Chapter 145 Most Important Treasure

At night, the stars are all over the sky, and the starlights fall down from nine days. It is beautiful.

Monk Tang stayed in the royal monastery of Black Chicken Country, the Baolin Temple, as in the original book.

Monk Tang wanted to see if the ghost of the king of Black Chicken Country would come to him as the one did in the original book.

However, Monk Tang was disappointed. One night passed, not to mention a ghost. Even a mosquito did not come and kiss him.

At dawn, Monk Tang suddenly realized that he was really bored enough to stare all night and waste a lot of time.

Damn, with this time, it is better to get the body of the king of Black Chicken Country back overnight. Monk Tang patted his bald head ruefully.

Although it was a bit late to wake up, it was not too late. I rubbed my dry eyes and came to the front of the sleeping disciples to wake them up one by one-------hehe, I didn't sleep, so you should not either.

"Master, why call me up so early? I haven't slept enough! "

Pigsy complained, just now he was doing a dream, harem dream how to do is not enough.

"you idiot, Master lets you get up and you get up. where's all that nonsense?" Sun Wukong grabbed Pigsy by the ear and said, "Master, what are your orders?"

"Ow ~ dead monkey, give up quickly, my ear will fall off!" Pigsy instantly awakes up, whining in pain.

Monk Tang, regardless of the daily fighting between the two disciples, said: "Go, Master will take you to find the treasure!"

"treasure? What treasure? " Pig's eyes lit up instantly and he was still very interested in treasure.

Monk Tang smiled in his heart and he wanted this effect, but it was not enough. he had to add fire and said, "what I perceive in my heart just now is that there is one of the most important treasures in country that is hidden in a well. as long as anyone can find the treasure first, it belongs to him!"

"really! ?” Indeed as expected, Pigsy's interest was even greater when he heard mong Tang's words. although he had swept through the lich king's lair and gained a lot of gold and silver, they had been put away by Mong Tang for various reasons. Pigsy did not hide much even though he did, and he was also afraid of Mong Tang will discover.

Now the stingy monk said that whoever found the treasure first the was treasure belongs to him. It makes Pigsy feel greatly moved.

This is not to say that he can openly take possession of the treasure?

Of course, Pigsy is not so stupid, or even smart, and thought may there gonna be a trap.

thinking about what the king of Black Chicken Country said, he always thinks that the location of the treasure is the same place as the well mentioned by the king of Black Chicken Country.

Looking at Monk Tang with alert eyes, he said, "Master, are you lying to me?"

Monk Tang was not happy and said, "Pigsy, what do you mean? Is that who I am? "

Pigsy nodded without hesitation: "Yes!"

Monk Tang: "!!!!"

Monk Tang roars: "Die pig, die for me!" Carrying the Nine-Ring Monk Spade is to smash it at Pigsy.

Pigsy regretted the moment he spoke, how could he be so outspoken? This is a disease that must be treated!

Looking at the outbreak of Monk Tang, Pigsy's strange cry was to run away, begging for mercy while running.


"Master, the treasure you said is in this well?" Monk Tang and his four disciples sneaked into the royal palace and soon found the royal garden. Pigsy looked at the good path sealed by the huge rock.

"Yes, right here, the most precious treasure of Black Chicken Country is in this well!"

Monk Tang nodded. The well with the word "the Octagonal Well" on it was the well there the king of Black Chicken Country get drowned.

"Master, you lied to me unless you swear that there is really the most precious treasure in Black Chicken Country." Pigsy was suspicious, especially when he saw the ghost of the king Black Chicken Country who was wandering around the well. Pigsy had determined that the well should be the one that drowned the king Black Chicken Country.

Pigsy sneers at in the heart, the thief monk, want to cheat him down the well to salvage the body! No way!

Of course, Pigsy also doubted that what if there is really the most important treasure of Black Chicken Country under the well?

Don't go down, not is to give up the fair chance to get treasures?

Pigsy was unwilling, so he swore to Monk Tang to prove that there were treasures in it.

When I entered the imperial garden and found the ghost of the king of Black Chicken Country, Monk Tang knew that it was difficult to let Pigsy go down, but when he heard Pigsy make him swear, Monk Tang couldn't help but feel happy.

He thinks Pigsy, Pigsy, you hit yourself on the muzzle of mine. Don't blame me!

Monk Tang immediately swore: "I swear, this well has indeed the most important treasure of Black Chicken Country, and I have never lied to you!"

-----Monk Tang didn't lie. For citizens in Black Chicken Country, the most important thing is the king!

hearing Monk Tang swear that Pigsy believed him immediately. With a wave of his hand, he swept the boulder aside to reveal the bottomless black wellhead. Without further ado, his fat body jumped into the well and laughed: "Ha, ha, baby, here I am. You are not allowed to come down and rob my treasure! dead monkey, do you hear me?"

After all, this idiot was taken in by monk.

Sun Wukong laughed uncontrollably when he heard Pigsy's voice coming from underground.

He will not go down to look for the most important treasure of Black Chicken Country, and will not be taken in by Monk Tang.

Sun Wukong has been watching Monk Tang's every move since he came to this imperial garden. He has not let go of even a slight expression, and his gold eyes have been opened secretly.

Sun Wukong found it hard to find the flaw of Monk Tang if it weren't for the gold eyes. Monk Tang is so hidden.

Sun Wukong saw that when Pigsy jumped down, he clearly saw that Monk Tang's eyes clearly showed a hint of "I got you!", although it passed away.

Of course, Sun Wukong also had doubts, because Sun Wukong found that Monk Tang did not lie, but there was a conspiracy.

Sun Wukong couldn't help asking, "Master, is there really the most important treasure of Black Chicken Country underground?"

"Well, that's right!" Monk Tang nodded at the words and looked at Sun Wukong's puzzled eyes. Monk Tang smiled triumphantly, knowing that Sun Wukong did not discover his tricks of changing concepts. For a country, the most important thing is not gold or silver.

Sandy, who has been recording on a small notebook beside him, has also removed more than half of his beard at the moment.

Although Sandy had a bad memory, he instinctively sensed that Monk Tang had something to say, and knew that his Brother might be tricked by Master again. He could not help observing a moment of silence for Pigsy, and at the same time, he felt some schadenfreude in his heart!