Chapter 144 Black Chicken Country

Of course, Monk Tang also thinks that the appearance and disappearance of the king of the black chicken country were too strange, and he raised more caution and caution in his heart.

"Master, you are....! You just take all promise. is making people back life so easy? At the very least, you need to know where the king's body is. It's been three years, and it's already ruined! ?” Pig was startled by Monk Tang's reprimand, but he could not help complaining.

At the same time Pigsy is also condescension, if others say so, be honest, he will believe them.

However, it happened that this was said by Monk Tang. Pigsy did not believe it.

"Master, what I think Pigsy said is reasonable. Although what happened to the king of the black chicken country deserves sympathy, his appearance is too strange. I could not see through." Sun Wukong agreed with Pigsy for the first time.

Pigsy's eyes suddenly lit up and said to Monk Tang, "Isn't that right, isn't it, Master, Master! elder brother also agrees with what I said!"

I also know, Monk Tang said in his heart, he has a little regret that he took the task without considering everything.

Although he regretted it, Monk Tang did not show it on the surface. He said righteously, "Can the king successfully back to life? How can I know without trying? What's the difference between not even trying and losers? The salted fish still has the chance to turn over. "

"Master, well said, I always support you!" Sandy shouted although he didn't understand what it meant.

"Holy crap, Bro Sandy, you scared me!" Pigsy feels panic. He feels his position fo flatterer is threatened.

Sun Wukong, on the other hand, rolled his eyes wildly. What does this matter to salted fish? Salted fish is innocent, okay!!?

"Go, follow me to the Black Chicken Country!" Monk Tang waved and the Little White Dragon trotted on.

Although he found it difficult to complete this task, since he can't give up after taking it, and the system release task can definitely be completed, but Monk Tang thought that he hadn't thought of that yet, so Monk Tang decided to find the corpse of the king first.

A line of people continued to hit the road and headed for the black chicken country, which already had a hazy shadow.

At the same time, in the royal garden, which has long been forbidden to the palace, there is a man with exactly the same look as the king of the black chicken country standing at the edge of a well where a huge rock is pressed. this man is the green-haired lion who killed the king of the black chicken country and sought to seize the land.

At this time, Green-Haired Lion was holding a light ball in his hand, and a small transparent figure was in the light ball.

The figure was middle-aged, with a golden crown on his head, a jasper belt around his waist, and a python robe. It was the ghost of the king of the black chicken country.

At the moment, the ghost of the king was held in his hand by Green-Haired Lion. His soul was a little gray and his eyes were even more blurred. it could not see any passionate look from his face. But he was active when talking with Monk Tang and others.

Green-Haired Lion looked at the king who had just been called back by himself, with a grimace of a grin on his mouth and said, "the King of black chicken country, I don't want to do this neither. Who let you offend my master? You deserve a tough time in your life, but don't worry, I won't kill you, for now, you are still useful, you will continue to be my bait! "

At this point, Green-Haired Lion tossed his palm and threw out the ghost of the king like throwing out garbage.

The ball of light bounced on the ground, crashed into the wall, and broke apart. The ghost of King of Black Chicken Country appeared and then floated around the well like a wandering soul like there was something precious about him in the well.

Green-Haired Lion looked at the king floating around, smiled piteously, then turned green light and disappeared from the royal garden.

The King is a tragedy in Green-Haired Lion's eyes. He once offended his master. However, it happened that the country was located on the road to the west where Monk Tang and his team have to get through. He only needed a little punishment, but at this time he became part of his lord's plan. His death was already destined.

Thinking of his master's plan, Green-Haired Lion couldn't help but be amazed. It really is the embodiment of wisdom.

At the same time, the Green-Haired Lion is also very happy. The task given by his lord is too great. Green-Haired Lion has completely fallen in love with the feeling of being a king who is ordering all people in this country. Green-Haired Lion has decided to help his lord host complete the plan and then can obtain the request to make him king here.

Originally, the task of Green-Haired Lion was just to make King of Black Chicken Country suffer a little, but after the king became a part of the plan, he became a very important part of the plan-bait, while Green-Haired Lion's task was to set the bait to lure Monk Tang and others into traps.

The king is the bait to lure Monk Tang, and Green-Haired Lion already knows that Monk Tang has been walking to the trap step by step and everything is going on as his lord expected. The ghost and flesh of the king are the bait to lure Monk Tang and others. The only thing he need s to do is to follow the plan.

There is only one way to save the king in this world, and that is Lord Lao Zi's Revival Pellet.

However, in order to obtain Lord Lao Zi's Revival Pellet, it is necessary to get it. thus it will lead Monk Tang and his party goes far away from the road to the west.

As long as Monk Tang and his party are far enough away from the westbound road, his master will secretly kill them. These people who are keeping eyes no them will not find out. Because Monk Tang is out of their sights.

Green-Haired Lion couldn't help shaking at the thought of this series of plans. His hair stood up.

Monk Tang and others could offend anyone. Nevertheless, they bothered his lord.


"Master, We have arrived at Black Chicken Country!" Pigsy said with a hint of excitement.

Although Pigsy shouted before not to let Monk Tang get involved in the trouble, looking at the distant crowd still couldn't help but excited. after walking for so many days in the wild mountains, seeing so many people, he couldn't help thinking that it is good to see people.

Hearing this, Monk Tang, who sat cross-legged on his horse, suddenly opened his eyes, and a huge city came into Monk Tang's eyes in the distance.

The city is unusually grand, with a wall of several tens of feet high, and is made up of black rock.

From a distance, it looks like a black monster crawling on the earth.

Under the sun, the sun was shining with black gold.

This city is Black Chicken Country.

Although Black Chicken Country is a country, it is actually a huge city.

On the way west, many of these cities are independent countries, so Monk Tang was not surprised.

Looking at the huge city for a moment, Monk Tang waved his hand and said, "Go, enter the city!"

Before entering the city, Monk Tang especially asks Sun Wukong and Pigsy to change a look, in order to not causing unnecessary panic.

Although Sun Wukong and Pigsy hid their horror face, the huge body of the Little White Dragon still attracted a lot of attention. when the Little White Dragon walked into the gate, people in Black Chicken Country was screaming incessantly.

"PSST ~ what is that? Why is there such a big horse? God, there is still a house on horseback! ?”

"What kind of horse is this? Why is his *** so big? Is it a stallion? "