Chapter 156 Cold-blood Green-Haired Lion

As night falls, darkness gradually envelops the earth like a black curtain.

When the lights were on, the nightlife was supposed to begin, but there was silence in Black Chicken Country.

Every family closes their doors, even the lights didn't light up. The whole Black Chicken Country seemed to be immersed in darkness.

However, a light band suddenly appeared in Black Chicken Country, bringing a light.

Overlooking from high altitude, there is a burning "dragon" winding on the ground, fast and silent.

It was the rapid movement of countless armed soldiers carrying torches, closing in on the royal temple---Baolin Temple.

"your majesty, Baolin Temple will be here soon!" A general whispered.

There was a splendid chariot in the middle of the procession, on which sat a man in python robes and a woman in phoenix coronet.

The two men were the false king Green-Haired Lion and the queen.

When I heard the news, the king of Black Chicken Country suddenly opened his eyes.

Green-Haired Lion said, "Enclose Baolin Temple and do not let anyone escape."

"Yes!" The general was ordered and go for the temple, and the army's movement speed suddenly accelerated.

Looking at the approaching Baolin Temple, Green-Haired Lion had a sneer. After sending his lord a rune paper, he was ready to assemble all the troops up and down in Black Chicken Country to exterminate Monk Tang and others.

According to plans, Sun Wukong should have left for heaven to seek pellets. when Sun Wukong is absent is the best time to start.

Of course, although Green-Haired Lion is now a king, he is not able to mobilize the national army casually.

As a result, Green-Haired Lion mobilized the army on the pretext of hunting down monsters.

"Sire, is the monk from Tang Land a real goblin?" Queen hesitated as she looked at the winding army.

The queen of Black Chicken Country is beautiful and dignified, and very intelligent. She has noticed that this campaign against monsters is a bit too overdoing.

Before that, it was that there were goblins in Black Chicken Country but they have been exterminated by the army.

However, the difference between sending troops and this one is too great. the queen of Black Chicken Country really does not understand what kind of monster needs to be dealt with almost by the whole country. And the queen of Black Chicken Country also thinks that the man next to her has changed too much in the past three years. she had a fear when he is around her.

"Hum, are you questioning my words?" hearing the words of the queen of Black Chicken Country, Green-Haired Lion turned cold.

"I dare not!" The queen of Black Chicken Country hurriedly bowed her head and did not look at the Green-Haired Lion. His eyes made her shudder.

"Ok." Green-Haired Lion grunted, if it weren't for the woman is charming, she would have been removed by him.

"Your Majesty, Baolin Temple has been surrounded. Please issue a decree on what to do next!"

While the two were talking, the army had already surrounded Baolin Temple layer by layer, and the general came to the front of the chariot again.

Hearing these words, Green-Haired Lion's eyes were cold. As long as Monk Tang and others were removed this time, it would be a great credit. At that time, his lord would also agree to make some excessive requests he asks. so he and said, "Go ahead, don't let any of them go!"

Hearing this, the general hesitated and said, "sire, what about the other monks in Baolin Temple? Whether to first ... "

"Hum, these monks Baolin Temple colluded with the monster to jeopardize Black Chicken Country. Don't let one go." Before the general's words were finished, Green-Haired Lion interjected his words," A group of ordinary monks died, which was regarded as funeral objects for Monk Tang and others.

Hearing that Green-Haired Lion was so cold and heartless, both the queen of Black Chicken Country and the general feel cool. he is so cold-blooded.

"Your Majesty, you cannot do this, please take back your order!" The queen of Black Chicken Country was in a hurry to beg for these innocent monks.

"Your Majesty, the monks in Baolin Temple ..." The general immediately knelt on the ground when he heard her words.

"Hum. What, do you want? to disobey my orders? What a nerve! Someone took him down and chopped him down. "

Looking at the general kneeling on the ground, Green-Haired Lion was furious. Anyone who blocked his action at this time should be killed.


Hearing what Green-Haired Lion said, the queen of Black Chicken Country and the general were stunned. They couldn't believe that Green-Haired Lion was going to kill the general, who have been protecting the people for years.

In response, the general broke out in cold sweat and kowtowed repeatedly on the ground: "Your Majesty, please forgive me."

The queen of Black Chicken Country also helped to plead for mercy, and it finally eased Green-Haired Lion's mood a lot.

Green-Haired Lion snorted coldly at the general and said: "Hum, for the sake of your many years of meritorious service, I will spare your life. However, you should be punished a little. I will give you a chance to redeem yourself for meritorious service. You should know how to do it."

"Yes, I see. I promise that no demon can come out of Baolin Temple alive!"

Hearing that his life was saved, the general couldn't help spitting out a sigh of relief. As for the monks in Baolin Temple?

Ah ... The general could only sigh helplessly. It was most important to save his life. They could only blame himself for taking in the monsters overnight.

"Very well, go ahead, I will look at you here!" Green-Haired Lion was quite satisfied with his answer. In fact, Green-Haired Lion did not really want to cut off the general before, because it was not yet time to do so. Moreover, the general had a high position, not easy to kill him. In addition, he was very skillful in commanding the soldiers to exterminate the monsters, and he is useful in commanding the soldiers.

To say it was beheaded is actually to scare him and giving him a big stick so that he can obey his orders.

Although Green-Haired Lion is a fake king, he has been a king for three years and has learned a lot of ways to control others. When he knows he should give a big stick to someone, he must definitely give it to him. This is the big stick policy.

Moreover, even if they really want to be killed, they also need to wait for the opportunity. To be honest, Green-Haired Lion really doesn't want the opportunity to appear.

Green-Hair Lion did not expect the Black Chicken Country has an army to be able to deal with Monk Tang and others, even if Sun Wukong was not present.

The reason why so many troops have been assembled is actually for other purposes. Green-Haired Lion did it for himself.

"Your Majesty, I will do everything I can." The general replied loudly that he could not guess what the fake king was thinking. He did not know that he and the soldiers assembled today were all the defensive tactics of Green-Haired Lion who had assembled to keep them in case.

Looking at the closed door of Baolin Temple, the general's eyes wavered. he took one look at his own hands. he would be stained with innocent blood on his hands tonight? he felt a little unwilling in his heart, but he took a look at the Green-Haired Lion's blade-like eyes. finally, he gave an order: "archers, prepare for the magic arrow, shoot inside blindly. the arrow rain covers Baolin Temple, don't let go of any corner."