Chapter 150 A Band Was Born!

Pigsy listened to what Monk Tang needed and could not help but open his mouth widely and said, "Master, do you want these things to hold a big show?"

The things Monk Tang asked Pigsy to buy are all ordinary things, only a little too much. Sun Wukong and others may not know what are these things used for. but after living among ordinary people for so long, Pigsy still knows a lot about some customs of ordinary people, and all these things Monk Tang wants to buy can be used in big Chinese operas!

Pigsy wondered, isn't it to save people, why do you have to sing a big show?

Monk Tang's face darkened immediately. Pigsy was right. What he will do later was really the same as having big operas. He also needed to sing, dance, and jump. but It was a bit different. Damn it, he has scolded the bad system and shouted at Pigsy with a dark face: "Are you smart enough?! Don't you buy these or not?"

Pigsy turned a blind eye to Monk Tang's shouting. Instead, Pigsy smiled. As soon as Monk Tang was black in the face, Pigsy knew that he was right. he didn't delay time. He turned around and went shopping. Pigsy was quite looking forward to how Monk Tang would perform an opera.

After Pigsy left, Sun Wukong and Sandy looked at Monk Tang with strange faces: Is this monk really going to have a big show?

Feel the eyes of the two disciples, Monk Tang's face is more black, always feel this time as Master majesty to all gone.

Perhaps Pigsy wanted to watch Monk Tang perform the big show. Pigsy did things very quickly this time and he didn't delay the time on sleeping. After Monk Tang familiarized himself with the Resurrection's whole process again, Pigsy came back with a big package smiling, "Master, I have bought you everything you want, Master, you can start now!"

After Pigsy delivered the package to Monk Tang's hand, he just stood by and waited, he keeps his eyes on Monk Tang with exciting eye lights. He was all ready to watch the play. He just said, "Please start your performance."

Monk Tang was poker-faced and took the parcel and opened it. Everything inside was exposed, including incense, gongs, cymbals, tambourines, colorful cloth, and dozens of things.

"You go out!" Monk Tang silently counted the things and said to Pigsy, Wukong, and Sandy after confirming.

absolutely he can't let the Wukong and his apprentices see his shameful actions ... ……Monk Tang give them an order to leave.

"ha?" Sun Wukong, who was preparing to watch the play, was stunned at this and then they don't want to leave.

"Why Master? how can you do this without an audience?" Pigsy is unreluctant.

Sun Wukong was not originally interested in watching the big show, but Monk Tang did so, which aroused Sun Wukong's curiosity. Sun Wukong is the kind of person that Monk Tang would prefer to ask me to leave but he would not leave! "Hee hee...." He smiled, "Yes, Master, let me be your audience and cheer for you!"

Sandy also replied, "Yes, Master, we can still help you beat drums and gongs here."

When Monk Tang heard these words, his eyes turned his eyeball wildly. Damn, these disciples really didn't let him alone. he said, "Go out, go out, I don't need help and cheering me up. When I conduct a religious rite, absolutely there is nobody standing aside."

While talking, Monk Tang has already held the Nine-Ring Monk Spade in his hand. His meaning is obvious: I'll hit you if you don't go out.

Seeing Monk Tang doing so, Sun Wukong and others had to withdraw from the room.

Seeing they retreating, Monk Tang began to get busy. First, he brought a small table and put the incense burner and other items in order according to the specific orientation.

Then Monk Tang picked up the flowered cloth and roughly cut it out to make a colorful dress to cover the monk robe.

After everything has been done, Monk Tang vomited out a great deal of turbid breath and surging mana. He conjured up mana hands and picked up gongs, tambourines, golden cymbals, and so on ... Being a monk is good. One person can do what a band does. A person can form a band, and it is definitely the kind of band that has tacit cooperation.

A person's band--------was born!

"Well, let's get started!" Monk Tang gave himself a pep talk and then with a thump, a mana hand knocked the tambourine!

The Resurrection Ceremony officially begins!


"Why doesn't master let us see? He doesn't need our help? He was so mysterious. " After being kicked out of the room by Monk Tang, Sandy said so and he really wanted to help beat drums and gongs.

"hey hey, Sandy, Master won't let us see it. will we follow his order?" Sun Wukong put his arm around Sandy's shoulder.

"Master elder brother, you mean peeking? This is not good! " Sandy was coy when he heard these words.

Through the doors and windows of the room, there was a clear and crisp sound of drums.

After that, the drumming of drums is rhythmic, and the gong sounds from time to time, with a special rhythm.

Here we go!

Sun Wukong and Pigsy's eyes brightened. No matter what else they did, they pulled Sandy down to the door and window and looked through the gap into the room to see the situation inside.

"Holy crap, why is he wearing a skirt?" Pigsy exclaimed in a low voice, thinking that no wonder Monk Tang wouldn't let them see it. If it were him, he wouldn't let others see him in a skirt.

Sandy was also extremely surprised. he didn't expect Monk Tang to have such a hobby. he said, "Is this what he said about the 'women-dressed guy'?"

After that, he took out a small notebook and began to write: the 'women-dressed guy' surprised me and it turned out to be Monk Tang.

When three people lay prone on the doors and windows, Monk Tang already knew that although he didn't want the three people to see what he looked like when he used the Resurrection, he was helpless. First, the Resurrection could not be interrupted once it started. Also, Monk Tang knows that it is impossible to ask these curious but powerful babies to obey.

Therefore, Monk Tang just pretended not to notice them, as long as he does not embarrass himself face to face.

Monk Tang planned to bring the king of Black Chicken Country to the portable space for conduct the religious rite, so Sun Wukong and others could not see what he was doing at all, but after asking about the system, Monk Tang gave up the idea of reviving the king of Black Chicken Country in the portable space.

It is not that he cannot save him, but that the portable space and the outer space are two different worlds with different laws.

If the king of Black Chicken Country is saved in the portable space. even if it is the living creature of the portable space itself, wants to survive in the outside world, it will be just like the fish living in water coming to land and dying again.

He won't accomplish the task at all, so Monk Tang can only brace himself to do and take risks of being ridiculed by Sun Wukong and others in the room.