Chapter 165 Cooking Broth

"Master, Manjushri Bodhisattva just left?" Pigsy blinked his little eyes and looked at the distant golden light doubting.

Pigsy really couldn't believe that Monk Tang's set of lies could fool Manjushri Bodhisattva, although it was said vividly as if it real happened.

Monk Tang knew what Pigsy thought and said: "Naturally, he left. Even if he knew what I said was untrue, he should listen to it as the truth now. In order not to get angry, he naturally left earlier. Well, stop talking nonsense and wake up everyone!"

After saying this, Monk Tang came to the king and checked the king before waking him up slowly.

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and other disciples also followed suit, awakening people who were lying on the ground such as the queen and prince.

Although the large array of' Taking Blood and Stealing Souls' was broken in time and it did not affect the lives of the king and others.

However, the loss of Qi and blood is real, which makes the king and others all very weak.

Fortunately, the time covered by the array is not too long, and it has not caused the permanent deficit to their bodies. With recuperation and supplement, they can return to normal.

If the time is longer, it will be really bad.

"Hiss ~ my head hurts. What happened and how do I feel so tired?" The king woke up with a confused face.

"Almsgiver, you don't worry, you will be able to return to normal after a period of rest!" Monk Tang smiled gently and lifted him up.

"you are ... Elder Tang! ?” The king heard the sound and looked at Monk Tang. then he recalled all the things that happened and said quickly, "Elder Tang, where is the goblins"

The king wondered, and there was no sign of Green Haired Lion on the empty ground---the king only remembered that before the coma, Sun Wukong and the goblin were fighting fiercely in the sky, and then he did not know what happened later.

"Don't worry, Almsgiver. The goblin has been removed by us and he won't appear again." Monk Tang said.

"This is good, this is good!" Hearing these words, the king quite relieved that it would be too bad if they let the goblin ran away.

Because the king knows that Monk Tang and others will not stay in Black Chicken Country for long. If the goblin runs away and comes back after Monk Tang and others leave, he will have no way to deal with the goblin. At this time, he is naturally relieved to hear the news that the goblin is dead.

"Mother, mother, what's the matter with you? Wake up, I am here. " Just then the prince's whining voice sounded.

"What's the matter?" Hearing the sound, Monk Tang asked with a frown.

"Master, the queen hasn't woken up yet, maybe ..." Pigsy came to Monk Tang and glanced at the king.

Although Pigsy's words are ambiguous, the meaning is obvious. Hearing these words, the king had a pale face due to the deficiency of blood and qi, and it was even paler. Leaving Monk Tang's hand, he is running towards the queen.

Monk Tang raised his eyebrows and asked, "What's going on? How did the queen be like this? "

Monk Tang was puzzled. People around here are all right. They have already woken up. Why didn't the queen wake up alone?

"Master, you have forgotten that the queen is a woman, but she is much worse than those men!" Pigsy reminder.

Monk Tang suddenly heard these words and walked towards the queen.

Her qi and blood sucked away by the spell may be nothing to the king, but it may cause some losses, but it is fatal for such weak women as the queen.

At this moment, the queen has been held in her into king's arms. the king said sadly, "wake up, queen. I have just woken up. why are you sleeping? No, no ... by the way, Elder Tang can wake up me and he can save my beloved you! Elder Tang, please help her! she is my beloved! I would appreciate you very very much. "

The king saw the Monk Tang as if he had grasped a life-saving straw, held the queen tightly, and begged Monk Tang.

"Amitabfa, Almsgiver, you take it easy, I'll give the princess a diagnosis!" Monk Tang acted like a doctor. In fact, he secretly communicated with the system to seek ways to cure the queen. At present, saving the life of the queen is a serious thing.

"System, how can the queen be cured?" Monk Tang had secret interrogation with the system.

System: "Ding Dong, this is simple, only need to supplement the deficit of the queen of Black Chicken Country now, the queen will wake up."

When Monk Tang heard this, he doubled his eyelids and said, "Aren't you saying nothing? What I want is an immediate method. "

System: "Ding Dong, the host only needs to use a piece of meat of Green-Haired Lion, boil a little broth and feed it to the queen of Black Chicken Country then she will wake up."

After hearing these words, Monk Tang understood that the method was so simple. If it was just ordinary recuperation, it will take so long. However, the flesh and blood of Green-Haired Lion contain a large amount of essence, which can be taken after cooking to make up for the deficiency of the body quickly.

Monk Tang just smiled and said to the king and the prince, "ok, I already know how to do it. you protect the queen well and give me some time!"

"Yes, yes, Elder Tang, if you need anything, just say so!"

The king of Black Chicken Country and the prince said with smiles on their faces when they heard these words. at this moment, it seemed that they would not refuse anything Monk Tang wanted.

Monk Tang shook his head: "I'll do it myself!"

Say, with a wave of his hand, a black pan appeared on the clearing, at the same time, the huge body of Green-Haired Lion also appeared.

When the huge body of Green-Hailed Lion appeared like a big mountain, it naturally caused the crowd to exclaim, thinking that the goblin was back again. They are nervous and put the blades instantly aimed at the body of Green-Hailed Lion. However, after looking at Green-Hailed Lion staying still for a long time, they gradually clam down and confirmed that goblins were dead, and then there was a loud cheer.

The death of goblins is a good thing for anyone. especially for the goblins who have brought disaster to their country, Although they didn't kill him themselves, they are still excited.

...... Originally, Monk Tang only wanted to cook a bowl of broth for the queen, but looking at the pale faces of the king and others, Monk Tang immediately decided to cook a large pot of broth which is enough for everyone to have and let everyone make up for the loss.

Looking at the big pot and goblins' body, the king and others were stunned. They did not know what he would do. but they dare not to interrupt him. They were all waiting nervously. the king believed Monk Tang.

After Monk Tang had made the decision, he began to clean up. First, he made a big black pot. Then, he skinned Green-Haired Lion, put it into the pot, poured clear water into it, and let Sun Wukong cast his spell, causing monstrous flames to boil it.

Is this broth to be cooked?

At the sight of this scene, everyone is aware of what Monk Tang is doing, just don't understand, what is the connection between broth and treatment of the queen, the key is that a monk is cooking broth. It makes people feel some unspeakable uncomfortable, feeling panic in their deep hearts...