Chapter 167 Fairy Zilan Came To Human World

Red clouds are all over the sky, purple cloud fills the air, and green radiance ripples ... the beautiful mountains and rivers in the distance are one after another, sending out magnificent light.

Monk Tang and others came to a treasured land. The peaks were shining, the dense phytoncidere rushed to the sky, and the aura filled the air.

Monk Tang found that the more westbound, although most of the land was extremely barren, the more treasured lands unconsciously increased.

At this moment, Monk Tang and his apprentices have left Black Chicken Country for three days, hundreds of miles away.

"Master, it would be nice for us to spend more days in Black Chicken Country. I haven't enjoyed the food enough!"

Pigsy muttered, remembering the treatment he received in Black Chicken Country in the first few days, Pigsy misses there.

The kindness of Monk Tang and others to Black Chicken Country was really too great. After the broth banquet, that day, Monk Tang and others were offered up by Black Chicken Country and became living Buddhas there. They really enjoyed the imperial treatment and did nothing but said what they wanted then everything would be sent by their hands.

Pigsy was completely in love with that kind of life and even made up his mind to become a king once everything was done!

"You idiot, you only know how to enjoy. After taking the scriptures early, we'll have more time to relax. Then you can enjoy it as you wish!"

Sun Wukong came to Pigsy's side, Holding Pigsy's ear and giving him a rebuke.

"Dead monkey ... wow... elder brother, you let me go first." Pigsy immediately counseled and begged for mercy.

Looking at the two horsemen, Monk Tang shook his head and said, "Let's have a rest and have some lunch before we go."

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy, and others naturally have nothing to say, especially when Pigsy heard they will have a rest, the speed of leading the horse was accelerated. Soon, a line of people came to the place under a hill flowing with red clouds.

Monk Tang dismounted and began to say, "Pigsy, you go and give some preys, Wukong, you go and pick some fruits ..."

After the White Bone Demon left, the cooking thing is all on Monk Tang.

"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy agreed to go to work.

But at this moment, the surrounding peaks suddenly appeared a little purple, looking intently, it turned out to be purple orchids.

There are more and more purple orchids, and in a twinkling of an eye, orchids spread all over the world, turning the whole world into a sea of purple orchids.

The breeze blows, countless purple petals start flying all over the sky, sweeping with the fragrance of empty valleys and orchids.

"goblins!" At the sight of this scene, Pigsy shouted loudly, holding the nine-tooth rake in his hand.

However, Pigsy did not find Sun Wukong was joyful when the first purple orchid bloomed.

Instead, it was because he was the first person to discover ‘goblins', not Sun Wukong, and he couldn't help feeling smug!

Hey, I discovered first and finally won the dead monkey once---Pigsy was very proud.

Monk Tang also nervous when looked at this situation, but looked at Sun Wukong with no response, Monk Tang with a frown, then relieved. Sun Wukong didn't respond to defense, which shows that there is no danger, and in this regard, Monk Tang trusts Sun Wukong.

Of course, Monk Tang did not relax his vigilance. His eyes were tightly fixed on the purple orchid petals flying all over the sky.

The sudden appearance of this purple orchid shows that there is a problem.

Under the public's eyes, the purple orchid petals gathered in the air and finally turned into ... a huge purple orchid in the bud.

When Monk Tang saw this, he couldn't help twitching his mouth. The petals fell off the purple orchid and finally turned into the purple orchid. At the moment, Monk Tang looked at the purple orchid in the air and had only guessed who the person was.

Especially when seeing Sun Wukong's unusual reaction, he was even more certain that the person who he is.

It was also at this time that a cry sounded in the bud.


With this scream, Monk Tang and others saw a petite purple figure "spit" out of from the bud with a Thud.

What a unique way to appear ... Monk Tang complained so.

At the same time, looking at the stumbling figure, he could not help thinking: what a delicate little person.

Yes, it is a little person. The little person in the purple orchid bud is only one meter three or four high and looks as immature as a junior high school student.

This is a girl fairy, but looking at Sun Wukong's height, which is also not high, Monk Tang feels that it is a perfect match.

He secretly noded, face can't help showing a kind smile like an old mother, look at Fairy Zilan like looking at the future daughter-in-law ...

Fairy Zilan standstill then trotted to Monk Tang and said, "I am Zilan, nice to meet you, holy monk."

"Amitabha, Hi, Fairy Zilan!" Monk Tang lowed his head and looked kindly at the little woman who only reached his chest, and replied.

At the same time, looking at Fairy Zilan carefully, he saw Fairy Zilan wearing a purple palace dress and a purple orchid headdress.

The little face is like a porcelain doll and is very cute. The more you look at it, the happier you are ~

"Fairy Zilan, how did you come down here?" Pigsy also recognized Fairy Zilan. After all, Zilan was the only fairy with such a tiny figure in Heaven. Even her sister Ziwei Fairy was much taller than her.

"Hee hee, Tianpeng Marshal, you look so ‘humorous’. How did you have a pig head?" Zilan laughed.

Pigsy's face darkened immediately, believing that this is absolutely Fairy Zilan. Fairy Zilan is cute, but her mouth is never forgiving and she doesn't talk nice. Coupled with her outspoken heart, ordinary people really can't stand her. Fairy Zilan is also famous for her outspoken heart and poisonous tongue in heaven.

Sandy's memory of heaven is fairly secure, so he recognized Fairy Zilan, but he didn't say hello, because Sandy didn't want to be hurt by her mouth and wanted to stay away from her.

But Fairy Zilan did not intend to let him go. Ah, she ran to Sandy and said, "Juanlian General, where are you going? Can't you see me? Don't worry, I won't avoid you for being ugly! "

Sandy: "..." Damn it! could you please do not talk with me??

After greeting Sandy, Fairy Zilan looked up at the White Dragon Horse again, saying, "What a big horse. What did you eat to grow up? You are a deformity! ?”

The Little White Dragon, who was eating grass with his head down, was immediately choked by these words: You are deformed, and your whole family is deformed!