Chapter 152 Shameless People Live Longer

The rain of soul flame is gradually absorbed by the king of Black Chicken Country, and the king of Black Chicken Country is also gradually ruddy in the face and stronger in heartbeat.

The king of Black Chicken Country has been successful back to life and he will wake up soon!

As a spellcaster, Monk Tang can clearly perceive the situation of the king of Black Chicken Country. Monk Tang took off his skirt without hesitation, and then with a wave of his hand, collected it and other items into his portable space.

"Come in!" Monk Tang finished all this and said to the outside of the room.

Looking at the crowded disciples outside, Monk Tang was speechless and knew they wanted to come in!

"Master, let's go in. Monkey Bro, shall we go in?" Pigsy whispered.

"Go in, of course!" Sun Wukong said. Even He has no ability to make a person back to life.

Without Revival Pellet, Monk Tang did it. in Sun Wukong's mind, he increasingly thought the bald Monk Tang is mysterious.

"Well, big brother, shall we mention the show Master did just now? I think it looks great. Do I need to praise master? " Sandy asked.

"shh, Sandy, keep your voice down. if you want to die, I won't stop you. Master drove us out. don't you understand why?" Sun Wukong covered Sandy's mouth.

"Oh ... I see!" Sandy blinked and nodded. Although his memory is poor and a bit silly, he is not stupid.

"I didn't see anything, I just woke up!" The Little White Dragon said so. He is lying without blush.

"Let's go, let's go in, it's too late, Master should get angry soon!" Sun Wukong said.

Monk Tang's mouth twitches. What do you mean? You really think I can't hear what you whispered. you can talk through sending messages with your mana.

Monk Tang believed that they speak on purpose so that he can hear it clearly.


The old wooden doors were pushed open. Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy, and White Dragon walked in. Little White Dragon also shrunk into a small white snake sitting on Sandy's shoulder.

"Master, what do you want us to do?" Sun Wukong was the first to speak when he entered the room.

"Yes, Master! what can I do for you? By the way, Master, Little White Dragon woke up! " Pigsy played dumb.

"Master, I just woke up!" The Little White Dragon immediately made a noise, turned into a white light, appeared on Monk Tang's shoulder. and he leaned on Monk Tang's cheek.

Sandy was a little confused. Wukong and Sandy said all he wanted to say. What else could he say?

Sandy scratched his head and said, "Master, I didn't hear anything, I didn't see anything, absolutely."

Cover faces!

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and the Little White Dragon immediately covered their faces when Sandy said these words.

Monk Tang has frozen. These disciples were too bad at pretending. he was speechless.

Monk Tang coughed softly and said: "Just now you ..."

"ah, the moon is really round tonight. I have never seen such a round moon!"

Pigsy looked outside the room and suddenly screamed, interrupting Monk Tang's words.

"Wow, a lot of stars, I haven't seen so many ... uh, where are stars! ?” Sun Wukong also screamed out, but before he could finish, he gave Pigsy a vicious look. Damn, it was daytime outside. Where did the moon and stars come from? Damn! They led him away from the topic.

Pigsy smiled awkwardly at Sun Wukong. he said it casually in order to interrupt Monk Tang, but Damn it! He forgot what time is it now.

"Brother, let's go to see the moon! ?” The Little White Dragon appeared on Pigsy's shoulder and said.

"Bro, it's daytime outside. Where do the moon and stars come from?"

Sandy is a totally honest man so he immediately debunked Sun Wukong's "lies".

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and White Dragon shouted loudly in his heart that they would never play with Sandy if they have any secret thing in the future, in case they would be betrayed in an instant.

Monk Tang couldn't see them anymore. He waved impatiently and said, "All right, all right, stop acting. Your acting makes me very tired."

"Hey hey!" Sun Wukong and Pigsy…… ... all smiled shyly, then kowtowed and said, "Yes, yes, what you said is all right! We cannot compare with you."

"Mmm!" Monk Tang gently nodded his head. it was quite acceptable.

"Master, don't worry, there will definitely be no one to know about what happened today except us!"

Pigsy suddenly clapped his chest and gave the assurance.

Pigsy always improvises when confronted with such situations, but this time Monk Tang is on fire.

Monk Tang said with a smile, "Pigsy, what is the matter with you? what are you talking about?  Can you tell me? "

Holy crap! No, some blunders------hearing this, Pigsy's face changed wildly.

"Master, I didn't see anything, I didn't hear anything, I didn't know anything." Sandy suddenly shouted.

"Haha, Wujing is still smart." Monk Tang smiled and patted Sandy on the shoulder, revealing an expression of being sanctimonious.

Hum! How shameless he is. Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and the Little White Dragon all looked at Sandy in shock. Only then did they find out that the cleverest one is the seemingly honest guy. They thought that "seeing nothing and hearing nothing" is not the best way, to be honest. but now, they knew that this is the ultimate answer Monk Tang wanted… playing dumb is the best way, to be honest.

Looking at Sandy's naive and sincere expression and Monk Tang's pleased smile, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and the Little White Dragon decided to take a fresh look at Sandy. They can tell lies so sincerely ... Gee, what did he record and draw just now? Don't pretend we didn't see it.

The three men looked at each other and nodded at each other. they shouted together, "Master, we didn't see anything. We were blind and deaf!" ...... We can be more shameless.

"Good! Good! you did well this time!" Monk Tang nodded in relief. In this crisis-ridden world, only shameless people can live longer. Sun Wukong and others, Monk Tang thought that his apprentices have finished their apprenticeship!

"Ahem, Ahem, Ahem ..."

At this moment, a sharp cough interrupted Monk Tang's thinking. the king of Black Chicken Country woke up.