Chapter 138 Tensions

Upon hearing Nezha's words, Monk Tang understood that people in heaven sent such a large array of troops to capture the White Bone Demon.

They are aimed at the master and his apprentices, and the White Bone Demon is just an excuse for them to take action.

Of course, Monk Tang also understood that as long as he promised to hand over the White Bone Demon to them, the people in Heaven would have no reason to do so.

This fight will not work.

However, what Damn it, Monk Tang hates most is being blackmailed. he cannot have cold feet, he will fight!

Monk Tang stood up from the back of the little white dragon, and Nine-Ring Monk Spade was tightly held in his hand. he was not afraid of anyone when fighting.

With the movement of Monk Tang, Sun Wukong, Pigsy and Sandy are making ready, and the sinister smell is rolling up and they are clutching their weapons.


The momentum of the two sides crashed into each other, just like a nuclear bomb broke out and a terrible shock wave was generated between the two sides.

In an instant, it spreads to a place within a hundred miles, whether it is rocks, trees, or living beings.

Under this shock wave, they all turned into dust silently. Within a hundred miles of the place, instantly becomes a life forbidden zone.

Great White Planet saw this scene and he feels not good right now. He regretted taking the task even though he had been immortal for many years. He was sweating profusely at the moment and quickly began to dissuade him: "Calm down, calm down, everyone, calm down, and have a good talk."

"Hum, what is there to talk about? If this monk dares to be so rude to me, it is a sin to let them go easily. How about our dignity and presence? How about the majesty of heaven? " Nezha cold hum, Flaming Spear are producing fires.

Great White Planet was so angry when she heard these words. What is this?

With the inability to persuade Nezha', Great White Planet immediately persuaded Monk Tang and others to concede.

As long as one side of the two sides admitted being defeated, the battle cannot be fought. Great White Planet does not want the two sides to fight like this.

If Great White Planet isn't here, he won't mind if the two sides fight or not, but now once they fight, he cannot be immune either. Great White Planet wants to take himself out of this matter first.

However, Nezha has a bad temper, and the temper of Monk Tang and others are stubborn. None would take back step!

Before the Great White Planet said a few words, Monk Tang was waving his hand and the Immortal stopped shouting: "Great White Planet, you don't have to say, it is impossible for me to be admittedly defeated, and it is even more impossible to take White Bone Demon!"

"This, this ..." Great White Planet stamped his feet in a hurry. He felt that Monk Tang was not like a real monk. No monk does such a thing! He is totally a bandit.

Monk Tang's temper will make Great White Planet angry, but Sun Wukong is more aware that Monk Tang's temper is in line with him.

What time is this? The other party is going to shit on their necks. as Monkey King, Sun Wukong will be the first one who can't bear it. He has never conceded to anyone!

"Old White Planet, you stay aside and watch out for my big stick for a while. It will hurt you!" Sun Wukong turned the Monkey King Bar in his hand and smiled maliciously.

Great White Planet feels that his asshole immediately shrinks tightly, the body was cold. He was more worried, they are going to have a fight!! No!No!No!

Great White Planet's eyes did not a decoration. When his eyes swept over the White Bone Demon, he had a plan in mind.

The key person in this matter today is actually the White Bone Demon. As long as the White Bone Demon is fixed, Great White Planet is confident that today's matter can be satisfactorily resolved.

Great White Planet hurriedly said: "Please be calm and give me some time, will you?" then he looked at the Li Jing and others.

Great White Planet is not particularly high in status, but it is also the messenger of the Jade Emperor, representing the Jade Emperor. With such a gesture at the moment, Li Jing cannot ignore him and does not want to offend him. He smoothed his long beard and said, "Well, we will wait for you!"

Excavate, also made a wink to Nezha, although Nezha has a bad temper, he is very smart, he understands what Li Jing wanted him to do. he put his spear aside and stand aside, although the eyes still bold stare at Monk Tang and his team.

Monk Tang is also relieved to see this. Although Monk Tang is not afraid of fighting, he still hopes that this fight will not be fought or won't be fought. Once it is fought, it will be out of control. It is definitely not the end of today's fight.

If they lose, masters and his pupils will suffer or may lose their lives.

If they win, people in heaven will definitely not let them go just on account of their habits. They will certainly be able to send a steady stream of troops.

In Monk Tang's mind, it is indeed not the time to tear apart from people in heaven. What they should do now is to accumulate strength.

In this way, Monk Tang is happy to give Great White Planet a face and let Sun Wukong and others be calm.

Feeling the atmosphere was better a little, Great White Planet wiped the sweat with his sleeve, breathed a sigh of relief, and said to Monk Tang, "Holy monk, I want to talk to the White Bone Demon alone. can I?"

Hearing this, Monk Tang immediately frowned. He did not know what the old man was up to. Monk Tang did not immediately answer him, but looked at the White Bone Demon and said, "Gu, what is your opinion?"

Although the White Bonde Demon is a servant of the Monk Tang, the Monk Tang did not use her as a servant and gave the White Bond Demon maximum freedom. What the White Bone Demon wants to do or how to do, it depends entirely on the White Bond Demon's own will!

The White Bone Demon, hearing Monk Tang's words, recovered from the shock and said, "Master, Gu wants to talk to him."

When Great White Planet heard these words, his body moved to the side of the White Bond Demon. With a roll of the sleeves, he took the White Bone Demon away from Monk Tang and others for a distance. Then he built a layer of fairy force enchantment around the two. Monk Tang and others could only see their mouths open and close, but could not hear any sound.

"Master, are you so relieved to have the White Bone Demon talk with Old White Planet? Don't blame me for not reminding you, the best thing about Old White Planet is his mouth. It was Old White Planet that tricked me into going to heaven and hired me as the damn Supervisor for Healthy Horses. " Sun Wukong came to Monk Tang's side and whispered.

"Otherwise? Gu has her own will, how to choose is her own affair, and I am not good at intervening forcibly. And do we really want to go to war with people from heaven now? Are you sure of winning? " Monk Tang said.

Sun Wukong listened to Monk Tang's words, but he was in silence--------------------Sun Wukong was not afraid of anyone, but he was not sure of winning. Sun Wukong was not depressed. If he was sure of winning, Sun Wukong would strike in heaven a long time ago.