Chapter 146 The Well Dragon King

Boom ~

Pigsy leaped high, his fat body thumped into the well water in the sky----------the pig splashed out!

Plop ~

Water splashed everywhere, and a large amount of well water was sprayed from the wellhead, spraying right on Monk Tang, soaking wet all over.

Monk Tang:“……”

Monk Tang wiped a handful of water stains on his face, Damn it, this fat pig didn't mean it, did he?

At this moment, he really wishes he could carry it out and beat it up. he dares to spray it all over me.


"Baby, baby, here I am, where are you?" Pigsy muttered after jumping into the water, his small eyes rolling around, not letting go of any place in the well where treasures may be hidden!

"Holy crap, no!? Why is the water so deep and cold? is this the deep well ice? !”

Pigsy thought that with his ability to find a treasure in a small well, it is so easy to get it in hand.

However, the deeper the dive, the deeper it was. Pigsy felt wrong when it was already tens of meters away. It felt not like being in the well water, but like being in the cold seawater.

This made Pigsy feel a little worried about whether he had followed the underground river to the sea.

Pigsy wanted to return, but he did not give up the baby, so he continued to dive. After a few minutes, Pigsy finally stepped down to earth and just landed. He could not help but exclaim, "Holy crap, am I really at the Dragon Palace?"

not far from Pigsy, a palace of generosity and light, glittering and translucent, shining in all directions, driving away from the darkness.

And above the palace, there is a plaque impressively write "the crystal palace" three characters!

Looking at the crystal palace in the distance, Pigsy shook his head: "it's all right, this treasure is gone. I give up! all the treasures have been collected by the greedy dragon. I don't have the monkey's ability to get treasures from a dragon. this time it's really a waste of time!"

Say, the body is floating upward. he was ready to return according to the original road and regret the first down in my heart, have this time it is better to lazy to take a nap!

However, just a few meters above the surface, Pigsy was startled by a loud drink, almost incontinent, and bathed himself with his urine.

"~ where did the monk with a big mouth and big ears come from? Why didn't you die when you came here? "

Pigsy didn't like it immediately when he heard these words. It is enough for you to scare me. Why you still curse me to death?

Are all the people who come here are dead? Pigsy is depressed. why doesn't this guy know me?

Pigsy's fat face was darkening. He looked at the speaker, he is with protruding eyes and toad's mouth, holding a handle and black steel fork.

Pigsy's eyebrows jumped, this is clearly a toad goblin! But is there any toad goblin in seas? Pigsy has some muddled.

"You don't know me? What place is this? " Pigsy asked.

"Know you? Who do you think you are? You are fat and deadly, but why do I know you? ? I tell you, this is the dragon palace. don't behave in such a way, or our dragon king will not let you go! "

Toad goblin looked at Pigsy with the same eyes like an idiot, with a despising face.

Of course, toad goblin was far from being as tough as he said. He was shaking all over at the moment. When Pigsy looked at him, he had hidden his body behind a stone and only looked at Pigsy with his eyes.

When Pigsy came down he got a fright. Has he ever seen an alive person from the top and the one still be able to talk?

Pigsy naturally won't dispute with a toad goblin, but he also believes that he has come to the Dragon Palace at the bottom of the sea. His big ears shook and he is ready to go back. It is really too difficult to take the treasure back from the dragon's hands unless it is robbed.

However, Pigsy is just too lazy to move. The fat he has managed to raise cannot be simply lost.

Pigsy had thought it over, and when he got back, he encouraged the monkey to come down. it is better to hand over fighting stuff to the monkey.

Pigsy ignores the toad goblin and swims upward. He can't get the treasure. The key is people down here don't seem to know him. Pigsy feels it is a waste of time to stay here.

"Marshal Tianpeng, I lost my manner! Forgive me!" At this moment there was another sound, with the sound of dragon roar.

Hearing these words, Pigsy looked toward the sound source. In the distance, the gate of the crystal palace was crashing open. A dragon-headed person, with the two-meter-high figure, who was leading the way, followed by a group of mighty aquatic animals, moving, scrolling monstrous water.

Hearing the sound, Pigsy's eyes brightened and he finally got to know him. His body also stopped.

Pigsy turned his head and looked, his face brightening just now, and it was getting dark again. Damn it, what are those?

It is true that the dragon is the leader, but what are the things behind the dragon king? why shrimp and crabs are not his armies?

Toad goblins, Water Bugs, Tadpoles … Is this something that the sea should have? Pigsy doubted it.

Pigsy really couldn't understand where he came from. here is like the dragon palace in the sea, but it was quite different!

During the condescension, the Well Dragon King has brought strange aquatic animals to Pigsy and held Pigsy's hand enthusiastically. "Tianpeng Marshal, how do you have time to come to my place? Didn't you convert to worship Monk Tang as your master and you went west to seek sutras? "

The Well Dragon King was very enthusiastic, and the posture was like a small village official in the village receiving the provincial leaders.

While talking, the Well Dragon King took Pigsy to the crystal palace and ordered the aquarium to prepare good wine and dishes for Pigsy.

Pigsy wanted to leave originally, but the Well Dragon King is so nice to him, so he stayed and had a good dinner and had a good talk with the Well Dragon King. then he knows that he was not in the dragon palace in the sea, but in the well world. here is a well dragon palace. it was no surprise to have aquatic animals like toad goblins!

After that, Pigsy also announced his intention.

After knowing Pigsy's purpose, the Well Dragon King gave a wry smile: "marshal, you are really joking. although I am also the dragon king, I am only a Well Dragon King in the well world. I can't compare with the dragon kings in rivers, lakes, and seas. there are countless treasures. My world in this well seems vast, but that's all. It's hard to maintain food and clothing. I really don't have any treasure!"

Pigsy's eyes glared at these words, and he was not happy. He said, "You lied to me. my Master wouldn't lie to me. He said you have treasures here, you must have them. Hum, do you want to hide them? That thing doesn't belong to you! "