Chapter 143 Big Thanks?

While Monk Tang was thinking about how to complete the task, Pig and others over there did not believe what the king said.

"You said you were the king of the black chicken country? What makes us believe you? Tell me, what purpose do you have? "

Pigsy said so. a king became a ghost? There is no way to cheat him!

"I don't believe him neither!"

Sun Wukong's eyes were shining with golden light. He was not aware of how the ghost appeared. Sun Wukong's heart could not help wondering.

The king of the black chicken country did not take any notice of Pigsy quit and others. he still bowed to Monk Tang, as if only Monk Tang was the only one in his eyes: "are you Elder Tang from Tang Land in the east?"

The voice of the king reached Monk Tang's ears, pulling Monk Tang's thoughts out of the task.

Monk Tang put aside the issue of how to get Revival Pellet or how to resurrect the king and said, "It's me!"

"Please! Elder Tang, you have to find justice for me!" Upon receiving the answer from Monk Tang, the king immediately threw himself to the ground and cried loudly for help. The body of the soul state fluctuated violently, and tears trickled out of the soul.

"Almsgiver, what are your grievances? Let me hear it! " Monk Tang stared at the king with curiosity. it was the first time he met the monster Monk Tang, and it was his first time to see a ghost that could shed tears. however, Monk Tang was not so surprised by him because he saw the White Bone Demon shed tears from the skull.

A skeleton can cry tears, a ghost crying tears is not unacceptable!

"Master, do you really believe him?" Sun Wukong heard these words.

"Yes, Master, this ghost comes from unknown sources. It is better not to believe it easily!" Pigsy also dissuaded Monk Tang.

This ghost can actually appear in such a hot sun, he is not an ordinary ghost.

"Master, be careful." Sandy cautioned.

"Just as well, listen to him!" Monk Tang wanted to know what kind of tricks they want to play with him.

Although there is something strange about the ghost of the king of the black chicken country, the system has already issued a task, which shows that this ghost is undoubtedly the king. Since the other party is the king, Monk Tang also plans to listen to what he will say.

Otherwise, Monk Tang wouldn't care about what a ghost said, and it would be directly destroyed it into experience points.

"all right!" See Monk Tang saw this, Sun Wukong and Pigsy also don't say anything, nodded in agreement, but they are tightly staring at the king, once the king does anything out of line, two people will not hesitate to kill it!

"Thank you, Elder Tang, for being willing to believe what I said!" The king kowtowed again: "things should start five years ago ..."


"What a bold monster, not only destroyed the lives of others, also want to seek to seize your land! ?” Sun Wukong airway.

The King spent more than half an hour telling the story from the drought that hit Black Chicken Country five years ago.

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy all believed his words after the king's narration was completed.

Of course, they don't believe it completely. None of the three are partial believers. This is just the words from a ghost. Many things need to be verified before they can be confirmed.

However, even so, Sun Wukong and others also hated the goblins the King of Black Chickens Country said to them and they all scold the goblins are too shameless.

Especially Pigsy, very annoyed when he was a goblin. why didn't he think of being a king? Don't he have everything if he was a king? Crowds of wives and concubines are not dreams for him! Pigsy beats his chest and repents his decision he made in old times.

"well, I already know things about you, Almsgiver. and I will cut off demons and let you back to life, but I still have doubts and want to ask something about you, Almsgiver!" Monk Tang nodded, and the story told by the king in front of him was similar to that in the original book.

However, what puzzled Monk Tang was how the ghost of the king could be here. A ghost should be afraid of the fierce sunshine at this time. Monk Tang wanted to find the answer from the king.

"Elder Tang, please just say it. What I know will be told to you. If I can back to life, I will appreciate you with a big thank!" The King of Black Chicken Country respectfully said that when he heard that Monk Tang will help him, the King did not know how to describe his mood right now. Naturally, he showed more respect to Monk Tang and promised.

"I want to know why are you here, Almsgiver? are you not afraid of sunshine, Almsgiver? It seems that there are still a few hours or two to go from here to the black chicken country. " Monk Tang asked. He doesn't care about the promise the king made, and of course, it was also in his mind.

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy also looked at the king. They also had the same doubts and needed answers.

All three could feel that the ghost of the king was not strong, at least not able to ignore direct sunlight.

However, it happened that the ghost of the king did not feel anything under the fierce sunlight.

"Ah..." the king was speechless for a moment, frowning as if thinking for a moment, then smiled wryly: "Elder Tang, in fact, I don't know why I am here, and I don't even understand why I'm not afraid of the sun!"

"Hum, you are obviously lying. You said you don't know, but why did you show up just after we arrived here?" Pigsysnorted, think the king really talked nonsense.

"No!" The king was very anxious and said, "what I said is true. I only remember that I have been dead for three years and has been wandering around the royal garden all day. but I don't know why I suddenly regained consciousness and came here. I still remember more news about you, elder Tang! The voice was saying that elder Tang can help me!"

Monk Tang picked up his eyebrows when he heard these words. He felt even more suspicious about it. He was about to ask the king some questions again.

As soon as he opened his mouth, the king's body was twisted and disappeared with a scream.

"What's going on?" Sun Wukong was shocked to see this scene.

Sun Wukong has been keeping a close eye on the king, but Sun Wukong has not found how the king disappeared. Although he has his golden eyes, he has no discovery on him.

"Master, what should I do? I think it's right not to believe that nonsense. when you get to the black chicken country, you will just get the customs clearance document and we will leave, regardless of whether the king sitting on the throne is real or fake! " Pigsy said to Monk Tang.

Pigsy perceives there is a a big trouble waiting for them in front of the black chicken country. Pigsy hates trouble most, avoiding is his best choice.

"What nonsense, since I have already promised him, I will do it. What I hate most is people who say everything but do nothing!" Monk Tang reprimanded angrily, although Pigsy was right, the task has been taken over and there is no reason to give it up. Monk Tang will not let go of the opportunity of getting experience point.