Chapter 154 Agedly Memory

In the room, the king of Black Chicken Country, who came back to life, collapsed on the ground with a miserable face.

What Monk Tang said was too much for the king of Black Chicken Country and it almost made him collapse.

It lets the king of Black Chicken Country have a good feeling that it is better to die than to be alive. no one can bear the collapse of faith.

Looking at the expression of the king of Black Chicken Country's face, Monk Tang did not know how to persuade him but sighed silently.

Monk Tang waved to Sun Wukong and others and said, "let's go and let him have a good rest!"

Master and his apprentices came to the yard, these curious babies come back.

Pigsy took the lead and couldn't help asking, "Master, Master, how did you know what happened many years ago?"

Pa ~

Sun Wukong slapped Pigsy on his head and shouted, "You idiot, don't you know that Master can tell fortune?"

Pigsy cried out in pain: "Ow ~ damn monkey, you don't have to hit me on my head all the time, or I will become Sandy !"

Sandy asked in a daze, "Brother, the elder brother beat you. Why do you say you will become me?"

Pigsy: "..." I don't want to be Sandy...

The Little White Dragon rolled his eyes over Pigsy's shoulder and said, "Brothers, let's listen to master!"

it isn't much time when White Dragon was sober. how can he watch they commit tomfoolery?

Monk Tang smiled slightly and said, "Since you want to know, I will tell you something about that year."

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and others nodded repeatedly. Sandy even took out his small notebook ready to record at any time.

Monk Tang glanced at the room and said: "the king of Black Chicken Country is true as he said. he treats monks and Taoist priests well. He is a good benefactor and a good king. Moreover, he has great merits and virtues. Therefore, Tathagata in the Western Heaven wants to enlighten the king of Black Chicken Country to prove himself as an arhat. So Tathagata sent Manjushri Bodhisattva to send him to the west heaven. "

"Hey? This is a good thing, but why did the king die in the hand of goblins? " Sun Wukong scratched his cheek.

Monk Tang smiled softly: "If things went well, it was indeed a good thing for the king of Black Chicken Country to going to heaven early, but something happened!"

"little thing? What kind of little thing?" Pigsy's small eyes are rolling around, and he wants to know what happened that year!

Monk Tang ignored him and continued: "if Manjushri bodhisattva came directly and helped the king to heaven, there would be no such thing as today. but it happened that at that time Manjushri bodhisattva wanted to be mysterious, not coming in person but coming here as a monk."

At this point, Monk Tang paused and looked at four men and asked, "You said, what will happen when these two meet? a man who regards himself as a king different from others, but the other one who regards himself as a bodhisattva who is different from all human."

Pigsy blinked at the remark and said: "Master, I know that they all think that they are superior to each other in their hearts. They will look at each other from the perspective of being superior and expect that each other must be respectful to themselves."

"Yo, Pigsy has seen it thoroughly!" Monk Tang praised that he was indeed worthy of the position of marshal. He is better than Sun Wukong and others in the aspect. Sun Wukong and others are still confused.

"Master, what do you and Pigsy mean? What does this have to do with the suffering of the king of Black Chicken Country? "

Sun Wukong scratched his head and, although he also served as an official in heaven, he knew nothing about sophistication between people.

"Don't worry, listen to my words slowly, you will understand it!" Monk Tang said like this: "It is said that Manjushri Bodhisattva received Tathagata's edict to help the king of Black Chicken Country. but Manjushri Bodhisattva thought about it. He wanted to have some fun. And he thought if coming to a human as Bodhisattva, it was a bit too much for a human being, so he turned into a monk."

"he turned into a monk, but the key is, Manjushri bodhisattva's idea did not change. he still regards himself as a holy bodhisattva. So when he saw the king of Black Chicken Country, Manjushri bodhisattva did not bow down like other common monks. "

"Don't bow down, the king is not a stingy people, so did not care about it. But the key point is that Manjushri Bodhisattva, who turned into a monk, saw the king and Manjushri Bodhisattva still talking to the king of Black Chicken Country with haughty attitude, and also retorted with him twice! He just said he came here to help the king to go to heaven. "

"Then the king was furious. Although it is true that the king of Black Chicken Country is a good man, he is also the head of a country. It is ok that he was humiliated in front of everyone, but it is not good for telling him to die. This is a crime of disrespect. The king of Black Chicken Country is completely angry now, but a king is really a good man. even so, he only orders people to throw him into the water instead of drowning him. Pigsy, I ask you, what would you do if you were the king of Black Chicken Country? "

Pigsy shook his big ear and said: "it depends on the situation. if I were the king of Black Chicken Country and knew that the other party was a bodhisattva, I would definitely abandon the throne and go to the western heaven to become an arhat. If I don't know the other person is a bodhisattva, hey, what else can I say? Someone must pull the monk who offended me out and cut him down. can I lose the majesty of being a king? "

"Master, this is nothing bad, I think. Didn't Manjushri bodhisattva come out of kindness? Helping him to become an arhat was true. why was the king angry? " Sandy interjected, wondering why the king became angry when he heard that the monk will "help the king to go to heaven."

Monk Tang shook his head and smiled. He glanced at Sun Wukongthe Little White Dragon, who were equally puzzled. He said, "If a bodhisattva said to a mortal,' help you to go to heaven', there is absolutely no problem. But when a mortal said to another mortal,' help you to go to heaven', there is a big problem! Between mortals, helping you to go to heaven is letting you die! "

"And' help you to go to heaven' and 'make you die' is the same meaning. Think about it. Can you be happy when people say to you,' I kill you' ?"

"Hey, if anyone dares to kill me, I will definitely use my big stick to kill him first!" Sun Wukong smiled, his eyes flashing with an evil intention. He killed all the guys who had expressed the same meaning to him so far!

"Big Brother is right!" Sandy nodded repeatedly. When he was in the Running Sand River, many people came to kill him, but they were all killed by him, and their skulls were all made into necklaces.