Chapter 142 Seeing Ghosts

Woo-hoo ~

The cock sings when the sun rises. and the golden sun jumps out from under the horizon, sending out light and heat.

It also gives a golden glow to the Monk Tang and his team who has just woken up and washed for breakfast.

The White Bone Demon was eventually taken away, and five days have passed since then.

In the past five days, Monk Tang's mood has been somewhat depressed. After spending so many days with the White Bone Demon, they had built a friendship like a friend with her.

The departure of friends always makes people feel a little sad. More importantly, the White Bone Demon was taken away out of sheer helplessness.

This can stimulate the Monk Tang and let the Monk Tang once again perceive its own weakness. what if he keeps the White Bone Demon by their sides? To ensure that people from heaven doesn't even dare to make trouble for them!

But helpless, they are weak than them, so we have to bow our heads temporarily. When Monk Tang vowed in his heart that he was strong enough, he must take back the White Bone Demon ... The White Bond Demon was taken away, and there was not even a maid to deliver tea and water around him. So sad for him!

Hoo ...

Monk Tang breathed out a sigh of relief, spit out all the depressing breath in his chest, and then flew to the Little White Dragon's back. with a wave of his hand, the crowd continued to hit the road, and the new day began again.


At noon, the sun was rising so high that huge amounts of heat poured down from the sun and the weeds on the roadside withered.

The crowd was also sweating like pigs. Although every now and then they just ate some cold drinks, they still felt very hot and uncomfortable.

At this moment, suddenly, Monk Tang and others felt a cold body, and a cold air suddenly came out of thin air.

"Who dares to haunt me, what a nerve! ?”

Sun Wukong was the first to react. His eyes shot out golden flames, staring at a place in midair.

"Come out!" Pigsy then burst into a loud drink, and the nine-tooth rake in his hand could be hit at any time.

"Are you elder Tang from Tang Land in the east?" A voice that sounded like a middle-aged man came from in midair.

"Who are you?" Monk Tang frowned slightly when he heard these words. he met lots of goblins on the road. But it is his first time to see a ghost.

Monk Tang has curiosity in his heart, but he is not afraid at all. He even thinks that "holy shit! I really see a ghost!"

It's been such a long time since I came to this world. Monk Tang's nerves have long been honed.

When Monk Tang heard of ghosts or demons, he was not fear, but only two words come into his head--------------experience points!

"The King of the Black Chicken Country!" The voice rang again and a transparent figure appeared in front of Monk Tang and others.

The figure appeared suddenly and silently. Whether it was Monk Tang or Sun Wukong, he did not find out how he appeared, as if he was already there.

With the appearance of this figure, Monk Tang all felt that the cold air between heaven and earth was more intense, which was caused by ghosts' breath.

Of course, the ghosts' breath has no effect on Monk Tang and others. But he feels quite good.

Also don't say, in this extremely hot weather, it feels like suddenly entering the air-conditioned room. It's really cool.

The figure is the image of a middle-aged man, with a dignified face, a golden crown, a python robe and a jasper belt around his waist. Although he is a ghost, it still has a dignified appearance, and he dresses like the head of a country.

Other countries such as the Black Chicken Country are better than not Tang Land. Although Black Chicken Country is also a country, its national strength is far from Tang Land.

Therefore, in order to show respect and obedience to Tang Land, the royal robes of the kings of small countries such as the Black Chicken Country are python robes, not real dragon robes.

Monk Tang just froze when the king showed up.

Because at the moment when this figure appeared, the prompt tone of the system was sounded and a task was issued: "ding dong, congratulations to the host for coming to the border of Black Chicken Country. now a new task is released: saving the king of Black Chicken Country. task rewards 10 million experience points. Do you accept it? "

Yes, of course!

On hearing of the task, Monk Tang took the job subconsciously.

Monk Tang can't remember exactly how long he hasn't received a task. When he heard of a task, he didn't care so much! ?

Although the 10 million experience points are not too many, they are not too many.

After confirming that he had received the task, Monk Tang was lost in deep thought about how to complete the task.

First of all, Monk Tang began to recall the plot of the original work. In the original work, although the king of the black chicken country who also became a ghost came to Monk Tang.

So that Monk Tang in the original work only knew that the real king form Black Chicken Country had been killed and replaced by goblins, and he was scared to death.

However, in the original work, the ghost of the king appeared at night instead of at noon, when the sun was shining.

This is very different, let Monk Tang can't help but give birth to doubts, the other side of the time and place is a little special.

it makes Monk Tang have a feeling that someone especially "sends" the king to him!

Monk Tang frowned and pondered, but he couldn't think of who would do it. He shook his head and stopped thinking about the problem.

Now that the task has been taken over, it must be completed to gain experience, Monk Tang continued to recall the plot of the original work.

Memorize all the clues helpful to the task one by one.

In order to save the king, the first condition is to find his body.

This is no problem. If there is no accident, the body of the king of Black Chicken Country in this world should also be protected by the Well Dragon King in the Octagonal Well. Then Pigsy will just go under the well and carry it out as in the original book.

However, it is not enough to have the body of the king of Black Chicken Country. he must have another item.

This item is Lord Lao Zi's famous Revival Pellet.

Without Revival Pellet, it would be useless to find 100 corpses.

But when he thinks of Lord Lao Zi, Monk Tang has a bad toothache.

If the story is exactly the same as the original story, it is not difficult to get Revival Pellet.

But in this world called "evil travels". If they want to get Revival Pellet from Lord Lao Zi. that's just wishful thinking. don't say they won't get Revival Pellet. now it's good not to hit them personally.

Monk Tang is very self-aware at this point. Monk Tang scratched his head and scratched his shiny bald head red without realizing it.

“Amitabfa!” Monk Tang cursed inwardly in his heart. it is not easy to take these 10 million experience points?

Don't he want to start stealing state like you did when you were in Wuzhuang Temple and then he goes to heaven to steal the pellet?

Although this is a method, the success rate in practice is too small or impossible.

Because the theft lasted too short, Monk Tang didn't know if he could find Doushuai Palace at that time.