Chapter 158 The Prince

Although a magic arrow is a very powerful weapon among mortals, it can shoot ordinary demons and monks.

But for big monsters like Pigsy and Sun Wukong, they are no different from toothpicks.

Looking at Pigsy breaking the magic arrow with a flick, the king of Black Chicken Country is just jumping around, he is a little suspicious of life.

However, the king of the Black Chicken Country is excited the next moment. isn't the stronger the Monk Tang others are, the better?

The king of Black Chicken Country does not know how strong goblins are, but the stronger Monk Tang and others are, the greater the possibility of regaining the throne.

Seeing that the arrow rain could not hurt him, the king of Black Chicken Country suddenly gained courage and said to Monk Tang, patting his chest, "Elder Tang, please let Elder Sun protect me out. I want to confront the goblin. I don't believe the goblin can deceive everyone. I believe that as long as I go out, my army will not continue to attack!"

Monk Tang frowned and thought for a moment. He thinks that it was feasible. Naturally, Monk Tang was not afraid of those ordinary soldiers, but he worried that they were in trouble because they were too fragile. Monk Tang was worried that he would kill them if he didn't pay attention. if fo, that will be a sin.

But if he doesn't go out and fight back, Monk Tang feels very bored and disgusted by the attacks from the outside army.

If it is possible to stop the attacks of ordinary troops outside, it is naturally the best.

Therefore, hearing the words of the king of Black Chicken Country, Monk Tang thought for a moment and promised to come down and say, "ok, I'll go with you later."

Hearing this, the king of Black Chicken Country was delighted and bowed to Monk Tang and others. "thank you, Elders!"


After a round of shooting off magic arrows, the general frowned. He was also a Taoist. Although he could not see the situation in Baolin Temple, he could still hear the sound in Baolin Temple clearly.

When the general frowned, there was both doubt and relief in his heart, because he did not hear the sound of screams.

On the contrary, it was the sound of a tense exchange of gold and iron. The magic arrows seemed to be shooting at a metal object.

Moreover, the area covered by the metal object should be very large, otherwise, there would not be so dense noise, which made him wonder.

The general did not know when there was such a metal object in Baolin Temple, but he didn't want to know it.

He only knew that this wave of arrows did not hurt people inside. It is the best. He breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed a little.

But the next moment the tense mood was raised again. He could feel the strange king's eye contact, and he was staring at him. Although the king did not say anything, he could understand his meaning. His teeth were nearly broken and he said bitterly, "take ready the magic arrow. prepare for the second round of shooting ..."

"Stop it ~" At this moment, a loud shout came from a distance with a pounding horseshoe!

In the darkness, a group of about 3,000 troops came quickly from a distance with torches in their hands. The shouting was shouted out by the leader.

He saw that the man had a look of the king, unlike the younger generation. He was surrounded by a real dragon smell.

"Son ~" the queen of the black chicken country sees the bearer. her face lits up blurted out the identity of the coming one.

"why is the prince here?" When Green-Haired Lion saw the prince come here, his eyes were cold. He immediately understands the reason and looked at the queen of Black Chicken Country: "Did you tell the prince?"

"Yes, it is me!" The queen of Black Chicken Country was appalled by green-hairline and whispered, but she felt relieved when the prince came.

Green-Haired Lion snorted at this and looked at Prince Black Chicken. In Black Chicken Country, the trouble that Green-Haired Lion thought most the troublemaker was the queen and prince. The princess was good to handle, but the prince gave Green-Haired Lion a big headache.

Although the prince is young, his mental skills are the best, and he enjoys high prestige in Black Chicken Country.

When the real king was pushed into the water, Green-Haired Lion became a king and took over the country. In order to secure his position, Green-Haired Lion purposely sent the prince away from the palace and blocked the queen from meeting the prince so as not to expose the flaw.

And Green-Haired Lion knows that it will be very difficult to deal with if the prince and the queen are brought into contact and have cooperation.

Only Green-Haired Lion didn't expect that the prince would come back at this time. Although the precautions are strict, there is still a flaw.

Green-Haired Lion glanced at the queen beside him, feeling that he had underestimated the woman. He was in a trap made by the woman.

The reason why Green-Haired Lion brought the queen with him today was actually that he was worried about the queen and sent the news to the prince to disturb him.

He just didn't expect, even so, the queen still made it.

Green-Haired Lion sighed in his heart: well, he will get rid of them all after today and turn the black chicken country into a demon country.

Green-Haired Lion's eyes flashed a fierce killing intent. but it was so hidden that no one else noticed it.

Green-Haired Lion looked at the prince who had come near and said, "My son, you are not stationed the boundary. What are you doing in Baolin Temple?"

The prince glanced at the familiar but unfamiliar king and knelt on the ground to salute the king and queen: "Nice to see you, my father and mother! Report back to my father, I see Baolin Temple side flames, thought it there was a fire, so I especially bring people to put out the fire ... "

The prince never mentioned that he came back because he receiving news from his mother. Although the prince speculated that his father might have known the real reason for his return, he could not admit it ...

Green-Haired Lion said: "So, my son, you are really thoughtful. However, now that it is confirmed that there is no fire. my son, you should go back and continue to guard!"

The prince must be transferred, or the next action will be in trouble ~

"Your Majesty, the prince has just returned. Let him have a rest!" At this moment, the queen chimed in. how can the king drive the prince away like this?

"Yes, Father, I have just returned. I haven't had a good time catching up with you and my mother. I don't want to leave!"

the prince knew that once he left, the attack on Baolin Temple would continue.

The prince came back this time to save the innocent monks in Baolin Temple. How can he leave without rescue?

Looking at his mother and son, echo each other, Green-Haired Lion has a snort. He thought that it was really difficult to deal with the mother and son together. He said with a cold face, "In that case, Prince, you go back to the palace with your mother to catch up."

Hearing this, the prince secretly raised his eyebrows, smiled at the corners of his mouth, and saluted Green-Haired Lion, saying, "father, it is not urgent for catching up with mother. I want to ask why you led the army to surround Baolin Temple? Is there something wrong? "

The Prince looked puzzled as if he really didn't know why the king came here.