Chapter 16 Pigsy! Pigsy!

At the camp, a wild boar was attracted by the scent of the Beggar Chicken. When it appeared, it stared straight at the bones next to the fire.

Although Monk Tang guessed what it was, he didn't have any excitement, but could not help swallowing saliva. Damn, this boar is too big. It is definitely three meters high. his huge scimitars are like two knives, with white light under the fire!

Monk Tang watched the big boar tentatively and said, "Pigsy!"

Sun Wukong heard a word of surprise and wondered. Does this monk know this pig?

Big boar: Huh!

Monk Tang spoke again: "Pigsy?"

Big boar: Hum!

A black line appeared on Monk Tang's forehead. Knowing that this big wild boar was not a pig Pigsy at all.

"Master, do you know this pig?" Sun Wukong asked.

Monk Tang shook his head. "I don't know!" You did!

Hum, at this moment the big boar moved, like a black tank, swaying towards the Monk Tang, the small eyes were bloodthirsty, and when those eyes were facing the fire, it was flashing!It was Shining shining!

This wild boar smelled the extremely fragrant chicken smell on Monk Tang's body, and regarded Monk Tang as a roast chicken!

"Bold animal, how dare you to hurt my master!" Sun Wukong saw the wild boar rushing towards Monk Tang. As soon as he drank and jumped in his mouth, he would hit a wild boar with a stick!

"Wukong stop, don't move that wild boar." Monk Tang saw that Sun Wukong was going to take a shot, and immediately drank, Damn it, you dead monkey, are trying to steal my opportunity to kill demons, aren’t you?

"Ah? Why Master, this boar wants to eat you!" Sun Wukong heard that his body stopped in the air, his face was puzzled. He couldn't understand what was in Monk Tang's head. it really wanted to eat his meat. If the monk doesn’t kill, this pig will eat your meat. is he a dumb donkey?

Monk Tang jumped away at this time, and the boar slammed and smashed the big tree on which Monk Tang was backing. The two huge fangs were like two extremely sharp long knives. I made several breaks.

"Amitabfa, Wukong, you have misunderstood me. I mean that let me do kill. You don’t have to do it. The evil spirit in your body is too serious for you to promote cultivation, and not letting you kill is testing your patience! "Monk Tang chanted the Buddha.

"Master ..." Sun Wukong heard the words for a moment and moved. It turned out that the Master didn't let him do everything for his own good. Sun Wukong was so moved. Sun Wukong also felt that the evil Qi on his body was too heavy. There was a certain impediment to his promotion of cultivation. He did not expect that the Master had already seen it and had begun to think about him.

Monk Tang naturally can't see how bad the Sun Wukong’s evil Qi is. He said that it was just casual and didn't want Sun Wukong to steal his chance. However, he did not expect to mention the point at once, which made Sun Wukong more grateful.

Nine-ring monk spade took it in his hand and rushed towards the wild boar. Monk Tang's physical quality in Level 4 is more than ten times stronger than ordinary people. The speed and power naturally changed a lot, and the speed became faster. The jump is a few meters high, and the monk spade in his hand is also raised high!


The monk spade lifted high and fell off. The monk spade going down with a force of thousands of kilograms, which hit the huge head of the wild boar with great accuracy. The blood-splattered immediately. The wild boar wailed lying on the ground!

Booming, the boar shook his stunned head and couldn't help backing up!

While he was dying for his life, Monk Tang was stunned when he saw the big boar. Monk Tang also showed no mercy, jumped, fell, and fell, and then almost repeated this action. Resounded in the Tiger Forest!

Banging, Monk Tang didn't know how many times did monk spade knockdown, and finally, the big boar fell to the ground, and his head had a deep hole, which was caused by smashing the cranium, and his mouth, nose, eyes, and ears cannot stop the blood flowing out. Finally, wild boar lying on the ground and humming, it already intakes less air but exhales more air, soon died!

Monk Tang shook his paralyzed arms, and he couldn't help feeling that the skull of the wild boar was really hard. If the ordinary wild boar could not stand his monk spade.

Sun Wukong watched Monk Tang finally bring down the wild boar and couldn't help shaking his head. He felt that this master was too weak.

Monk Tang looked at the monk spade without any damage and nodded with satisfaction. This is the only real thing among the five treasures given by Guanyin. Although there is only a very scary skill to scare, the material of the monk spade itself is extremely strong and hard!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for successfully killing a wild boar and rewarding 15 experience value. ’

After the boar fell to the ground, he died completely after a while. The experience of 15 o'clock made Monk Tang a joy. Monk Tang checked the character panel. He only got 20 points of experience value to upgrade again.

Monk Tang has a little excitement, looking at a wild boar-like a hill in front of him. This is the first time he has hunted such a large creature, and it was done by himself. I can't help but think about it.

However, this excitement did not last for a long time and was replaced by a sense of exhaustion. Monk Tang immediately knew that he had begun to kill the wild boar, and he had no sense of it during the battle. Now when he relaxes, the exhaustion is coming. After all, Monk Tang is now only level 4!

His feet were soft, and just when he was about to fall, Monk Tang felt that someone was supporting himself, turning his head to look at Sun Wukong.

"Master, are you okay?"

Monk Tang was touched by the words and thought that the monkey was good, but the next moment Monk Tang regretted thinking so!

"Quack, I laughed to death, Master, you are too weak, you can kill a wild boar to max out, hahaha ..." Sun Wukong grinned on the ground, Monk Tang twitched his skin, really wanted a monk spade to kill the dead monkey I thought this monkey knew that he cared about people, so he came here to help him just to laugh at him!

Monk Tang secretly said: Teaching this monkey is really a long way to go!

Grunt ... The stomach started to yell again, and after a fierce exercise, all the chickens that had eaten before were digested!

Fortunately, another wild boar was beheaded and killed. Monk Tang wiped his mouth with saliva. Wild pork is also a good ingredient.

In the previous life, Monk Tang didn’t eat wild pork and still doesn’t forget the taste. After a rest, Monk Tang started cooking this wild boar. The wild boar is big enough, so Monk Tang chooses more. Are the best prepared for a barbecue!

Of course, this is a waste, but Monk Tang can't help it. The cooking conditions are too poor. Many wild pork dishes can't be prepared, the only barbecue can be used to deal with his belly!