Chapter 149 To Be A Good Monk

In Baolin Temple, in a spacious meditation room, a black coffin lay across and a corpse lay lifelike in it.

And there is a transparent ghost that looks exactly like the body of the corpse wandering back and forth around the coffin.

He is walking through Monk Tang and his apprentices with hollow eyes without any spiritual wisdom.

"Master, what should we do?" Pigsy's small eyes looked at Monk Tang with banter in them: This monk talked big. I see how you can make this mortal back to life——Pigsy is ready for a big laugh at him.

"Yes Master, it is not easy to let this mortal back to life. I have just checked it out. Ordinary means cannot let this mortal back to life at all unless Revival Pellet cleans up his evil spirit and turns the yin spirit into the yang soul, so as to let it back to life. Should I get one Revival Pellet from Old Lao Zi? " Sun Wukong scratched his head.

At this time, the ghost of the king of Black Chicken Country just got into Sun Wukong's body. Sun Wukong stretched out his hand to pull it out, then kneaded it into a ball like kneading dough and slapped it into the body.

However, a moment later, with a thud, the ghost of the king of Black Chicken Country was squeezed out of the body and it was simply incompatible.

Hearing this, Monk Tang frowned and said, "No, we can't go to Lord Lao Zi. Wukong, just stay with me."

Although Monk Tang did not know about Manjushri Bodhisattva's plot, he still sensed something fishy about it. It would be best to keep Sun Wukong with him, as his the super bodyguard now.

Besides, he was already at enmity with Lord Lao Zi, and Monk Tang did not think Sun Wukong could get Revival Pellet even if he went.

Since he knows the final result, he naturally doesn't need Sun Wukong to run for anything.

Monk Tang has a headache. He secretly laments that the system is really unreliable. It doesn't sell pellets. If he sells pellets, how come he has such distress now? Although he can learn alchemy now, he will take years to refine Revival Pellet successfully. Maybe there will be no rotten bones in the king of Black Chicken Country at that time!

Is there any other way to get the king of the black chicken country back to life? Monk Tang was lost in thought and turned on the system.

Then he saw the system store, and his eyes suddenly lit up. Monk Tang found that his thinking was somewhat limited.

he can't get Revival Pellet from Lord Lao Zi and it cannot be bought in the system mall, but who said that if he wants to revive the king, he must need Revival Pellet? He can use some skills to reach the same effect!

Monk Tang did not hesitate to open the skill commodity column of the system mall. The dense skills are reflected in Monk Tang's eyes:

Fillip Kung Fu(10 experience points), One-finger Death Touch (10 experience points), Magic Spear Arts (10 experience points);

Magic Fists(10 experience points), God‘s Palm(10 experience points), and Dragon-Strike (100 experience points);

Magic Sword(100 experience points), Nine Yang's Power(100 experience points),  Deadly Reach(1000 experience points);

Earthshaker(1000 experience points), Calls for Rain And Wind(1000 experience points), 36 Changes (10000 experience points);

Seventy-two changes (100,000 experience points), Palm of Buddhist Kingdom (1 million experience points), Tathagata's Palm (1 million experience points);


Monk Tang looked dizzy and said to the system, "System, give me a skill that can make the King of Black Chicken Country back to life!"

System: "Ding Dong, please wait a moment ... the screening is completed------the Taoist skill, Resurrection (5 million experience points). Purchased and learned?"


Monk Tang's eyes flash like two light bulbs. The skill looks like the same with Revival Pellet when he hears the name.

However, the next moment, Monk Tang's face turned green, then turned black again. He said angrily, "If you come out of the system, I will kill you! Can you find me a serious and reliable skill? I'm not going to learn this, I'm determined not to learn it, and you change it to a reliable one! "

Damn it, he thought the mantra method of controlling Gold Rope was unreliable and shameless enough, but compared with this resurrection technique, haha, that is absolutely nothing compared with it. If this method is learned and used, he won't make Sun Wukong laugh to death!

System: "Only this one skill can meet your requirements that can revive the king of Black Chicken Country. It is your decision!!"

Holy crap, hearing these words, Monk Tang's eyes widened, his anger surged up, and his head turned into red marinated eggs. At last Monk Tang gnashed his teeth and said, "Well, you are a really 'good' system. I've accepted it. I'll buy and learn the resurrection technique!"

System: "Ding Dong, the purchase is successful, deducting 5 million experience points, the learning of resurrection begins ..."

Boom, a storm broke out in Monk Tang's mind. The learning of the resurrection technique was instantly carved into Monk Tang's soul out of thin air.

A moment later, the feeling in Monk Tang's mind stopped, and Resurrection had been thoroughly learned by him.

Monk Tang's face changed constantly, making Sun Wukong and others puzzled and scared.

Holy crap, can this monk change his face? Just change the face color!? A group of people muddled.

"Well, I already have a way to get this guy back to life!" Monk Tang said with a black face, looking at the king of Black Chicken Country with a little uncomfortable feeling, directly called him "this guy". if it weren't for the king of Black Chicken Country back to life, Monk Tang also doesn't have to learn the damn resurrection skill.

Monk Tang now really regrets taking the task of saving the king of Black Chicken Country. Monk Tang would rather give up the 10 million experience points than learning any resurrection technique. This is too bad. This resurrection technique is to brush down his lower bottom line.

Monk Tang looked at the skill column on the character panel, and the extra three words' Resurrection' appeared on the panel.

If you think about the operation of Resurrection again, Monk Tang not only feels pain in his orchis but also his heart, liver, spleen, stomach, and kidney all started to ache. He needs rescue.

Damn it.

Monk Tang has a wry smile on his face but tears in his heart. why he has to obtain the Resurrection?

A Taoist priest? is that an old saying "A Taoist priest who cannot become a great god is not a good monk?"

Hearing Monk Tang's words, Sun Wukong, and others were shocked at first and then rejoiced. Although Sun Wukong and others are demons and they don't care about the lives of others, their nature is not bad, and they still feel happy to save a person.

However, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and others are all wondering. This is good news. Why does the monk have blackface?

Well, there's definitely something we don't know ... ……Sun Wukong and other disciples are bright in their hearts, but on the surface, they are quietly looking at each other and they all decide to observe Monk Tang secretly.

Pigsy flattered, "Master, that's great. I can think of a way to do this. What are we waiting for, Master? Save the king of Black Chicken Country and let him treat us well! "

Hearing these words, Monk Tang felt toothache, Damn it, he really didn't want to use Resurrection. His heart was extremely helpless and he said, "Okay, Pigsy, go and buy some things for me, I need ..."