Chapter 159 The Unexpected Harvest

In Baolin Temple, Monk Tang heard a loud shout from outside the temple.

Hearing this voice, the king's body was quivering. the voice he was unusually familiar with was the voice, which is the prince.

Monk Tang also heard the shouting outside and his attention was drawn to the past. He was shocked.

"Who is this man? He is extraordinary. He has the smell of a real dragon around him!"

Before this, Monk Tang was also the one who has the real dragon smell circling his body. The man was Tang Land's Emperor Tang---Li Shimin.

It is inconceivable that in this small country in a western country, it will be lucky to see it again although its real dragon breath is far worse than that of Li Shimin, it is indeed a pure real dragon breath.

At the same time, Monk Tang already has some speculation about this person ...

The real king was so excited that he couldn't help grabbing Monk Tang's robe and saying, "Elder Tang, it's the prince, it's my son!"

Sure enough, when Monk Tang heard these words, he confirmed his conjecture. He did not expect the prince in the original book to appear in this way.

Monk Tang smiled at the king of Black Chicken Country and said, "Almsgiver, since your son is here, you should meet him now."

At the same time, he pulled out the monk robe in the king's hand without any trace. what is like? tugging back and forth between the two big men?

The king heard these words with a heavy nod and took a deep breath, walking toward outside the temple.

Monk Tang and his five disciples, as well as all the monks in Baolin Temple, followed him.

The monks of Baolin Temple didn't want to gather together for the noisy party, but without Sun Wukong's protection, they were afraid of being shot like hedgehogs so he had to follow behind the king helplessly ...


When Monk Tang and others were walking towards the outside of Baolin Temple, Green-Haired Lion's eyebrows jumped after listening to the prince's words.

"Hum! You are playing dumb!" the fake king thought so with a cruel smile, "you want to stop me? No way!"

Green-Haired Lion shouted at the general, "What are you waiting for? Keep shooting. Do you want me to do it myself?"

The general did not immediately give the order to the archers but looked at the prince. he had not dared to disobey the king's orders before.

So now that both the prince and the queen are present, he has the courage to disobey orders. He does not want innocent blood on his hands.

"Father, you cannot do it!" the prince shouted again, "Father, why do you want to attack Baolin Temple?"

Seeing that the general did not obey, Green-Haired Lion scold him secretly. He looked at the prince and said, "Hum, Baolin Temple's monks have collaboration with demons. It is inexcusable and should be punished! Prince, you do not plead for sinners. "

"Bullshit, demon? You are the real monster! " the gate of Baolin Temple burst open, and an angry was shouting.

Hearing this voice, Green-Haired Lion was shocked. This voice is exactly the same as his.

Green-Haired Lion looked at there, his pupil was shrinking and his heart was shocked: Damn, how can the king of Black Country back to life?

After that, Green-Haired Lion saw Monk Tang, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and others filed out behind the king of Black Chicken Country.

When he saw Sun Wukong, Green-Haired Lion's heart was pounding, and his mind was filled with various emotions.

Why the king of Black Chicken Country is alive? Why Sun Wukong is here?

My lord's plan failed!? Sun Wukong got Revival Pellet from Lord Lao Zi??

Green-Haired Lion got caught up in complicated thoughts. When his face was uncertain, the prince and others were collectively frozen!

They looked at the king and Green-Haired Lion. they all have a big question: Holy crap!!!! how can there be two kings?

Green-Haired Lion's mind was full of thoughts, but his reaction was quick. regardless of how the king went back to live, he immediately shouted angrily: "bold monster, you dare to change into my appearance. It is really hateful. Somebody take it down for me!"

Hearing the words of Green-Haired Lion, the king of Black Chicken Country is furious and scold him for his shameless. However, when seeing the queen and the prince, her eyes are red. It has been three years, and he hasn't seen each other for three years. At the moment, the homesick is flooding into his heart.

However, the king of the Black Chicken Country was not immersed in his thoughts. he knew that the most important thing at this time was to prove that he was a real king. he looked at the fake Green-Haired Lion. the king said: "who is evil one, we will know in a moment!"

After saying this, the king looked at the queen and the prince and said, "my queen, my son, don't you realize that there is something wrong with the king around you? He's the real goblins! "

As soon as this remark was made, Green-Haired Lion immediately said: "Dear queen, dear son, don't listen to his nonsense. I am the real king of the Black Chicken Country!"

When they saw the real King of Black Chicken Country, the queen and the prince felt something and felt he was very kind.

At the same time, when they heard the king said that there is something wrong with the one around them, they also had a sudden feeling. At that time, the faces of the two people changed a little, and basically they have already determined who is real and who is fake.

Of course, the queen and the prince did not confirm immediately, and there is still a lack of key proof.

Green-Haired Lion saw that the faces of the queen and the prince were changing. Then his thoughts turned and he shouted again, "You said you were a real king. How can you prove it? If you are a real king, how many moles do you know on the queen's body? "

Monk Tang's eyes widened at once. He only wanted to watch an ordinary drama.

But he didn't think there was an unexpected harvest, and his eyes immediately brightened.

At the same time, Pigsy's eyes were also shining brightly and he realized something!

As soon as Green-Haired Lion said this, the queen's pretty face was as red as blood, and she was ashamed and resentful to death. She had no idea that he would say that in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

At the same time with shame and anger, there was a flash of light in the brain of the queen of Black Chicken Country. What's the difference between the king and the previous one in the past three years? Apart from he was more grumpy, his ability in "that area" has suddenly become much stronger!

She thought that he has eaten some drugs before going to bed.......The queen wanted to commit suicide.

The king heard the words of Green-Haired Lion, he was furious to cough a gush of blood. Green-Haired Lion not only occupied his country but also his wife. The familiar appearance made the king feel extremely painful in the chest and almost faint!