Chapter 141 Everybody Come Together!

"Yes!" Nezha heard these words and then casually pointed to a heavenly soldier and said: "You get out and read the numbers aloud. How do you feel? Report it in time!"

Li Jing's side was ready to test whether' 60882819' was bewitched or not. Monk Tang also focused on Celestial Troops and Generations. Sun Wukong and others' voices were not small, but it is not spectacular. If they could let 100,000 Celestial Troops and Generations shout together, gee ... Monk Tang was excited to think about it.

It is better to take action such a thing. Monk Tang Lets Sun Wukong and others shout here. Don't stop shouting. Monk Tang is carrying his spade towards the opposite side!

When Li Jing saw Monk Tang flying toward him, he immediately stopped the soldier who was going to become a "white mouse" and asked him to stop the experiment first.

Monk Tang flew to Li Jing and others and stopped not far away, pointing to him with a clatter of monk spade: "Are you empty?"

Li Jing and the others: "? ? ?” Empty? Empty Crap ah, this mindless is a few meanings?

Monk Tang continued, "are you lonely? Do you feel cold? "

Excavate and others heard these words and the veins stood out on their foreheads jumped straight. Damn, it! this monk is not a fool, is he? You are empty, lonely, and cold!

Monk Tang seemed not to see Li Jing and others jumping with veins standing out, then said: "don't be sad, don't be impatient, come and read with me, 6, 0, 8, 8, 2, 8, 8, 1,9! Don't be shy, read with me, you won't feel empty, lonely, and cold!"

 All metal gray face: "..." Why suddenly they want to kill the monk?

"Hey? You are so shy, don't be shy, the teacher will be responsible for the end! " Monk Tang wrote with monk spade and used arhat's wand method. Behind him appeared a huge virtual shadow of arhat Buddha, smashing a huge' 6' on the ground. The depression was very deep, and there was a surge of water on the ground.

"Come, read after the teacher: 6!" Monk Tang pointed to the six-character road on the ground, which gave him that he is a teacher now.

“6!” he doesn't know which soldier didn't resist, or because it reminded him of school life, he read it.

As soon as someone takes the lead, naturally, someone reads it. The power of example is great!

In the phalanx of Celestial Troops and Generations, there was a trickle of' 6' chants, then gradually increased and converged into one.

"Very well, that's it!" Monk Tang's eyes suddenly lit up. Although there were not many people, results had already been achieved. Monk Tang understood that the "teacher" was indeed invincible. He called it "hot metal". He immediately wrote another number "0" on the ground and read: "0".

"0" this time more celestial troops and generals are making noise!

Li Jing, Nezha and others felt incredible at first, then they felt terrible, because they also felt their mouths were stirring and they wanted to read, and the memory of many years ago was reviving. It was their memory of reading with teachers when they were young, making them feel might from the teacher.

"bewitch, this is definitely bewitching!" Nezha shouted so loudly in his heart, but when Monk Tang wrote the fifth number, Nezha finally could not control his mouth and read aloud, "2".

Nezha was definitely a naughty child when he was a child. Even he couldn't help but read it himself. Like Li Jing and others who were like lovely babies when they were young, he couldn't help but read it when Monk Tang wrote the third number.

Li Jing and others cried as they read. Damn it, they really couldn't control themselves. They had the illusion that they would be beaten with hands if they didn't read. The feeling of being ruled by teachers is coming to them.

Monk Tang was actually a little overwhelmed. He was thinking about trying it out. He even got ready to run away with the wrong momentum. But he didn't expect celestial troops and generals to read it. Although he didn't understand what was going on, whatever he did, he said with a smile: "Very good, very good, that's it. Let's read it with the teacher 6088828819."


Boom, the sound of 100,000 Celestial Troops and Generations, all sounded together, the effect was absolutely remarkable, much more fierce than the thunder of the sky.

This heaven and earth under this horrible voice are almost fragmented.

The voice of terror spread far away, ten miles, hundred miles, thousand miles, ten thousand miles, and even further away.

On this day, in the world, so many creatures heard a mysterious voice: "60882819."

Even all the immortals and gods in heaven across a big boundary wall have heard about it, and many immortals almost regard it as ' Taoist Voice '!


An hour later, Monk Tang let the people stop till he was contented. He has to stop. Because Monk Tang felt that they were crying out for some lack of oxygen. The most important thing was that Monk Tang was also addicted enough to it. The pits on the ground had already big enough.

"bald man, what kind of bewitch is this?" Nezha is immediately shouted.

Nezha was trembling all over at this time, his face was red like bleeding, even the skin on his arm was red. The encounter just now really made him feel ashamed and resentful, and he was bewitched by the bald man in front of him. For Nezha, this is definitely a great shame.

Monk Tang was not happy and said, "Nezha, what do you mean? How did I become a bewitch when I kindly offered you a lesson? why have I bewitched you? What do you say? "

"You ..." Nezha heard these words, although he believed that he was bewitched by Monk Tang, there was no evidence.

"All right, Nezha, don't say anything." Excavate interjected at this moment, his face is also red, but there is no sign of anger from embarrassment, Li Jing does not have Nezha's fiery temper. He is shrewd. He read the number and found that it is not a bewitching. they follow him to read these numbers completely because of instinct in memory.

Moreover, Li Jing also felt that the numbers were just ordinary numbers and had no special significance. He could contact with Monk Tang by reciting the numbers silently. Li Jing also believed that it was complete bullshit and could not help but put down his heart. If he could really contact with this, he would have to deal with it carefully. He also has a great responsibility to protect the safety of heaven and to keep the news from leaking out.

Li Jing stopped Nezha from going on and then said to Monk Tang, "Master Sanzang, please forgive the rudeness of my kid. Now it is time for us to come back to heaven, and I will return to heaven to report my job. You..."

After putting down his heart, Li Jing also did not intend to get along with Monk Tang too much. Li Jing was afraid that he could not help beating this monk.