Chapter 162 Taking Blood And Stealing Soul

The wind stopped, clouds dispersed, starlights scattered all over the sky, flames on the ground flickered, and sky and ground reflected each other. This was a beautiful scene.

The whole Black Chicken Country is shrouded in this beautiful scenery, like a fairy palace in the dark.

However, the Black Chicken Country, whether human or animal, is not cold and the devil's whisper is ringing in their ears.

Green-Haired Lion murmured in his mouth, and a voice like a fairy and magic sounded over the black chicken country.

"Why is it so cold?" Monk Tang also couldn't help shuddering and felt a ghostly wind blowing on his neck.

It felt as if someone was blowing a chill on his neck. At the same time, he was whispering softly. Monk Tang felt a little sad.

Suddenly, he turned his head and found nothing wrong. There was nothing behind him, but whispering and evil wind were still around him!

"What the hell is Green-Haired Lion doing?" Monk Tang frowned and looked at the Green-Haired Lion hiding in the air.

Plop, plop ...

At that moment, Monk Tang suddenly heard a dull voice around him, one after another, and looked at there hurriedly.

Monk Tang found that some monks from Baolin Temple and the king of Black Chicken Country were not far away from him fainted one after another.

At the same time, Monk Tang also found that even those who did not faint were staggering like drunkenness ...

"What's wrong with you?" Monk Tang asked them.

"Elder Tang, I feel dizzy, I ..." A monk answered. his eyes half-open, and he collapsed to the ground before he finished speaking.

Plop, plop ...

The dull voice rang again, and this time it was not a few, but one after another.

When Monk Tang opened his eyes wide, he saw that the army of over 100,000 people was like chopped leeks, falling one by one.

Monk Tang was really shocked. Is it because of the incantation of Green-Haired Lion?

"What is going on, system?" Monk Tang couldn't help asking the system in his heart.

System: "Ding Dong, after testing, a large spell of' Taking Blood and Stealing Souls' has been set up by Green-Haired Lion in the range of Black Chicken Country. Now it is on!"

" 'Taking Blood and Stealing Souls' in large range?" Monk Tang doesn't know what kind of spell this is, but the name tells him that it must not be a good spell. Definitely, they are in a coma because of it!

Monk Tang brought his mana to his eyes. Suddenly he saw a different scene. A huge array of images appeared.

The picture is huge, blood red, and the pattern is made up of hideous, skeleton-like ghosts.

Each of these ghosts has its mouth constantly opened and closed, and the silent whispering is from these ghosts.

And there are countless ghostly shadows shuttling back and forth under the array map, with ghosts roaring like grisly hell.

Under the mana eye of Monk Tang, Monk Tang saw that every unconscious person who fell on the ground was covered with bloody mist, which was the pure Qi and blood in their bodies, being seized by large the array map and swallowed up by horrible ghosts on the array map.

In addition, every person fainted, there is white fog floating up, the fog light flashing.

That is their souls, decomposed and extracted from their bodies, and the souls are ingested by the array map.

"What a big array map!" Monk Tang was shocked and angry in his heart. This large array map is really vicious. If this goes on, there will be no creature alive in Black Chicken Country.

Looking at Green-Haired Lion's eyes, the cold light flickered, and Monk Tang could see that Green-Haired Lion was the ultimate beneficiary.

Every trace of qi and blood took away by the large array map will be transformed into the purest mana by Green-Hailed Lion after those souls and Qi were passing through the array map,'Taking Blood and Stealing Souls'. The strength of Green-Hailed Lion is constantly getting stronger.

"What a vicious monster!" Monk Tang can see that, naturally, it can't hide from Sun Wukong and others. Looking into Green-Haired Lion's eyes, his eyes are spitting fire. this guy is cultivated with millions of people and countless creatures in Black Chicken Country.

"goblin! Go to hell!" Sun Wukong screamed and hit the green lion.

Green-Hailed Lion does not fight hard but dodges quickly. Green-Hailed Lion can feel his strength is getting more and more at rapid speed. It is not wise to fight hard with Sun Wukong and others now. Green-Hailed Lion is waiting until the strength is at its strongest, and is fighting against Sun Wukong and others.

Green-Haired Lion burst out laughing, and his voice resounded through the air: "Sun Wukong, Tang Sanzang ... Do you think I have been a mortal king for three years? Ha, ha, ha ... I set up this array in three years. It was for this day but I didn't plan to use it, but you forced him to do it. Today all the people in Black Chicken Country are buried with you, and you deserve to die! "

More than 100,000 soldiers are the closest to Green-Haired Lion and the first group of people who were taken away blood and stolen souls.

Green-Haired Lion is gathering troops here to absorb pure mana for the first time.

Green-Haired Lion's momentum is rising rapidly. the sinister smell is rolling and becoming more and more oppressive. The air seems overwhelming, crunchy as if it were about to crumble.

"Rampant!" Sun Wukong's gas evil spirit directly took Monkey King Bar, breaking up the air.

Pigsy and others are also very angry, have a malicious hit.

However, Green-Haired Lion has made up his mind not to fight with Sun Wukong and others now, but to move quickly and avoid them.

Sun Wukong and others really couldn't hit on Green-Haired Lion and they screamed with anger ...

Monk Tang's heart is also filled with fire, but he knows that there is a more important thing to do, that is how to break the array map above his head!

If it goes like this, Monk Tang realized that Black Chicken Country would become a dead body country and become a real hell.

"System, what is the way to break this shit big array map!" Monk Tang asked eagerly in his heart.

At this moment, Monk Tang has discovered that mosquitoes, ants and other creatures have been sucked dry and died ...

System: "Ding Dong, after detection, it is found that the' Taking Blood and Stealing Souls' large array map and Green-Haired Lion are one body. Green-Haired Lion is the leader and the core of the large array. As long as Green-Haired Lion is removed then the connection between Green-Haired Lion and the large array will be cut off, the large array will break down!"

After hearing these words, Monk Tang's face turned black. the key is Green-Haired Lion!

If I can kill Green-Haired Lion, why I still need you to give me advice? .. ……Monk Tang lamented with anxiety in his heart ... Now let alone kill Green-Haired Lion, it's just a wild hope to catch Green-Haired Lion!

Wait for a moment ~

Monk Tang's eyes suddenly brightened. If I want to catch Green-Haired Lion, there is really a treasure in Monk Tang's hand that can capture him, and at the same time, it will automatically turn Green-Haired Lion into an ordinary lion, cutting off the connection between Green-Haired Lion in world. Naturally, it can also cut off the connection between Green-Haired Lion and' Taking Blood and Stealing Souls' array and it will break itself!

And this treasure is Lord Lao Zi's treasure--- Gold Rope which was taken from Nine-Tailed Fox!