Chapter 153 The Ultimate Three Questions

"Who am I? Where am I? What am I going to do? "

The king of Black Chicken Country slowly sat up from the coffin, his eyes wandering around with confusion and chaos.

Monk Tang heard these and thought Is this the ultimate three questions? Monk Tang answered, "you are the king of Black Chicken Country. you are sitting in the coffin now. all you have to do now is get out of the coffin and move your body unless you like staying in the coffin!"

"You ... you are Elder Tang!? I am alive? " Looking at Monk Tang's shining bald head, the king of Black Chicken Country seemed to see a bright light. Confusion and chaos disappeared in his eyes. He was fully conscious and recognized Monk Tang.

"Amitabfa, it's me, Almsgiver, you've been alive." Monk Tang said so.

The king of Black Chicken Country saw clearly what he was sitting on at this moment, and got up and walked out of the coffin in fright. then he came to the front of Monk Tang to thank him and said, "thanks for you saving my life. Elder Tang, you are really a living bodhisattva!"

Monk Tang readily accepted the appreciation of the king, regardless of the purpose for which he saved the life of the king. the fact that he saved the life of the king is real. Monk Tang thought that he had no problem receiving his appreciation.

"Amitabfa. Almsgiver, please, I am not the alive bodhisattva. I am just an ordinary monk!"

Although Monk Tang thought so, he was still ready to stretch out his hand to help him up.

However, the king of Black Chicken Country dodged the arm of Monk Tang and he still kowtowed on the ground.

"Almsgiver, what are you doing?" Monk Tang is a little confused. what's the matter? Are you addicted to doing this?

"Elder Tang, you have great magic powers. Please do me another favor. I must be grateful!" The king of Black Chicken Country begged.

"Please make moves to subdue the goblin who is pretending to be me and help me retake my country!" The king of Black Chicken Country wept.

Sure enough, when Monk Tang heard it he knew that if he really wanted to finish the task it is the last thing he will do ------to help the king of Black Chicken Country regain the throne.

Monk Tang lifted him up and said, "Almsgiver, you get up first and I promise you. I won't let the goblin make a mess in Black Chicken Country!"

"Thank you, Elder Tang!" The king of Black Chicken Country cried and thanked.

"Hey, what are you crying about, my master has promised you to help you subdue demons. why are you crying? you should laugh!" Sun Wukong said. Sun Wukong hates people crying, especially a man crying, which makes Sun Wukong uncomfortable.

"Yes, yes, you are right. I should laugh!" The king of Black Chicken Country quickly wiped away tears when hearing these words, but he still has a sad face with deep doubts in its brow.

"Elder Tang, I still have one thing to ask. Please show me the answer." The king of Black Chicken Country gave a salute to Monk Tang.

"answer?" Monk Tang was shocked. He was not a so-called holy monk who could tell fortune. However, Sun Wukong and others were nearby. Monk Tang could not say that he could not solve his doubts and said, "Almsgiver, first of all, what doubts do you have? If I can answer, I will give you the answer. "

"Xie Elder Tang!" The king of Black Chicken Country said: "Elder Tang, I don't know one thing. I am not talented. although I dare not consider me a good emperor. But I am not fatuous or incompetent. although I can't guarantee the prosperity of people in the black chicken, I can also guarantee that the people will not be displaced. Besides, I'm good at charity and good at treating monks and Taoist priests well. Why am I the person who suffered those things? "

As soon as he heard it, Monk Tang understood what the king of Black Chicken Country meant. He was imbalanced in his heart.

According to the king, he means that he is a good man. why didn't he get the good stuff? I refuse to accept it.

If the king of Black Chicken Country asked another question, Monk Tang maybe know. but he really didn't know. but the king of Black Chicken Country asked. He has read the original book, the Journey to The West. he knew what was going on. Monk Tang raised his eyebrows, he could show off again! he pinched his finger in an affectation and said, "Almsgiver, you have a very good answer to this question. Almsgiver, you have offended someone."

Hearing this, the king of Black Chicken Country has muddled. Did he offend someone? The king of the Black Chicken Country does not remember who he offended.

Looking at his look, Monk Tang knew that the king had long forgotten that he immersed a young monk for three days in water, who is Manjushri Bodhisattva, and turned himself a young monk.

Monk Tang reminded him: "Almsgiver, do you remember the monk you threw down many years ago? The monk who disappeared suddenly after soaking in water for three days? "

The king of Black Chicken Country heard this remark, his eyes were wide open, his memory rolled in like the tide, and he remembered the things he had long forgotten. the king of Black Chicken Country still remembered that the monk was punished because he was impolite.

He then ordered people to soak him in the water, but the monk suddenly disappeared.

The king of Black Chicken Country clearly remembered that the monk was missing too strangely and had been ordered people to search him in the whole country, but there was no news.

The king of Black Chicken Country never thought that the great disaster he suffered would be related to the monk, and he couldn't understand it.

But he thinks about it carefully, didn't years of drought in Black Chicken Country begin soon after the monk disappeared?

The king couldn't help asking: "elder, who is that monk? Why he can make the goblin to kill me and take my throne? " How can an ordinary monk have such great ability? The king of Black Chicken Country was puzzled.

Monk Tang sighed in an affectation and said: "The monk was none other than Manjushri Bodhisattva in the Western Heaven ..."

"Bodhisattva? Manjushri bodhisattva? Impossible, absolutely impossible! Why is Bodhisattva so mean to me? "

Before Monk Tang finished speaking, the king of Black Chicken Country just shook his head and shouted disbelievingly. he almost had collapsed.

Seeing this, Monk Tang did not say anything. Monk Tang can understand the mood of the king of Black Chicken Country. This is the collapse of faith.

This is like identifying a thing, but the fact is completely the opposite. The psychological gap is too big to accept.

In the belief cognition of the king of Black Chicken Country, Bodhisattva, though high above the others, should also be approachable and broad-minded.

But now Monk Tang is telling the king that he has suffered in the past three years because of Manjushri bodhisattva he believes in.

It will be strange that the king of the Black Chicken Country will not collapse.

Looking at the appearance of the king, Monk Tang felt that the king needed to calm down and left him alone.

However, Monk Tang strongly agrees with the king of Black Chicken Country's evaluation of Manjushri bodhisattva's "mean."

In the beginning, whether watching the original work or TV series, Monk Tang did consider that Manjushri Bodhisattva was too stingy.

As a Bodhisattva in Heaven, he has no capacity to forgive people. It is really too hard to say he is a Bodhisattva.

In Monk Tang's view, Manjushri Bodhisattva was thrown into the water and soaked for three days because Manjushri deserved it.