Chapter 15 Wine and Meat Walking in Intestines, The Buddhism Remains in Heart

"Come on, Wukong, eat a chicken leg!" Monk Tang said, bringing the chicken leg to Sun Wukong.

Feeling the heatwave and scent, Sun Wukong hurriedly withdrew, and his eyes said with a horror: "No, no, Master, I don’t eat meat, I just eat fruit." At the end of speaking, just like a trick, one head-sized peach appeared in his hand, which is fruity!

Looking at the chicken legs in front of him, Sun Wukong did not know why he was sad. He remembered the tragic life of the big cock, from being killed by a monk spade, from being gushed out of the skin, and from becoming a fragrant roast chicken. Suddenly he felt the life of big cock is so miserable, Master is so cruel!

"Don't eat meat? Oh, yes, monkeys don't eat meat!" Monk Tang sniffed and then understood.

"It's okay, you don't eat it, but I do!" Monk Tang said, then took a big mouthful of chicken leg, then nodded with satisfaction, the skin was golden and crispy, the meat below was fresh and juicy, just the cooking heat is appropriate!

Suddenly, Monk Tang ate, with a mouthful of oil. Of course, there are still some shortcomings in this chicken. If there comes to a bottle of wine at this time, and some dipping sauce, alas, Monk Tang's saliva is more vigorous!

Watching Monk Tang eating meat there, Sun Wukong really began to wonder if Monk Tang was a monk and a sutras seeker!

Therefore, Sun Wukong couldn't help asking: "Master, don't you break a religious precept if you eat meat?"

Hearing that, Monk Tang leaned Sun Wukong obliquely, and bite a big mouth again and said, "Amitabfa, what do you know? This is that wine and meat walk in my belly, Buddhism stays in my heart. This is the realm you do not understand! "

"The wine and meat walk in my belly, and the Buddha stays in the heart?" Sun Wukong followed, muttering, but it felt really deep, but still felt something wrong, "Master, I feel that this sentence is a bit wrong, it should be changed into that Buddha remains in heart, which seems more appropriate! "

Monk Tang heard a word but did not expect that Sun Wukong actually spoke what the Mad Monk said, showing that Sun Wukong has a good Pabbindriya.

But Monk Tang shook his head and said, "Wukong, you are right, but Buddhism is my own understanding. I believe that the Buddha refers to a certain person, and Buddhism refers to a religion which is a kind of meaning that is much larger and wider than the Buddha. Of course, individuals have their own understanding, and any understanding may be a kind of Buddhism! "

Sun Wukong raised his eyebrows and fell into contemplation. Monk Tang ignored him and continued to eat meat. He just said that with fabricated words. If Sun Wukong can understand something in it, it will be his. good fortune.

The big rooster is very large and weighs several tens of pounds, but in the end, it was all eaten by Monk Tang alone, which made Monk Tang wonder. When can he eat it so much? After asking the system, he knew it was normal because he became stronger. Although he is only in level 4 now, his physical fitness or appetite is more than ten times that of ordinary, and there are no problems with dozens of cows!

After eating, Monk Tang felt warm and comfortable, and seemed to be lazy. Tang could feel a trace of heat permeating from the abdomen to the body in all directions.

Monk Tang's eyes flashed, he became stronger after eating these chickens, Monk Tang didn't know if this was an illusion, and hurriedly opened the character panel:

Host: Townsend

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 4

Experience: 45/80

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-ring spade, and Gold three-hoop Ring(fake)

"Huh? The level hasn't changed. How can you feel stronger? Is it really an illusion after fullness?" Monk Tang looked at the character panel and found that there was no such change, but Monk Tang could feel it. I am still getting stronger, although the margin is small!

"System, what's going on? I feel like I'm getting stronger, but why hasn't the level changed a little?" Monk Tang asked.

System: 'Host, you feel right, you are indeed getting stronger, but the cultivation, that is, the grade, has not changed. The only thing that gets stronger is your body. The turkey contains energy, although the energy cannot be improved. cultivation level, but it can increase physical strength!’

Monk Tang heard his eyes light up: "System you mean, even if the level does not increase, I can become stronger? I just need to keep eating?"

System: ‘It’s theoretically, but it’s not that you can increase the strength of your body by eating something. Some of them are ordinary foods, and they don’t play a special role. This cock is different, which already has some practices. If it has been practicing for dozens or hundreds of years, it will probably become a demon.’

Monk Tang nodded secretly and understood something, and asked, "System, if I eat a monster or a good deed, should I be able to enhance the physical strength? Then I eat a piece of Sun Wukong's meat, and my physical body should be able to change very much. Strong? "

Having said that, Monk Tang's eyes flashed fiercely as he looked at Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong felt Monk Tang's gaze and suddenly felt a chill and his chrysanthemum (asshole)was tight, thinking that Master's eyes were so evil.

He really wants to hit it with his stick! Sun Wukong smashed the peach core bite and meditated on the word ‘forbearance’. Master is testing him again!

System: 'The host understands it correctly, but this system does not recommend the host to eat Sun Wukong's meat, because then the host will die. The energy contained in Sun Wukong's meat is too majestic. If the host eats, not only will it not get strengthened by the meat, but it also sets fire to self-immolation. The majestic energy will turn into a fire of energy that will burn you to death!’

Monk Tang heard that he couldn't help but shuddered, and sighed a pity, knowing that some meat can't be eaten, or it can't be eaten right now!

The warm current in the abdomen lasted for more than ten minutes. Obviously, although the big cock has little cultivation, the meat does not contain a lot of energy that can strengthen the physical body. The warm current of threads is only ten minutes. After the warm current disappeared, the warm comfort was gone!

When Monk Tang wondered if he would hit a few more cocks tomorrow to eat, a sudden humming came, and a rattling sound appeared, and the ground was trembling as if a giant creature was walking through the forest!

And Sun Wukong also stared at one direction for a long time. The golden light in his eyes flickered, but there was no serious expression. Although he looked in that direction, he didn't care about it!

Monk Tang also stood up and looked in the direction of the sound, which sounded like a wild boar!

Clicking, a big tree suddenly fell to the ground, Monk Tang was right, it was indeed a wild boar, attracted by the smell of roasted chicken. When it appeared, the dark eyes stared at the chicken bones in front of the fire!