Chapter 161 The Devil's Muttering

When Green-Hailed Lion showed his true colors, there was a large space around the golden chariot on which Green-Hailed Lion was riding.

Damn's, that is a goblin! Can you stay away? People move fast away from the lion ...

At the same time, arrows are also flooding in.

Magic arrows were covered down like a black rain curtain. In a twinkling, countless arrows stick in the ground, filled the who ground.

The ground was all covered with black arrows, and even Green-Haired Lion was gone.

"Holy crap, is that lion stupid? Why doesn't he hide? " Pigsy watched Green-Haired Lion drown in arrows and muttered in a low voice.

Of course, Pigsy knows that such arrows do not pose any threat to the Green-Haired Lion, and his skin cannot be punctured, but it is extremely painful.

If it were Pigsy, he wouldn't think he would stand there and get shot. But the lion did so, is he mad?

Monk Tang touched his chin, thought for a moment, and then answered quietly, "Haha, Green-Haired Lion may be trying to show off his skills!"

Pigsy and Sun Wukong blinked. Showing off? Gee ...

"Haha, we got him! this goblin turned out to be a fragile cat!" Watching Green-Haired Lion was drown by magic arrows, the general just laughed. the king of Black Chicken Country and others, as well as all the soldiers, were also beaming with joy. The goblin seemed to be easier to deal with than the ordinary goblins!

However, the next moment the king of Black Chicken Country and others' face was frozen. Green-Haired Lion's voice sounded from under the arrow: "haha, a group of stupid mortals, such a small trick to beat me down? you just Overestimate yourself! "

With the sound of Green-Haired Lion, a green light is blooming from under the dense arrows. With a roar, the monstrous sinister smell burst out suddenly. Green-Haired Lion appeared unscathed in front of all the people in the howling of the wind, shining with blue light, just like a round of blue sun.

Looking at Green-Haired Lion in good condition, the general, the soldiers, and others were all shocked to see him. Does he have nothing serious?

"How is it possible? How could he have no injury at all! ?”

The general unbelieves it. How can flesh and blood alone resist the sharp magic arrows?

At the same time, some people were scared and felt the sinister smell emanating from Green-Haired Lion, like a mountain pressing on their hearts.

Looking at all this, Monk Tang smiles a little. He really made him guess right. Green-Haired Lion was really showing off his force.

Monk Tang did not understand what it meant to show off force in front of a group of ordinary people. It was embarrassing.

Monk Tang couldn't understand what Green-Haired Lion was thinking about, but he is unwilling to see it more.

Monk Tang said to Sun Wukong and other disciples, "disciples, Please don't mention it, disciples. Just be careful not to hurt ordinary people!"

showing off? Let you show off! We let you become an idiot... Monk Tang makes a hum.

At the same time, Monk Tang also secretly prepared to kill Green-Haired Lion when he found the right time so as not to let Manjushri Bodhisattva come and take him away. To this, Monk Tang has some headaches. goblins with backstage are difficult to handle, and it is necessary to race against time to kill the goblins.

It makes Monk Tang have the illusion of playing online games and beating the boss, afraid of being robbed by others from his trophy!

"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong immediately respond, with a flash, disappeared with Monkey King Bar in his hand.

When he reappeared, he appeared in front of Green-Hailed Lion, and he swung Monkey King Bar to hit on Green-Hailed Lion.

Damn! this showing-off criminal, I have long been wanting to beat you ... ……Sun Wukong whispered when he swung Monkey King Bar.

---showing off in front of Sun Wukong?? don't you know that you are taking a big risk?

Green-Haired Lion is happy showing off his skills, but he did not expect Sun Wukong didn't say anything and beat him. Although he has been on guard, he still can't take a defense in one second.

Sun Wukong caught him, and with a scream, the lion was thrown into the sky and flew in circles.

Sun Wukong originally wanted to beat him on the ground, but Monk Tang didn't want it to hurt ordinary people, so he had to fight with him in the sky, so he changed his tactics.

Green-Haired Lion screamed and flew up into the sky, yelling, "Holy crap, damn monkey, you have attacked me! you are killing yourself!"

"Hey, you big hairy cat. How dare you call yourself 'king'. You are really still addicted to it?" Sun Wukong laughed at him.

At the same time, the body leaped, somersault clouds appeared at his feet, chasing Green-Haired Lion.

Sun Wukong was a little excited. As soon as the stick went down, Sun Wukong felt the strength of this Green-Haired Lion was good, at least he was very resistant.

"Master, here I go!" Pigsy also jumped up and flew high.

Later, Sandy and the Little White Dragon also took off and flew toward Green-Hailed Lion, while pushing their way toward Green-Hailed Lion.

The queen, the prince, and all nationals watched Sun Wukong and others turning into colorful streamers, all of which were stunned … when did they see anyone who could fly? Apart from the big demons, those who can fly are gods!

As a result, many people fell to their knees one after another and chanted such words as " gods! magic dragon!".

Not to mention the reaction of people of Black Chicken Country, Green-Haired Lion has begun to panic over there. Too shameless, how can four people VS. one me?

Looking at Sun Wukong, who had gathered around him and made a move, Green-Haired Lion shouted angrily, "This is not fair. Can we do it one-on-one? Do you dare? " Green-haired Lion steadied himself and stood in the air, his eyes aglow with fire.

"Fair? What do you mean by fairness? I don't understand your rule. I'll rake you up! " Pigsy grunted that the nine-tooth rake in his hand, with its silver light shining, was towards Green-Haired Lion. we have an opportunity to beat you four-on-one! A fool would beat you one-on-one!

"watch out my staff !" Sandy also shouted, and the demon-quelling staff was hitting at Green-Haired Lion.

"goblin, die for me!" The Little White Dragon also vomited out a breath of dragon's breath, which penetrated through the heavens and the earth. The fiery breath of the dragon ignited the sky.

Sun Wukong naturally wanted to fight Green-Haired Lion one-on-one, but the monk said that if they were allowed to go together, Sun Wukong could only cooperate with them. The Monkey King Bar in his hand grew longer and thicker, and he takes his bar to Green-Haired Lion.

"You forced me!" Green-Haired Lion looked at the four really about to hit on him. His face was very ugly. At the same time, he was also glad that he had prepared well in advance. Otherwise, it would be extremely dangerous to him in such a situation.

Green-Haired Lion was confident and used the prepared move. Maybe he could get rid of Monk Tang and his disciples without his lord. His eyes were flashing with an evil intention. Green-Haired Lion began to read aloud. A voice like Sanskrit but more like devil words sounded over Black Chicken Country.

With the sound of this voice, the wind between heaven and earth ceased to disperse and the starlight in the night fell down.

At this time, it should be a beautiful scene, but somehow, all the people and all animals within the scope of Black Chicken Country are all involuntarily chills and the devil's whispers are ringing in their ears!