Chapter 17 Lion Tiger Beast

Although it is grilled and there is no seasoning, the roasted wild pork is still incredibly delicious. It has a much richer flavor than the previous flower chicken. Monk Tang feels that he may be too hungry.

However, after the first bite, Monk Tang knew that this was not the cause of his hunger, but the cause of the ingredients themselves. They all knew that wild pork was better than firewood, especially dry meat. The fiber was very thick, which affected the taste.

But after this mouthful of wild pork goes into his mouth, only staying tender and smooth flavor. If it is not cut from the wild boar and roasted by himself, Monk Tang will definitely not believe that he will eat wild pork with the flavor of wild pork. But the meat is extremely tender and smooth, it doesn't take any effort to bite.

Not only that, but after chewing a few mouthfuls, Monk Tang found that the wild pork he ate at this time was definitely better several times than his last life, even without any ingredients.

Why is this? When eating meat, Monk Tang had such a doubt in his mind. At this time, Monk Tang realized that whether it was fruit that he ate, chicken or wild pork, it seemed to be much better than his previous life.

Yes, Suddenly, Monk Tang flashed and knew the reason. One is that the world environment is so good and there is almost no pollution. Of course, the main reason is that the world has a strong aura from heaven and earth aura, also called the existence of vitality,which is Yuan Qi. Living in such an environment, ordinary animals can become fairies or demons over time!

And bathing in the aura from heaven and earth, naturally changes the meat quality, making the meat quality infinitely better!

This world is a pure natural farm. Monk Tang's eyes have never been brighter.

After eating the boar pork, the feeling of warmth reappeared, and the body was gradually strengthening. Obviously, the boar also contained energy that was of great benefit to the body, and the energy in the wild pork was more than that of the big rooster. A lot more.

Monk Tang has been eating until he can't eat a bit. Almost a hundred pounds of wild pork was done by Monk Tang. Monk Tang's physique is therefore nearly twice as strong. This is a big gain. Monk Tang's strength is virtually enhanced. When killing a wild boar, Monk Tang will never lose his power!

After eating, the sky was already full of stars and Monk Tang’s drowsiness came slowly. Monk Tang found a dry place close to the fire and began to lie down in clothes. After living in the wild for a few days, Monk Tang was used to sleeping and resting very good in the wild


Monk Tang slept sweetly and was extremely comfortable, probably because of the strength of the body. Monk Tang did not feel any trace of coolness that night, even if the fire was extinguished very early in the middle of the night!

Monk Tang dreamed, dreaming that he drank and ate meat, and countless monsters and monsters became their own dishes. The one that ate was called Shuang, but what made Monk Tang uncomfortable was poured rain when he was eating and drinking in the dream. He got wet and it was so uncomfortable that Monk Tang woke up when I was!

When he opened his eyes, Monk Tang saw a lion head that was as big as a car cover above his head. A lion's leg was chewing in the mouth of the lion's head. Blood and meat dregs were crackling down and poured on him. Monk Tang knew why he dreamed of being rained, the original source is here!

But dreaming is not the point. The point is where does the lion come from? Is there a Chinese character “King” on the head of the lion?

Are you a lion or a tiger? Monk Tang would like to ask aloud!

But Monk Tang didn't dare, and his hair stood a little because this guy who looks like a lion and a tiger is looking at him with a dessert-like expression. Monk Tang is almost going to scold its mother, who will see blood when he opens his eyes. It's not bad to have a sloppy head without urinating, and swearing is normal!

Monk Tang now wants to ask Sun Wukong where the dead monkey has gone. Why not remind him, Monk Tang absolutely does not think that Sun Wukong did not discover this Lion Tiger Beast in advance.

His body was still and his eyes were confused. Soon he saw the monkey with peaches in a tree.

Of course, that grandson, dead monkey, had already discovered the Lion Tiger Beast, but instead of reminding Monk Tang, he means to be spectators with interest. Sun Wukong wanted to see when Monk Tang would wake up.

Sun Wukong saw Monk Tang come over and said softly with a smile in his eyes: "Master, you wake up, good morning!"

When Monk Tang saw Sun Wukong with a clear smile in his eyes, he really wanted to curse: M**herF**ker!

But he didn't open his mouth, Damn, minced meat, blood and even drool, as long as he opened his mouth, those would be poured in his mouth, which is too disgusting!

Whoops ... The Lion Tiger Beast finally ate all the boar's thighs, and then opened their mouths and snarled at Monk Tang. The smell of the wind was blown out, and its breath is heavier than Sun Wukong’s whose teeth hadn’t brushed for five hundred years. The Lion Tiger Beast bites at Monk Tang.

Beast: I'm going to eat my dessert, the tender one must be delicious!

The nine-ring monk spade is right next to Monk Tang. Monk Tang grabs the monk spade, thrusts his big head into the mouth of The Lion Tiger Beast, and at the same time the body stands up from the ground with a roll.

Dangdang, followed by a scream.

The Lion Tiger Beast beast's biting force is absolutely amazing. Monk Tang can feel it from the monk spade, but this beast has a bite on the wrong object. Although the monk spade's skills are very chicken-rib(weak), the material is amazingly hard. We can see the end of the beast!

The moment the lion tiger bite, its huge teeth broke several at once. Its blood flow made it unbearable. Two big paws rolled around the big mouth, whining, big tears drops. Tears flowed from the eyes, showing that it was painful enough!

Monk Tang takes advantage of the occasion to pull his spade back and did not go forward to kill but he stopped. This Lion Tiger Beast is different from the wild boar. The Lion Tiger Beast is not faint. Although it feels hurt, as long as it goes for a fight, it will definitely be a hungry tiger to leap, which is dangerous!

"YOU, why don't you wake me up!" Monk Tang retreated under the tree where Sun Wukong was, and asked angrily, hey, he almost was eaten by the Lion Tiger Beast, can he not be angry??

"Hee hee, Master, you shouldn’t blame me, you ’re in a deep sleep, and I don’t dare to disturb you, my Master! You should rest assured me that a little tiger will definitely not hurt you! "Sun Wukong said, taking out a new peach," Master, do you eat a peach? "

Damn peaches, Monk Tang swear in his heart, Sun Wukong definitely did not summon him intentionally. Looking at the grinning expression, he knew that this damn monkey was definitely revenged on him, this capricious monkey, he is supposed to be careful in the future.