Chapter 140 Please Release Yourself!

Although the White Bone Demon did not understand what was going on with the string of numbers, she read them along with Monk Tang: "60882819."

Monk Tang nodded and then said discontentedly, "Speak up and read after me, 60882819."

The White Bone Demon blushed and felt silly, shouting: "60882819."

"Good, good, read aloud with me, 608828819. You're not loud enough. You have to be sincere to get in touch with me. "

Monk Tang's voice shook the fields and rumbled.

The White Bone Demon is also throwing caution to the wind. Although she thought it was silly, the sound waves are also coming from her small mouth: "60882819."

Hearing that Monk Tang said she has to be sincere, the White Bone Demon tried to cry out the numbers with her heart. Slowly, the White Bone Demon felt that when she cried out the numbers, she had a little connection with Monk Tang that she couldn't say for sure. Her mind seemed to have something more.

That kind of feeling, the White Bone Demon can't say, but it does exist, so without the guidance of Monk Tang, the shouting is more sincere!

Feeling that the White Bone Demon had finally joined his system-based group, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction and agreed.

Then he looked at Sun Wukong and others and said, "Wukong, Pigsy, and Wujing, why not join us? Come with me! "

Sun Wukong: "ha?" This thief monk, why do I have to be pulled every time I do something stupid?

Pigsy:“? ?” It's over. I'm going to be silly with bald head again. Hey, I'm famous all my life. No~~~~

Sandy: "got it, Master!" Although he doesn't know what Master is doing? But he feels so interesting, so he writes it down and says it again.

Sandy's heart was thinking like this, but at the same time, he took out a small notebook and wrote: a mysterious group of numbers 60882819.( if you add it up, something magical will happen, and you can't miss it ...) (ps: I guess it is a QQ group number for the writer's fans.)

With a wave of his hand, Monk Tang said, "Don't stand still and join us, 608828119."

“608828819.” Sandy was the first to shout and instantly got in mysterious contact with Monk Tang.

Monk Tang immediately felt this and nodded in relief. indeed Sandy's mind was the purest!

At the same time, Sandy also sensed this and shouted more vigorously. And Sandy felt that when he shouted these numbers, he could not only make mysterious contact with Master but also with the White Bone Demon.

Compared with Sandy, the performance of Sun Wukong and Pigsy disappointed Monk Tang, because Monk Tang did not feel that they had joined the group. Monk Tang understood that this was because the two disciples did not really read the number 60882819. In other words, Sun Wukong and Pigsy did not really believe him!

In this regard, although Monk Tang is somewhat disappointed, it doesn't matter. Just take your time. Monk Tang believes that Sun Wukong and Pigsy will join the group successfully over time.

Monk Tang turned his head and looked at the blinded Great White Planet and said, "Great White Planet, you read it too. It's fun!"

Great White Planet returned to absolute being, pointed to his nose, and said, "Shall I come too? Can you do it? " Damn, I should keep playing dumb!

"Hey, what did you say? you are not a stranger. As long as you are sincere, anyone who reads these numbers can get in touch with me!"

Monk Tang hey smile and don't forget to repeat' 60882819' rhythmically over and over again!

Great White Planet pulled the corners of her mouth and thought: What does this have to do with stranger stuff?

Great White Planet felt this way in his heart, but watching the White Bone Demon and Sandy shouting more and more enthusiastically, Great White Planet was budged: Is reading that number really able to get in touch with the Golden Cicada X, or is it new spell?

Great White Planet gritted his teeth in his heart, made up his mind, and read along with him. Of course, his voice was no louder than that of mosquitoes.

Great White Planet wants to test whether he can get in touch with Monk Tang by reading' 60882819', as he said.

"Great White Planet, your voice is too low, I can't feel your sincerity!" Monk Tang said.

“608828819.” Great White Planet couldn't help raising his voice when he heard these words, but immediately his face turned red with shame.

"Ha, ha, ha." Monk Tang laughed aloud: "Yes, that's it, Great White Planet. You have to let go. You have to let go of yourself!"

Great White Planet almost vomited blood after hearing these words. What the hell is it to let oneself go? At this time, Great White Planet deeply regretted his decision just now-this is too shameful, and Great White Planet did not feel the connection between reading the mysterious numbers and Monk Tang.

However, it is now too late to regret. Great White Planet decided to smash a pot to pieces just because it's cracked. He holds face flushed and his veins standing out then he shouted, "60882819."

Tang's monk almost laughed at the sight of this, before he said, only half, although it is true, there is no behind that sentence, Great White Planet can't join the group. Wanting to join the group must be his "group owner plus administrator" agree. But Monk Tang won't let his enemies join the group!

Brimming with a smile, Monk Tang looked at Great White Planet with the eyes of a "willing child" and nodded with satisfaction. Although Great White Planet cannot be added to the group, Monk Tang is still very satisfied with the voice made by Great White Planet.

At the moment, the voice of Great White Planet has surpassed that of the White Bone Demon and others. It can be heard from thousands of miles away. This propaganda effect is convincing.

Feeling Monk Tang's eyes, Great White Planet nearly vomited blood again, turned away from looking at Monk Tang, turned depression into strength, and continued to shout: "60882819." ——Great White Planet does not believe himself and he must obtain that mysterious connection with Monk Tang.

On the other side, 100,000 Celestial Troops and Generations are muddled at the moment. They are completely at a loss. they don't know why they suddenly yelled across the street, especially Great White Planet, who followed suit and made them even more helpless!

Nezha couldn't help saying, "Father, what are Monkey Sun and others doing? Are they crazy? Great White Planet? why did he shout along them? "

Li Jing also looked at it for a long time and didn't even notice that his beard had been plucked off by himself. hearing Nezha's voice, he returns to absolute being. And he said, " I can't see what's going on down here. Is there really any secret about that number? "

Nezha's eyes flashed when he heard these words and said, "Dad, shall we try it too? I suspect that it is probably bewitched."

Li Jing smoothed his beard, listened to the rhythmic cry from the other side, and after thinking for a moment, "Do you mean that Great White Planet is bewitched?"

Nezha nodded: "Well, there is indeed such doubt. If he is not bewitched, why would Great White Planet do this?"

In addition to the main world, there are too many worlds, and all kinds of mysterious techniques are unknown. Nezha suspects that' 60882819' is a mysterious bewitch.

Li Jing nodded: "Well, what you said is reasonable. Choose someone to try it and see what kind of bewitch is it!"