Chapter 14 Wukong, Borrowing Me A Light

Dispose of the big rooster cleanly and wrap it with large leaves. After getting a lot of firewood, it is a problem of fire. If the system mall is not closed, it is simple to solve the problem of fire. He only can think of other ways!

Log fire? Monk Tang denied that this requires technology and luck. In addition, although there is enough firewood in the forest, they are all relatively humid, and it is even more difficult to drill wood for the fire!

When Monk Tang was thinking about how to light a fire, Monk Tang suddenly saw a flash of golden light flashing in Sun Wukong's eyes, and then smiled and said to Sun Wukong: "Wukong, come, come here, Master has something to discuss with you! "

Hearing what Monk Tang said, Sun Wukong felt bad instinctively. Although he didn't want to be in front of Monk Tang who had just killed the chicken, he looked at Monk Tang's bright smile and eventually came to Monk Tang in front of him and said, " Master, what do you want to discuss about? "

"I want to borrow you a light?" Monk Tang coughed softly with a little guilty!

Sun Wukong heard. Although he has the high ability, he will change seventy-two, but he can’t play fire. He doesn’t belong to Fire Mastery, but he still asked, “Master, do you mean to let me look for someone and borrow a light? "

"No, Wukong, you had fire!" Monk Tang shook his head.

Sun Wukong continued to muddle, how could he not know that there was a fire on him?

"Wukong, look at the firewood. What do you see?" Monk Tang pointed at the firewood.

When Sun Wukong heard the words, he saw a pile of firewood, and as soon as he was about to speak, he felt that he was patted heavily on the back of his head, which was very heavy, and his eyes almost burst out.

Uh ... a little bit of golden Mars floated out of Sun Wukong's eyes, fell on the woodpile, and it ignited when it was blasted!

"Haha ... it's done, you see, Wukong, doesn't it have any fire on you?" Monk Tang laughed and pointed at the fire.

what the hell, what the hell is that, why is this firewood burning suddenly?

"Master, this is blame, why did it burn? Did I ignite it?" Sun Wukong asked curiously.

"Of course, it's you, Wukong, although you can't fire spells, there is a fire in your eyes, does this not come out in one shot!" Monk Tang said, watching the burning fire with great satisfaction, he thought that he would always have a lighter next to me ... a lighter monkey!

Huh? Why am I suddenly so cold? Monk Tang shivered, and the heat from the fire couldn't drive away any chill. He swallowed a bit of saliva, and Monk Tang saw a pair of angry cold golden eyes!

Not good, Monk Tang was bitter, Sun Wukong was angry!

"Dead bald donkey, you dare to make a fire with my fire eyes and golden eyes, you are really looking for death!" Sun Wukong said, his teeth biting, Monkey King Bar squinting in his hands as if looking at where It's more appropriate to stick!

"Wukong, what are you trying to do? Put the stick down and what if you hit the flowers and plants!" Monk Tang smiled wryly.

"Master, rest assured, every stick of mine will fall on you very accurately!" Sun Wukong smiled.

Damn, this dead monkey is serious, Monk Tang feels it, his eyes turn, and he throws the big cock into the fire, splashing a large amount of fire, and the shaking person can't open his eyes, use this opportunity Monk Tang Run away!

"Damn, where are you, you, sly monk?" After Sun Wukong covered the fire with his hand, he shouted at Monk Tang, who was already running, and then flew towards Monk Tang in a relaxed manner, ecstatically lying on his side!

Monk Tang looked back and Sun Wukong had caught up. Immediately, there was an anxiety in his heart. Mom, there was no curse. This monkey really angry without any warning.

"Master, what are you doing here?" Sun Wukong flew forward, keeping up with Monk Tang, and asked mischievously.

"I, I was taking a walk to admire the beautiful scenery, look at how round the moon is tonight!" Tang San said, turning his eyes.

Sun Wukong looked up at the sky. Where is the moon, not even a star? Huh? Where did the little monk go?

Damn it, this damn monk dared to lie to me, Monk Tang ran back.

And he has sat next to the fire. At such an event, Monk Tang has smelled the meat!

"Master, you lie to me!" Sun Wukong landed next to Monk Tang, staring at Monk Tang's bright head, "Master, you must let me knock on your head, otherwise I won't sleep off!"

Monk Tang heard the words right: "Well, just play with you for a while, Wukong, what did the teacher tell you? You have to learn to bear, I just shot your head just to test you, did you just have no tolerance? almost start to have a fight? "

Monk Tang's eyes looked at Sun Wukong ‘sincerely’. It wasn’t for firing the chicken. Monk Tang told himself.

Sun Wukong heard a word and put away Monkey King Bar said, "Master, I misunderstood you. It turns out that you are testing me, Master, I almost didn't hold back!"

"Ah, it's okay, didn't you hold back in the end? This is a great improvement. Come, the chicken is already good, let's eat!" Monk Tang said with a pretense sigh but smelled the fragrance at that time, I couldn't help but swallow. According to the amount of scent and the richness, Monk Tang judged that the chicken was fully cooked!

This made Monk Tang a little bit surprised. It was a bit fast. Looking at the golden line of fire jumping from time to time in the fire, Monk Tang produced a hint of enlightenment. The reason why the chicken is ripe so fast must be the golden color in the eyes of Sun Wukong. Is the flame related to the true fire of Samadhi?

But regardless of him, Monk Tang smells the fragrance and doesn't care about others. It has been several days since he came to this world. Except for the fruit, the only is solid food, Monk Tang has had enough. His eyes went green and he looks like a wolf.

Taking the beggar’s chicken out of the fire, Monk Tang couldn't help his hands, and sliced off the dried leaves layer by layer, the aroma became more intense, and Monk Tang's eyes were bright: here it is.

When the last layer of leaves was cut off, the golden-colored chicken that had been roasted on the inside, which was exposed. As well at this moment, when the aroma became strongest, the water vapor was lifted up by the fire, like a mushroom cloud, The aroma is spreading out, drifting away in the distance!

Duong~ Monk Tang swallowed a sip of water and tore off a thigh larger than the turkey's leg.

The golden, crispy skin that was torn between them made a crisp sound, which is so clear and pleasing to the ears!