lord Lao Zi's face is a bit unhappy at the moment. The failure of Manjushri Bodhisattva's plan has made Lord Lao Zi not very happy either.

Lord Lao Zi considered that it was really more and more difficult for Monk Tang and his disciples to deal with. When thought of Nine-Tailed Fox and Goldy and Silver, Lord Lao Zi's heart is in pain. he was even more depressed when he thought that Gold Rope was still in Monk Tang's hands.

Numerous thoughts flashed through Lord Lao Zi's mind. Lord Lao Zi wanted to think of a plan to get rid of Monk Tang and others as soon as possible in order to get rid of his hatred and get Gold Rope back, not only for the victory of his own games but also for himself.

However, Lord Lao Zi did not think of a good way to solve the problem. Although the White Bone Demon captured some time ago was a breakthrough point, Lord Lao Zi was also prepared at that time. However, Lord Lao Zi had to give up because of the Great White Planet. Of course, Lord Lao Zi was not afraid of the Great White Planet.

But because of troubles, Lord Lao Zi was somewhat puzzled. why did Great White Planet "maintain" the White Bone Demon so much? when he wanted to use the White Bone Demon to do something, Great White Planet would smash his ideas with a lot of heavenly rules and regulations.

Although Lord Lao Zi is not afraid of the so-called heavenly rules, he still needs to abide by them, so he has to give up using the White Bone Demon as a breakthrough to deal with Monk Tang and others.

"Hey, do I have to wait to revenge for my Goldy and Silver?" After thinking for a long time, Lord Lao Zi finally said with a sigh, Lord Lao Zi is really tired of the so-called rules of the game. Lord Lao Zi is a chess player, but he still has to abide by the rules of the game.