Chapter 147 Complex Tricks

The Well Dragon King felt wronged and said: "marshal, you can't falsely accuse me. everything I said is true. there really is no treasure! ?”

See the Well Dragon King said sincerely, not lying, Pigsy is uncertain, is it the monk tricked him? Frowning, he asked, "Do you really have the most important treasure in Black Chicken Country?"

"No ... er? Marshal, what did you say just now? Black Chicken Country! ?” The Well Dragon King expressed surprise.

"Yes, it is Black Chicken Country. My Master said that one of the most important treasures in Black Chicken Country was thrown into your well and was hidden, but I searched everywhere but found nothing!" Pigsy nodded, implying that the crystal palace had not been found.

The Well Dragon King stroked his dragon beard, gave Pigsy a look of indecision, and said: "marshal, I really don't have any treasures here, but there is something important in Black Chicken Country, so I don't know if it is the treasure you said!"

Pigsy laughed when he heard these words: "why don't you take me to see them? What is from Black Chicken Country is definitely a treasure! "

Pigsy's whole body fat quivered with joy, his big ears fanned and fanned. Finally, he got something here. The treasure was his.

"Marshal, please follow me!" The Well Dragon King respectfully said, and then took Pigsy to a place where emitting cold.

This is a room in Crystal Palace. There is a bed made of cold jade in the room. A figure is lying on it quietly.

"The Well Dragon King, what are you doing to show me a dead man? Where is the treasure? Are you entertaining me? " Pigsy looked around in this room. Apart from a corpse, there was no treasure anywhere.

"I don't know! I don't dare to do so, if there is anything in my dragon's palace from the Black Chicken Country above, then there is only this corpse three years ago." The Well Dragon King hurriedly explained that although Pigsy no longer works in heaven, he still did not want to offend Pigsy.

"Three years ago?" Pigsy's eyebrows shook and his tipsy eyes widened as he looked at the corpse and saw the face clearly.

"isn't this the king of Black Chicken Country?" Pigsy exclaimed.

"It was the king of Black Chicken Country that I saved his body for three years and returned it to Black Chicken Country when someone came down to salvage it, but it was Marshal you who came down in three years!" The Well Dragon King said.

Pigsy snorted. It's strange that someone will come down to salvage it. There is a fake king on it. Who knows the real king is dead?

Pa ~

All of a sudden, Pigsy slapped his fat face and said, "Damn it, I can't help but be fooled by that monk! It turns out that this is the way it is, how can he do this to me! "

Pigsy is almost awake at the moment, and the body of the king of Black Chicken Country is beside him. Does he understand what Monk Tang said "the most precious treasure of black chicken country"? If he doesn't understand, he is really stupid.

"Marshal, what's wrong with you?" The Well Dragon King got a fright. isn't he ill? Why suddenly slap yourself?

"Nothing! If you don't have any treasures here, I may have misunderstood. I will take the corpse of the king of Black Chicken Country back to the Black Chicken Country by the way! " Pigsy grinned, but what do you think, how sad, what else? He can't say that the treasure he is looking for is actually the body of the king of Black Chicken Country, can he? Too shame!

Although the Well Dragon King doesn't know why Pigsy is suddenly so accommodating, it would be great if someone were willing to take the body away. although this is the body of a king, it is a body of. he also feels uncomfortable after putting it at home for such a long time.

As if afraid of Pigsy going back on his word, the Well Dragon King's ass kept saying, "Tianpeng Marshal is really noble and I admire him very much ..."

Pigsy just curled his lip when he heard these words. Although it feels good to be flattered, he has no good mood when he thinks about going back with a corpse. Pigsy feels that only one word can describe his feeling right now ... unlucky.

"All right, all right, Dragon King, get me a coffin or something. Pack him up and I'll leave in a minute!" Pigsy waved his hand and interrupted the Well Dragon King's kowtowing. with a dark scold, how does this guy seem to be better at ass-kissing than himself?

"Yes, yes, I'll do it!" The Well Dragon King immediately withdrew from the room.

Pigsy, on the other hand, looked at the body of the king of Black Chicken Country and sighed, letting Pigsy carry a corpse back. Pigsy was unwilling to do so, but he had to carry it back. After knowing that he was in the complex tricks of Monk Tang, Pigsy knew that the monk was asking him to carry back the body of the king of Black Chicken Country.

If you don't carry it back, Pigsy knows that he will never have a better life in the future, so Pigsy can only grind his teeth and endure it.


"Why hasn't this idiot come up for so long?" In the imperial garden, Sun Wukong, who had been waiting for half a day, said impatiently.

Pigsy has been going down for an hour. The sun in the sky is rising so high that the sun is beginning to be deadly.

"Take it easy, Pig is coming out!" Monk Tang was not in a hurry. according to the plot, Pigsy had to wrangle with the Well Dragon King to get the body of the king of Black Chicken Country. Monk Tang calculated the time, he should be out of the well soon!

from the well, with water flowing sounded, the next moment a huge shadow is under the well water jumped out and then flew into the air, it is a dark coffin.

"Coffin?" Sun Wukong's eyes flashed golden light and saw clearly what was inside the coffin.

The coffin just flew out of the wellhead, and a fat figure followed, it was Pigsy.

When Pigsy appeared, he grabbed the huge coffin with a big hand and gently placed it on the ground.

"Pig is back!" Monk Tang smiled at Pigsy and knew that it must be the king of Black Chicken Country without looking inside the coffin.

"Master, you lied to me!" Hearing the voice of Monk Tang, Pigsy immediately seemed to feel aggrieved like a little girl.

Tang's monk laughed: "Haha, I'm not lying to you, isn't the king the most important treasure in Black Chicken Country?"

Pigsy's face drooped, and his heart was really speechless for the monk. He was shameless. His tricks were too complicated.

Monk Tang is smiling in his heart right now. even If you are clever and crafty, you will be in my trap.

Monk Tang was so happy that he finally avenged Pigsy's derision at Press Dragon Cave.

In a happy mood, Monk Tang also did not waste time. With a wave of his hand, he said, "Let's go, let's withdraw. Pigsy, you are responsible for carrying the corpse. Wukong, you bring the ghost of the king of Black Chicken Country ..."