Chapter 157 Somebodt Wanted to Hurt Me

The magic arrows, a special kind of arrows, are extremely sharp and forged with special techniques and materials. They are specially used to shoot monsters and some cultivated Taoist priests. They have the magical effect of breaking down the sinister smell and other energies.

With the general's order issued, the archers in the army leaped out of the ranks, holding large black bows, drawing out the dark arrows from the quiver behind them, bending the bows and putting arrows to pull the big bow.

After a "release" order was issued, the bowstring quivered humming sound sounded, and countless arrows turned into black streamers, with sharp howling sound. A black arrows rain was rushing toward the interior of Baolin Temple.


In the Baolin Temple, the king of Black Chicken Country was a little pale, and it took a while to recover under the help of Monk Tang.

"Almsgiver, are you okay?" Tang's monk saw the king of Black Chicken Country look slightly better, loosen his hand, and asked.

"Elder Tang, I'm fine!" The king of Black Chicken Country whispered that he could not accept the fact that he saw through the crack of the door. the general he had conferred with leading the army to encircle him.

As to why it was said that he came to encircle and suppress him instead of escorting him, it was because the king of Black Chicken Country heard the general's order to attack the temple through the crack of the door and he saw the archers leaping out of the army and shooting arrows.

Flames were raging outside. Although there was no sound, the sky was bright and it naturally attracted the attention of monks in Baolin Temple. They all stepped out of their respective rooms and made confused sounds: "What's the matter, how can there be such a bright light outside?"

"No, hide in the house!" The king of Black Chicken Country suddenly gave a loud roar, thinking of the archers, and his whole body was cold.

Many monks in Baolin Temple were somewhat stunned when they heard these words. They did not know why the extra people in this Tang Land monk team and he shouted so loudly.

Although they stunned by the sudden roar of the king of Black Chicken Country, the king of Black Chicken Country has attracted the attention of monks in Baolin Temple.

They don't know him. But they get close to look at him but they got a big fright. How can the monks do not recognize the look of the king of Black Chicken Country? At once, the monks exclaimed and fell to their knees with shouts: "Your Majesty! ?”

When these monks fell to their knees, they were also somewhat stunned: When did the king come here? Why didn't you let us know? How did you get into the temple when no one opened the door? Did you jump through the wall?

At this moment, these monks have endless doubts.

What time is it now? bowing down?!! the most important thing is to run to save your lives!! The king of Black Chicken Country watched many monks in Baolin Temple bow down to themselves, anxious, and shouted again: "hide quickly, there is arrow rain!"

"what?" The Baolin Temple monks were still stunned by these words, with a muddled face. However, the next moment, they were all going crazy, because they heard the sharp sounds coming from all directions and countless arrows flashing black brilliance.

"My life is over!" Looking at the barrage of arrows, whether it was the king of Black Chicken Country or the monks, there was only one thought left---I am doomed. They were completely despaired, seeing darkness and feeling freezing cold.

But it was also at this moment that a voice sounded, like warm sunshine, shining on their hearts, driving away from the darkness in their hearts, and bringing warmth. It was Monk Tang who spoke!

Monk Tang has now reached level 26. He is immortal and has a keen sense of nature. He is naturally clear about the external situation of Baolin Temple. He is aware of the uncommon magic arrows, but he is not too worried. The arrows do not pose any great threat to them.

However, Monk Tang frowned when the arrow rain hit. Although the magic arrows did not pose much threat to them, they were magic weapons for the normal monks and the king of Black Chicken Country in Baolin Temple. One arrow could kill them!

Monk Tang shouted, "Amitabfa, Wukong, protect them from being hurt."

Hearing these words, Sun Wukong is unwilling. When did he end up protecting these mortals?

Although Sun Wukong thought so in his heart, he still did not violate Monk Tang's orders. After a whisper, he tossed Monkey King Bar in his hand and cast a spell "Change". Monkey King Bar turned into a huge golden canopy, protecting all the people in it.

Ding ding ding...

The rain of magic arrows fell and hit the canopy, making a clear and dense sound of golden iron strikes, all of which were easily blocked.

"This this this ... what is this? Theophany! " While the monks in Baolin Temple were filled with joy. But they were even more shocked. They did not think that a monk with a hairy face like Thunderchief and an iron bar in his mouth had such great skills.

Such means are definitely from immortals, and they bow down to Sun Wukong one after another.

Originally Sun Wukong was somewhat dissatisfied with Monk Tang's order, but listening to the many monks' voices of gratitude, Sun Wukong was also elated. For the first time, Sun Wukong had happiness because others are grateful to him. Sun Wukong was instantly in a good mood.

The king of the Black Chicken Country is also extremely shocked. He remembers that the magic arrows are overwhelming in the war when he had a fight with neighboring country! He thought that they would die, but he did not think that Monk Tang and his thin monkey-like disciple could easily block this attack.

the king of Black Chicken Country has known that the group of people is definitely capable of winning!

Somehow, the king of Black Chicken Country has greatly increased its confidence in regaining its throne---yes, they can!

Fortunately, Monk Tang did not know what the king of Black Chicken Country was thinking at this time, or else he would surely complain and roll his eyes: you don't believe us have such power buy you ask us for help. You are the drowning man will catch at a straw, right?

"Master, what is the goblin thinking about? Do you really think these arrows can deal with us? I don't understand!? No matter how many mortals come, what can they do to us? "

Pigsy asked beside Monk Tang. At the same time, he stretched out his hand and took a shot of a broken magic arrow. Pigsy grabbed it in his hand. With a gentle break, it gave a honk. The hard broken magic arrow was broken by Pigsy.

This made the eyelids of the king of Black Chicken Country jump upside down. and he even doubted that the broken magic arrow was fake and no better than toys.

After hearing Pigsy's words, Monk Tang also picked his eyebrows and was puzzled. He did not know what Green-Haired Lion was up to. When he realized that he was surrounded by Black Chicken Country troops, Monk Tang actually had doubts in this respect ... Is it a joke to let a group of ordinary people come and deal with them?

Monk Tang thought that there are always unruly people who want to harm me. And he thought there is definitely a conspiracy ~