Chapter 163 Slaying Green-Haired Lion

Over the Black Chicken Country, a terrible array was shrouded, sending out bloody lights. Under the array, there were corpses everywhere, and the Black Chicken Country was like a hell.

At this time, the large array of' taking blood and taking sounds' has been in operation for a long time, even if it does not need mana eyes, it is also visible.

The monstrous bloody lights rose up into the sky to cover up the starlights.

"Ha, ha, ha, how comfortable! I haven't been so comfortable for a long time!" Green-Haired Lion burst out laughing and shuttled back and forth above Black Chicken Country.

Because Green-Haired Lion is integrated with the array map so he moves at a very fast speed. Sun Wukong and others can't catch up with him.

Most of the attacks from Wukong will hit on nothing, and the angry Sun Wukong and others screamed and felt extremely furious.

On the ground, Monk Tang looked up at the chase in the air but he was actually talking to the system.

"system, using Gold Rope to hold Green-Haired Lion can stop the array map running?" Monk Tang asked.

System: "Ding Dong, yes, host!"

After receiving a definite answer, Monk Tang felt relieved. Looking at Green-Haired Lion, who was so proud at this time.

After getting Gold Rope from Nine-Tailed Fox, Monk Tang threw it into the portable space without thinking of using it for a short time.

Because Monk Tang knew that as soon as he took out the Gold Rope from the portable space, Lord Lao Zi would feel something and the ripe and would probably be called back to his side.

However, at this time, Monk Tang also neglected these things. As long as he can save people in Black Chicken Country, so what if he lost Gold Rope?

No longer hesitating, the palm of his hand is turned over. Gold Rope appears in his hand, reciting incantations silently, Gold Rope disappears suddenly.

Monk Tang decided to make a quick fight and kill Green-Haired Lion before Lord Lao Zi had time to call Gold Rope away.


Two people sit quietly in the midair thousands of miles away from Black Chicken Country.

The two are Manjushri Bodhisattva and Lord Lao Zi, who have been waiting here for a long time. Both of them are big powerful men in heaven.

Lord Lao Zi frowned: "Manjushri, why hasn't anyone come here yet? Is there something wrong? "

Manjushri was also surprised. according to his calculation, people who came to ask for pellets should have passed through this way a long time ago. At this time, Manjushri knew what changes should have taken place. Manjushri Bodhisattva could perceive Lord Lao Zi is impatient and said quietly: "Lord Lao Zi, don't worry, wait a moment, it should be coming soon!"

Lord Lao Zi gave a gentle grunt, and the next moment was a frown. Lord Lao Zi sensed that Gold Rope, which had not been sensed for a long time, had made contact with him again. subconsciously, He wanted to recall Gold Rope back.

However, Lord Lao Zi immediately stopped and glanced at Manjushri bodhisattva, who is next to him. this is not a good time to recall Gold Rope, or else it is not good to explain why Gold Rope is not on his hand.

"Lord Lao Zi, what's wrong with you?" Lord Lao Zi was found by Manjushri even though his movements were minor, he wondered.

"Nothing!" Lord Lao Zi said coldly, "Manjushri, please contact your mount. what is going on?"

When Lord Lao Zi changed the subject, Manjushri bodhisattva did not ask, but said: "all right!" he waved his hands and a summons rune paper showed up.

However, Manjushri Bodhisattva turned pale and said, "No, my Green-Haired Lion is in danger."

After saying this, Lord Lao Zi did not respond. At his feet, a lotus flower appeared, turning into a golden light penetrating the sky, tearing the air and heading towards Black Chicken Country.

Lord Lao Zi saw Manjushri Bodhisattva was so anxious. He immediately made fortune-telling and said after a while, "Manjushri, Manjushri, you. You have finally drawn fire!" his body turns, toward the heaven.

Lord Lao Zi did not call Gold Rope, because at the moment Manjushri bodhisattva left, the connection with Gold Rope was broken again.


After Monk Tang and the system are confirmed, Gold Rope will be taken out of the portable space and he recited the mantra silently. Gold Rope disappeared.

When it reappeared, it appeared in front of Green-Haired Lion, like the golden snake winding away.

Green-Haired Lion was very proud and felt himself getting stronger and stronger, and Sun Wukong and others, who were screaming with anger. Green-Haired Lion felt happy to see they do like this.

At the same time, Green-Haired Lion continues to use words to stimulate Sun Wukong and others, making every effort to insult them ...

But the next moment, Green-Hair Lion's face was scared green because Green-Hair Lion saw Gold Rope.

Green-Hair Lion exclaimed in horror: "Gold Rope? Why is it here? "

Green-Haired Lion wants to escape, but where did it come from? At the moment, he was tied up by Gold Rope.

Into a golden 'Michelin' tire fell down from the sky. with a roar, it hits the ground out of a big deep pit.

“Holy crap!” Pigsy swung the rake empty again and was surprised to see Green-Haired Lion suddenly fall.

---Damn, this movement almost sprain his pig back.

Sun Wukong and others were also stunned. Unexpectedly, the cunning Green-Haired Lion was so caught.

Then they rush to him.

Swish, swish, swish!

The other four apprentices turned into four streamers and fell into the big pit.

"Let you run, let you run, I'll trample you to death!" Sun Wukong's bigfoot was stepping on Green-Haired Lion's head. When he stepped on him, his head deformed and he cried out in pain.

Before Green-Haired Lion's head could not regain its shape, Pigsy's rake hit on it. Then nine holes were on his head. The blood gushed out from the nine holes ...

Sandy also kicked him off, just right on his penis. and the eyes of Green-Haired Lion were all staring out because of the pain.

The Little White Dragon was also tough enough to spit out dragon breath directly and it burns big blisters on Green-Haired Lion.

Although the four men laid heavy hands on him, they did not kill him. Master and disciples had a tacit understanding for a long time and taking the last breath of goblins were left to Monk Tang.

At this moment, Monk Tang also arrived there. The loud six-character Buddhist mantra resounded through the heavens and the earth. A huge and more real glaring arhat shadow appeared behind Monk Tang. Monk Tang thundered, "goblin, you are dead!"

Nine-Ring Monk Spade, with the sound of rolling wind and thunder, showed no mercy, falling down like a golden meteor!

A thud ~


Nine-Ring Monk Spade fell heavily on the head of the giant Green-Haired Lion.

The huge lion head of Green-Haired Lion is like a watermelon breaking open.

Red and white stuff splattered everywhere, and it sprayed Monk Tang and others all over. At this moment, Monk Tang and others turned into bloodbath shura!

At the same time, a hint sounded in Monk Tang's mind:

"Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for slaying a Green-Haired Lion and rewarding you 100 million experience points."

It was also at this moment that the array map shrouding Black Chicken Country broke apart silently, turning into blood light and rain, falling and disappearing.