Chapter 148 Manjushri's Plan

The scorching sun shines, and heaven and earth are like a melting pot. Several streamers in the Royal Garden of Black Chicken Country rise up and disappear.

Monk Tang and his four disciples left here with the body and ghost of the king of Black Chicken Country they found.

Soon after the Monk Tang people left, a figure shining with blue light emerged in the imperial garden.

The fake king looked at the water stains on the ground and the trampled grass and smiled gently: "It's time to send a message to the host!"

Say, the fake king reached out his hand. a rune paper appeared and flew away.

As rune paper moved away, the fake king's eyes became sharper. He also needed to be prepared to cooperate with his lord's actions.

Then the fake king's orders were passed out one by one, and Black Chicken Country's army immediately moved.

The army is massing, a scene of war.


"Manjushri, can your plan really come true? You know, the Golden Cicada X is not the Golden Cicada X you and I are familiar with! "

In midair, an old man with white hair and white beard stepped on auspicious clouds and looked at Manjushri Bodhisattva, who was covered in golden light, questioning.

"Amitabha, I naturally know that the Golden Cicada X has changed greatly in character, but one thing has not changed, that is, it is his kind-hearted and he seems like killing. However, according to my observation, there are few ordinary people who died caused by Monk Tang, and some are just a few bullies." Manjushri bodhisattva said.

"What does this mean?" Lord Lao Zi did not understand.

If Manjushri hadn't sent a message to Lord Lao Zi saying that he would have the chance to get rid of Monk Tang and Sun Wukong, Lord Lao Zi wouldn't have been idle blowing cold air here.

Manjushri Bodhisattva smiled and said: "Lord Lao Zi, as long as it remains the same. what will the Golden Cicada X do when it learns that the mortal king has the possibility of going back to life?"

Lord Lao Zi stroked his beard and his eyes flashed clean. "if the Golden Cicada X's good heart has not changed, knowing that there is still a chance for a mortal king to go back to life, he will naturally do his best to help him go back to life! ?”

"haha, that's right, but it's not a simple thing to want the mortal king back to life. they need you and your Revival Pellet. the master and his disciples will surely ask Lord Lao Zi for medicine. as long as they stay away from the west road, then it is the best time to get rid of them."

"Even after the event, the Golden Cicada X and others knew that the two of us did it, and they had nothing to say. That's how the rules of the game were set." Manjushri bodhisattva smiles wearing a satisfied face.

Lord Lao Zi was expressionless when he heard these words. indeed, according to Manjushri bodhisattva, it might be possible to take this opportunity to get rid of Monk Tang and his party and end this long-started game.

Of course, the most important thing is that Lord Lao Zi can avenge his two apprentices and his Nine-Tailed Fox.

These days, whenever he thinks of Golden Horn King, Silver Horn King, Nine-Tailed Fox, and others who were killed by Monk Tang and others, Lord Lao Zi's heartaches. The intention to murder Monk Tang and his party is becoming more and more intense. If it were not for this, Lord Lao Zi would not have been invited to wait for him here.

Looking at the proud expression of the rune bodhisattva, his heart is full of laughter. he thought that mortal is really too unlucky to offend Manjushri bodhisattva. although Manjushri bodhisattva is famous for his wisdom in the heavens and the world, Lord Lao Zi and other persons also know that Manjushri bodhisattva is equally famous for his narrow-minded temper.

Once someone offends Manjushri bodhisattva, then Manjushri bodhisattva will definitely retaliate back.

Lord Lao Zi also heard about the feud between Manjushri bodhisattva and the mortal king.

Therefore, he has a profound understanding of Manjushri Bodhisattva's narrow-minded attitude. he thinks whoever he con offend except for Manjushri.

This is not true. Three years ago Manjushri ordered Green-Haired Lion to go down to the human world and kill the mortal king.

It seems to leave the mortal king a chance to go back to life, but in fact, it is basically impossible, and now it has become a part of Manjushri Bodhisattva's plan.

Manjushri felt some dissatisfaction with Lord Lao Zi's expressionless face. if it weren't for knowing Lord Lao Zi's Gold Rope had fallen into the hands of the Golden Cicada X, Manjushri bodhisattva would have let Lord Lao Zi participate in his plan.

Lord Lao Zi was involved in it in order to control Gold Rope.

At this moment, a streamer came rapidly from the sky. Manjushri Bodhisattva caught the streamer in his hands with a bright eye.

A moment later, Manjushri Bodhisattva's laughter rang out and everything developed as he expected.

Manjushri Bodhisattva gave a loud cry and said, "Amitabha, Lord Lao Zi, the game will be over in a day."

Hearing the laughter of Manjushri Bodhisattva, Lord Lao Zi knew that Manjushri Bodhisattva's stratagem had succeeded and his heart was also expecting!

Lord Lao Zi's eyes flashed with cold light: he could finally get his revenge.

Although he believed in Manjushri's plan, Lord Lao Zi still raised doubts and said, "Manjushri, although the Golden Cicada X and others have been fooled, can you guarantee that the Golden Cicada X and his party will all leave the westbound road and come here?"

"Amitabha, I'm not sure about this, but Lord Lao Zi think about it, and if they wanted to ask your Revival Pellet, who will the Golden Cicada X most likely send out?" Manjushri bodhisattva said the Buddhist words but did not answer but asked him.

Lord Lao Zi frowned slightly and pondered, "It is most possible to send that monkey. Only he is the fastest and the most time-saving one, can quickly travel between heaven and earth in one day."

"Yes!" Manjushri Bodhisattva heard these words repeatedly: "That monkey is the fastest. As I expected, the Golden Cicada X will definitely send him. As long as Lord Lao Zi and I kill the monkey here, the Golden Cicada X and others are just like ants for us!"

"what about the Golden Cicada X and others?" Lord Lao Zi asked, killing the monkey is not the end of the game. the game will not end until the Golden Cicada X master and his disciples are all killed.

As long as the Golden Cicada X people is alive, the game will continue.

Besides, Lord Lao Zi wanted to kill the damn fat pig most. he almost wore a hat.

"Lord Lao Zi, rest assured, I have already arranged it. Without the monkey around the Golden Cicada X and others, the Golden Cicada X and others would be much easier to deal with. I have already arranged my mount. None of the Golden Cicada X and others could escape, and their westward journey would stop today!" Manjushri bodhisattva looks like he has won.

Hearing this, Lord Lao Zi felt a little cold. he knew that all is in Manjushri's hands. he knew that the Golden Cicada X and others were doomed. although he could not personally get rid of Pigsy and the Golden Cicada X for revenge, he had some regrets, but he also knew that this was already a good result.