Chapter 168 If You Don't Go There To See Me, I Will Come You

Large and small purple orchids bloom all over the mountain and everywhere. The heaven and earth dotted with purple sky have become a sea of flowers.

Looking at Fairy Zilan's petite body and Sun Wukong's short size, Monk Tang immediately felt that the two were extremely matched.

He can't help but shows an old-mother kind smile on his face ... ……Fairy Zilan is really smart and lovely.

However, after a while, all smiles disappeared.

No, No, No! she is not lovely at all!

The corners of Monk Tang's mouth twitched incessantly. He finally knew that Fairy Zilan was really not good at having a conversation with others. It was not long before she came here three of the four disciples were hurt by her words. To Monk Tang's relief, Fairy Zilan did not talk 'nice' to him.

But this tone before spitting it out, he abruptly swallows it back, Fairy Zilan skipping came him.

Fairy Zilan, with her big eyes, said earnestly, "Holy monk, why is your head so bright and why is it so bright?"

Monk Tang: "..." Damn it, whose kid is this? Take her back! what kind of cruel a daughter-in-law?! I don't want her.

Looking at Fairy Zilan, who had been staring at herself, Monk Tang's mouth kept twitching and said, "It's hot! My head sweets  a lot."

"Hee hee ... holy monk, how interesting you are!" Fairy Zilan smiled.

Monk Tang: "..."

Then Fairy Zilan's petite figure came to Sun Wukong like a purple butterfly.

Fairy Zilan blinked her big eyes and her pretty face almost stuck to Sun Wukong.

"Why are you here?" For the first time, Sun Wukong, who was fearless before, a little frightened, avoiding Fairy Zilan's eyes. His face turned red and his eyes contained some joy.

Fairy Zilan pursed her lips and said, "little monkey, it has been 500 years! you come out but you did not visit me, so I am here and visit you!"

Sun Wukong's body felt a slight quiver when he heard these words. Yes, 500 years have passed, and time is really fast ... If you don't visit me, I will come to see you. It directly touched the softest part of Sun Wukong's heart.

Of course, Sun Wukong is very touched in his heart, but his concentration is still very good. At least at the moment, he has no change or abnormality in his appearance ...

Monk Tang and others naturally do not know Sun Wukong's psychological activities, but they heard Fairy Zilan has a nickname for Sun Wukong!

Little monkey? Monkey King still has such nicknames, Thud…… ...

Monk Tang and his disciples almost fell on the ground. but they feel this nickname is special cute for Wukong!

Little monkey!? Ah, ha, ha, ha ... Monk Tang, Pigsy and Sandy almost went crazy laughing in their hearts.

After looking at each other, they decided to call Sun Wukong as 'little monkey'.

But will they be killed? Several people also thought at the same time, but who cares, it is also good to call him one time...

Since Fairy Zilan appeared, Sun Wukong has become like a different person and has lost his former domineering power.

Heard what Fairy Zilan said, he just said only a very coy word "uh-huh", which nearly makes the Monk Tang several people collapse.

However, Monk Tang, Pigsy, and others all showed interest and decided to be a good melon eater, watch a live version of the romantic drama. so they took out tables and chairs, and various fruit drinks ... Gee, Monkey King's live version of the romantic drama must not be missed.

Although Sun Wukong has changed completely since Fairy Zilan appeared, he still listens to everything and knows everything about Monk Tang and others. With his eyebrows raised, he knows that Monk Tang and others intend to.

However, Sun Wukong didn't intend to escape either. Monkey King should be upright in everything he does. Once his palm was turned over, he took out a ginseng fruit and put it into Fairy Zilan's hand. "Zilan, this the Ginseng fruit, eat it!"

Fairy Zilan was really surprised this time and said, "the ginseng fruit!? Little monkey, how do you have the ginseng fruit? "

Fairy Zilan naturally knows about the ginseng fruit, but unfortunately, she has never eaten it. She only saw it from a distance. Unexpectedly, the little monkey gave her one. Fairy Zilan was very happy.

Holding the ginseng fruit in his hand, Fairy Zilan felt comfortable just by smelling the fragrance.

Looking at Sun Wukong's eyes, her eyes were more tender and gentle. The little monkey was still the same little monkey as before and he had not changed at all.

Fairy Zilan's big eyes blinked, and her eyes flashed a little shyness, but more cunning, with a flash of body, and her lips quickly lit up Sun Wukong's face, then she giggled and dodged.

Sun Wukong was suddenly "ambushed" and all his golden hair stood on end. Then he took one somersault to fly to a mountain peak.

All red Sun Wukong looked at Fairy Zilan and shouted: "Zilan, why did you do that to me?"

Sun Wukong did not expect Fairy Zilan to come here suddenly. He was really unprepared.

Just like a quick kiss, Monkey King finally changed his face.

Fairy Zilan smiled and said, "Little monkey, you gave me the ginseng fruit. Of course, I will reciprocate. This is my first time."

Holy crap, Holy crap, Holy crap, Holy crap ~

Monk Tang and others were dumbfounded when watching the fun. After this, Monk Tang and others found out that Sun Wukong was also an expert in picking up hot chicks and knew the routine of picking up hot chicks. He even tricked Fairy Zilan's first kiss so simply.

"Is this our Wukong?"

Monk Tang looked at Pigsy and others with some disbelief and thought that he needed to get to recognize Sun Wukong. this guy was definitely not that naive as he thought.

Monk Tang was originally worried that Sun Wukong would be like a stone. He might do not know how to pick up girls and make Fairy Zilan angry. But now it seems that all nonsense worries are unnecessary. Monk Tang thought it is ok that let Sun Wukong be his Master in this aspect.

"Holy crap, he is so skilled ~" Pigsy made a tut.

"Good, good!" Sandy's mouth was full of praise, while he kept a quick record. Sandy decided to write a sentimental romantic love story based on Sun Wukong and Fairy Zilan when he was free. After that, Sandy took a sneak peek at Monk Tang and added a heroic story of a bachelor.

Little White Dragon, he stopped eating grass, apparently shocked by Sun Wukong's tricks.

Monk Tang's mood is very complicated at the moment. He is comforting but deeply hurt.

Thankfully, Sun Wukong was born out of a stone, but his heart and brain were not made of stones ...

Showing off love in front of the bachelor, they did so deliberately!