Chapter 160 Three Years

Outside Baolin Temple, torches were blazing and the sky was full of light. At this time, more than 100,000 people were dumbfounded and silent. If the needles fall on the ground, people could hear the sound.

All eyes are wandering on the king and the queen.

Holy crap, what a windfall!?

All the people's ears are stuck up with shining eyes. The gossip is about to burst.

it is definitely a big event of the year!

If the king who opened his mouth is the real one, it's okay. but it's the fake king saying so, it's really ... gee!

When he heard what Green-Haired Lion said, the king understand what Green-Haired Lion meant.

Looking at the blushing queen, the king has a stuffy chest with black eyes. Wow, one mouthful blood is gushing out.

It's too humbled. the country is occupied by others, not to mention even the wife ... at this moment, the king of Black Chicken Country feels better dead.

The king of Black Chicken Country felt dizzy and about to fall to the ground, and was about to have intimate contact with the ground.

At this moment, a warm palm was holding the king.

Monk Tang is a bit speechless. the king has not much to do with the floor. He has been helped several times this day.

Although he was complaining, Monk Tang couldn't help but feel sympathy and feel sorry for him when he looked at the king with a white and bloodless complexion.

but any normal man would not be better than the king if he encountered this kind of thing.

Monk Tang felt that he needed to comfort the king . his eyes turned and said, "Amitabfa, Almsgiver, relax. you don't think about it. the female almsgiver(queen) has only had her hair done for three years!"

(ps: "have hair done" is a word said by a famous actor in China. she was uncovered that she was having an affair with another guy in a hotel but she had told her husband that she just went to the hair salon to have her hair done.)

The king originally wanted to thank Monk Tang, but when he heard he said, his chest became even more stuffy.

Although he won't know what "doing hair" means, there is a faint feeling of pricking his heart.

Especially afterword "hair-making", there is another word "three years". the king felt even more pricked---he wants to die.

Green-Hair Lion looked at the king who almost fell to the ground. he did not speak. his heart was filled with joy and he couldn't help smiling.

Then, Green-Haired Lion just laughed and said, "What's the matter? You can't say it? and you still say you're not a fake king?"

When I heard what Green-Haired Lion said, the king just stared at him. damn it. This goblin is really arrogant.

Of course, the king knows how many moles there are on the queen, but can he speak the answer? No!

In front of so many people saying it out, how will the princess see others in the future? Green-Haired Lion's vicious intentions chilled the hearts of the king.

The king of Black Chicken Country gritted his teeth, but how can he prove he is the king of Black Chicken Country without saying? The king is in a dilemma.

The king of Black Chicken Country suddenly had a bright eye and said to Green-Haired Lion with confidence: "do you think I can't prove that I am a real king? Well, you've planned everything, but you've missed something! "

As soon as the king of Black Chicken Country said this, it immediately attracted everyone's attention and was ready to see what he could produce to prove that he was the real king. As for the number of moles on the queen's body, although people also wanted to know, they also understood that it could not be heard or be used as a shred of real evidence. After all, the queen could not reveal the moles in front of everyone.

Therefore, other evidence is needed to prove who is the real king and who is the fake king.

When Green-Haired Lion heard the king, his heart was thumped and he felt as if he had really missed something.

Monk Tang beside the king has a bright eye and has already guessed what the king is going to prove.

The king reached out from his sleeve to take out an item. When the item was taken out, the queen and the prince had a bright eye and believed he the real king of Black Chicken Country beside Monk Tang in an instant.

The king of Black Chicken Country was not offering anything else, but the Gui White Jade. the king said, "do you know what it is?"

Green-Haired Lion saw what was in the hands of the king and knew what he had missed. everything has been changed exactly like the real thing, but it happened that he forgot to change a Gui White Jade. Green-Haired Lion was embarrassed.

Gui White Jade is the king's favorite thing. it is the only stuff in the whole Black Chicken Country. the king never leaves it the body.

It is the thing that can prove the identity of the king of Black Chicken Country.

The queen's eyes were red and tears flowed down like broken beads when she saw the jade.

“Gui White Jade! ?” the prince was also stunned, while quietly pulling the queen away from the chariot.

At the moment, the Prince is also very sure which is true and which is false. He looks at Green-Haired Lion and his eyes are ablaze with anger.

Not only did the queen and the prince confirm the truth of the king when they saw Gui White Jade.

But also the soldiers at present, and some ministers who followed. They were also suddenly enlightened. Then they were oppressed and cheated by a goblin for three years. It was really annoying and hateful.

"So what? You can't take it out, can you? You haven't shown your true colors yet? " The king is pressing.

"Good good, you are good, but what else you can do even if you proved yourself? What can you do for me? "

looking at the queen and prince who are far away from the chariot, and the people with changeable facial expressions, Green-Haired Lion knew that they had been exposed. He did not expect that the camouflage plan would be defeated by a worldly Gui White Jade.

He is not hidden at all, and his shape begins to change. He turns into a huge Green-Haired Lion and stands on a golden chariot.

"goblin, damned goblin, be careful!" Some ministers are screaming.

"Bold goblin, dare to become a king, cheat me, and so on! You should be killed!" The general was furious.

As soon as Green-Haired Lion showed his true colors, he caused quite a stir. One after another, shouting rang out from more than 100,000 people.

Then, under the command of the general, the sharp edge of over 100,000 troops was aimed at Green-Haired Lion, cold and dense.

However, Green-Haired Lion said contemptuously: "Ah! Are you fighting with me? Very well ~ "

The general's face turned red with anger when he heard these words. He remembered that he had taken orders from the fake king to kill the real king. His whole body was cold. At the same time, he was also filled with endless anger. With a roar, he fell heavily on his knees in front of the king: "Your Majesty, I am guilty. Allow me to redeem myself and kill the goblin."

Having proved himself to be a real king, the king finally breathed a sigh of relief. looking at the general kneeling in front of him, he immediately stepped forward to help him up and said, "General, you don't have a fault but that goblin has. I order you to kill the goblin quickly!"

"Yes!" The general gave a loud shout, then quickly got up and drew the sword out of its sheath: "Prepare to the magic arrow, target Green-Haired Lion, release!"

Buzzing ...

Swish, swish ...

The bowstring quivered, sharp arrows roared, and the flying magic arrows, like a black rain curtain, descended towards Green-Haired Lion.