Chapter 151 Difficulty Coefficient 9.9

Dense drums and gongs came out of the room with rhythm, make people feel soul throbbing.

Three people were lying on the door of the meditation room, their buttocks pursed high, and their eyes looked unblinkingly into the room.

At the same time, comments come out from their mouths from time to time.

"Master's dress is pretty. He looks like a little lady. I almost attracted to him."

"Get out, you sick bastard ... Ouch, my eyes!!!!! how can he be so enchanting?"

"drag queen! drag queen! Master is a drag queen! I want to write it down, no, draw it down."

"This hip, this waist, oh, Master, how can you be so ... I, gee ..."

"Master, you really refreshed my cognition today. I am convinced. Master, you are definitely the first one to convince me."

"Listen, Master is singing, this tune is really strange, why do I feel my soul throbbing? But, uh ... it's very comfortable. "

At the moment, Monk Tang was depressed. Although he was conducting Resurrection, Monk Tang's Resurrection of the outside world was not retarded by feeling outside but became more acute. Although Sun Wukong and others' whisper was too low, he could hear it clearly.

The commentary on him makes Monk Tang speechless and he decided to stay away from Pigsy in the future. this guy is very dangerous.

At the same time, his heart was abuzz with all kinds of abuses to the system. This time, he was miserable because of the system. he lost all his images, and he may even leave Sun Wukong and others an impression of the abnormal hobby.

The only thing that relieved Monk Tang was that the Little White Dragon did not wake up and one of his disciples did not find out what he was like now.

However, before he relieved he almost choked to death.

Because there was a sound of dragons outside. Damn, the Little White Dragon woke up at this time.

Monk Tang was speechless. He didn't wake up at any time. It happened that he woke up at this time. This is definitely a hard time for him.

"When the ceremony is over, you'll see!" Monk Tang's heart was filled with anger, and then he became more focused on Resurrection. The effect suddenly increased several times. The evil wind gusted in the room, and even there was a ghost whistling sound. And the ghost of the king of Black Chicken Country twinkling with song.


"Brother, what are you doing? Huh? This drum, this song, very strange ... "

The Little White Dragon was immersed in a state of breaking the seal these days. He has just made some major breakthroughs and is extremely happy.

In his joy, he also wanted to share it with Monk Tang and others his achievements, so he woke up. When he woke up, he saw Sun Wukong three people lying on the door with their buttocks pursed. So he has not figured out what is going on here.

"shh, keep your voice down ... hey, the Little White Dragon, you're awake! come on! Welcome to the theatre!" When Pigsy heard the sound, he immediately made a gesture of "keep silence". Then he saw a big head sticking out in front of him, which was the big head of the Little White Dragon.

Seeing the Little White Dragon wake up, Sun Wukong and Sandy also greeted each other and invited the Little White Dragon to watch them play together ... the performance of ……Monk Tang was wonderful, although it was a bit spicy to eyes, they can't miss it!

The Little White Dragon looked at the performance of his three senior brothers and was somewhat puzzled. Although the drums and songs sounded strange, it did not make them so fascinated, did it? Although he thinks so, he followed through the cracks and looked. He was attracted in an instant. And then he finally understands why his three senior brothers don't want to miss any details.

"Holy crap, Holy crap, Holy crap, this, this …" The little white dragon's eyes were rounded, and he didn't know how to describe his emotion at this time. Shocked? Helpless? Speechless? The Little White Dragon felt that such words were not enough to describe his mood.

But Later, the Little White Dragon joined Sun Wukong and began to have comments on the song and action of Monk Tang.

Outside, Sun Wukong and others were watching.

Inside, Monk Tang's singing and dancing are becoming more and more urgent and fiery, and the rhythm is becoming more and more intense.

Resurrection has reached its final stage. Ghosts have emerged in the room at this moment. They are neatly arranged behind the ghost of the king of Black Chicken Country, and then follow the ghost of the king of Black Chicken Country with the singing and drumming of Monk Tang.

At the end of the day, the rhythm of drums and songs go fast. At the moment, Monk Tang has turned into a light and move around the body of the king of Black Chicken Country at top speed. At the same time, he is doing all kinds of exaggerated movements with a difficulty coefficient of 9.9.

the ghost of the king of Black Chicken Country is also shaking with the rhythm, like being electric shocked.

And the flashes on the ghost of the king of Black Chicken Country are getting more and more fierce. when the rhythm is the highest, it turns into a small sun … the ghost of the king releases the soul flame.

The sudden and violent coming of the soul flame attacked four people outside who were watching inside with wide eyes.

Off guard, tears left behind.

"Oh, my monkey eyes!"

"Oh, my pig eyes!"

"Ah, my fisheye!"

"PSST, my horse-eye!? ”

The four men screamed with their glasses closed, making Monk Tang smile proudly: Let you see, blind you!

Monk Tang also did not forget his business. In the last moment of Resurrection, Monk Tang's body stopped suddenly. At the same time, the drums and singing disappeared at the same time. The room was quiet for an instant, just like the initial rest after a storm.

Then, with a loud shout, Monk Tang asked: "the king of Black Chicken Country, when are you going to back to the human world?"

he saw the ghost of the king of Black Chicken Country burst out and turned into a rain of soul flame, heading for the cold body of the king. the cold body of the king devoured the rain of soul flame like a dry desert sucking the water, showing no sign of squeezing the ghost out.

As the rain of soul flame infiltrates in the body, some gray skin of the king of Black Chicken Country is slowly ruddy, and a slight heartbeat is also sounded. Monk Tang hears the sound of the heartbeat and sees the chest begin to slightly fluctuate.

Monk Tang opened his eyes----The king of Black Chicken Country has returned to life!

However, the next moment, Monk Tang frowned, because the prompt tone of the system did not sound, indicating that the task had not been completed. Monk Tang understood that the task of saving the king of Black Chicken Country could be completed not only by returning him to life.

Monk Tang thought for a moment and may need to help the king of Black Chicken Country regain the throne so that he can complete the task.

Monk Tang has no objection to the extra task. After all, Green-Haired Lion is also a big pile of experience points. Monk Tang does not want to let it go.