Chapter 139 60882819

Monk Tang and his team and celestial troops and generals of Heaven are facing each other in silence. In the enchantment of immortal power, Great White Planet does not know what to say to the White Bone Demon. The White Bone Demon sometimes nods and shakes her head with a slightly tangled expression.

It was a long time before Great White Planet withdrew the enchantment and the White Bone Demon came to Monk Tang and others.

Before Monk Tang asked, the White Bone Demon said, "Master, I want to go back to heaven with him and accept punishment."


Although Monk Tang had such an expectation in his heart, he could not help but be surprised when the White Bone Demon spoke like this.

"You see, Master, I said she can't get along with Old White Planet alone, did I? Was she fooled by Old White Planet? " Sun Wukong heard these words and said like this, ignoring that Great White Planet was beside him.

When Great White Planet's mouth twitched, he did not fool the White Bond Demon. He only explained the pros and cons of the White Bone Demon.

Great White Planet understood that Sun Wukong had done this on purpose and was taking revenge on him for what happened that year.

"Yes, bone fairy, is this Old White Planet threatening you or something? Don't worry, old pig, the rake in my hand is not a decoration! " Pigsy also said.

Monk Tang also frowned and said, "Qiangu, is this your decision or ..."

"Master, this is my own decision. Xing Jun did not say anything to me. It is his own idea to go back to heaven. I was originally a maid in the Hall of Fragrance. I also had many sisters in heaven. When I was a demon, I could not return to heaven. Now I have such an opportunity, just go back and visite them, although I will suffer some hardships!"

The White Bone Demon replied that there was no superfluous expression on her pretty face.

Tang's monk sighed at the sight and said: "If you don't want to go back, Qiangu. you can stay. You don't have to worry about anything else at all. we can fight in a big deal. What's wrong with fighting them in a world-shaking way? Wukong and I have never been afraid of anyone! "

Great White Planet's eyebrows were thumping next to Monk Tang. He thought that the Golden Cicada X of this lifetime was really completely different from before. He is a monk but actually likes to fight?! He felt frightened.

The White Bone Demon shook his head: "Master, I really want to return to heaven and take a look at the place where I once lived."

When Monk Tang heard this, he knew that the White Bone Demon had really made a decision. He looked at Great White Planet and said, "Amitabha, I don't know what you and Qiangu have said, but I choose to respect Qiangu's decision and Qiangu can follow you away ..."

Great White Planet heard Monk Tang's words and was relieved to know that the matter was stable and could not be fought.

However, before the words of Monk Tang were finished, Great White Planet did not dare to express joy immediately.

Monk Tang's side continued, "although Qiangu promised you to leave voluntarily, I want a promise from you"

Great White Planet raised his eyebrows and said, "holy monk, it's ok to say it, as long as I can do it, I will do my best!"

Monk Tang nodded slightly and said: "Well, you are indeed a quick talk person. I know that this time Qiangu returns to heaven, she will suffer inevitable, but I hope Qiangu cannot have any life danger, otherwise ..."

Hearing these words, the White Bone Demon's charming body was shaken and her eyes were a little red. White Bond Demon did know that the bad things are waiting for her if she gets back to heaven.

But unlike celestial troops and generals, there will inevitably be a big war here.

White Bone Demon would have liked Monk Tang and others to have a war. However, after such a long period of time, she have shared weal and woe with Monk Tang and others, and Monk Tang and others also avenged her. With great kindness, the White Bone Demon can no longer be as indifferent as it was at first.

Great White Planet did not actually talk too much with the White Bone Demon. He just said that if Monk Tang and Wukong were to go to war with people in Heaven now, there would be no chance of winning. For those immortals now, Monk Tang, Pigsy, Sandy, and White Dragon are old, weak, sick, and disabled.

Therefore, the White Bone Demon promised Great White Planet even if he knew that his return to heaven would be a disaster, so as not to let the war between Monk Tang and others and heaven break out ahead of schedule, repaying that Monk Tang revenge her and restoring that he give her physical body.

Although there was a decision in her heart, the White Bone Demon still did not think that Monk Tang was making a promise to Great White Planet for her.

The White Bone Demon had to be moved and couldn't help crying. For thousands of years, no one has ever thought of her like this.


Listening to Monk Tang's words, Great White Planet rolled his eyes silently in his heart. I just wanted to finish the job as soon as possible. Although Great White Planet was cursing in secret, he still said with a smile: "Holy Monk, although the White Bone Demon committed a crime, she will not die. As long as within the rules of the law, no one can harm the life of the White Bone Demon."

Great White Planet is very confident in his sentence. Who is most familiar with the heavenly rules? Not the Jade Emperor, not Lord Lao Zi, nor any other immortals, but his Great White Planet. Great White Planet knows every loophole in the heavenly rules, as long as within the heavenly rules, Great White Planet is confident that no one can compete with him.

Within the laws in heaven, Great White Planet wants to save a person's life, which is simply too simple for Great White Planet.

"Amitabha, good. I believe you." Monk Tang's mouth is full of nondescript Buddhist words.

After that, Monk Tang looked at the White Bone Demon again and said, "Qiangu, if anything happens to you in heaven, please send me messages anytime. I am online 24 hours a day. As soon as I got bad news, I will fight my way up to heaven. "

The White Bone Demon couldn't help but be shocked when he heard these words. But she immediately thought that this is the monk who was not serious. Sometimes his words mean nothing. What is online? how can I trust him? The White Bone Demon did not understand it at all.

Great White Planet was listening. Although he didn't understand the meaning of Monk Tang's strange words, he also guessed that it should be a special way of communication. Great White Planet laughed scornfully. Heaven and earth are separated by a big boundary wall. It is very difficult to transmit information across borders!

Moreover, what place heaven is?  how can information be allowed to flow out of heaven? Even though it is very difficult for him to quietly spread the news from heaven, Great White Planet thinks that the White Bone Demon is even more impossible to do so.

Monk Tang didn't care what Great White Planet and others were thinking. He said to the White Bone Demon, "Qiangu, remember this string of numbers. When you want to send me a message, read this string of numbers aloud, uh, silently is ok. I will feel it. Come on, read it aloud to me: 60882819."