Chapter 137 Divine Troops From Heaven

Hearing that Great White Planet came here to "take" people to heaven, the atmosphere at the scene suddenly changed.

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy all have slightly narrowed eyes, and their attention was locked on Great White Planet.

If there is no need, Sun Wukong and others don't want to go to heaven now. To Sun Wukong and others today, it is like a deep end of a dragon's nest. It is very dangerous and there are too many people who are hostile to them.

"No, no, no, no, holy monk, Monkey King ... you have misunderstood. I did not come to take you to heaven. you are Misunderstanding me, you are misunderstanding me."

Great White Planet felt Sun Wukong and others had locked him. His heart was immediately throbbing with cold sweat from his forehead. He repeatedly waved and said with a wry smile. He knew this job was not a good one. Before he could say anything, Great White Planet felt the danger from everyone.

Great White Planet really thought that Monk Tang and his party are just a bunch of muddy people. it is best to not provoke them.

Great White Planet is an extremely shrewd old man. Although his position is not particularly high, he can get a lot of pieces of information. Monk Tang probably doesn't know some hidden things, but Great White Planet does.

Great White Planet knows clearly the relationship between Monk Tang and his disciples and heaven. They are like a pile of gunpowder that explodes next to sparkles. Originally, the Great White Planet was unwilling to do this job. However, the two giants in heaven named him Great White Planet to do it. In the end, the Great White Planet had to accept it and prayed that things would go well.

"Hum? Misunderstanding? Old White Planet, shouldn't you be the only one who has returned? " Sun Wukong snorted and looked up at the sky: "Since we're all here, why hide your head and show your tail? Come on, don't let me look down on you!"

"Haha, Monkey King, you have misunderstood me!" A burst of hearty laughter passed down from the sky and resounded through this world.

With the sound of this voice, the thick dark clouds in the sky quickly dissipated and in a twinkling became pieces of fairy clouds.

Immortal clouds are blooming and falling down from midair. Immortal light shines. The vegetation here grows crazy and the aura is dense. A moment later, there is a celestial atmosphere. The deep water on the ground recedes rapidly, revealing the green grass and the green ground, just like jade paved.

However, the eyes of Monk Tang and others were all attracted by the sight above the sky, and their eyes were bright and bright. They only saw:

Celestial Troops and Generations of phalanx above the sky, standing still on top of ten fairy clouds, with a total of 100,000 people, filled with cold air.

In front of the phalanx, there were several people standing, all of whom were extraordinary in appearance, with fairy lights curling around them.

The man in front was dressed in golden armor, holding the exquisite golden pagoda in his left hand, with a long black beard. It was Li Jing, the heavenly king of the pagoda.

Next to Li Jing, is a handsome young man. He steps on Hot Wheel with a Flaming Spear in his hand. His name is Nezha?

In addition, Windchief, Rainchief, Thunderchief, Electricitychief and Magic Family are separated on both sides of Li Jing and his son.

The previous flurry, lightning and thunder came from the hands of Windchief, Rainchief, Thunderchief and Electricitychief.

The previous hearty laughter came from Li Jing.

"Misunderstanding? I hope so. Hey, if you fight, I hope you can fight alone! "

Sun Wukong heard these words with a hey smile. Although he is no longer strong like old times, Sun Wukong still did not take 100,000 Celestial Troops and Generations seriously.

All the people heard these words and even immediately became gloomy. The monkey was really too rampant. Do you still think you were the monkey of that year?

Nezha's eyes were blazing with fire, and his hands were humming and quivering with Flaming Spear. He was in a position to fight Sun Wukong for 300 rounds.

Monk Tang looked at Celestial Troops and Generations all over the sky and said to Great White Planet, "Immortal, I don't know who is the one you want to take away?"

Damn's, that's why you are here! you are coming to fight! With so many Celestial Troops and Generations for taking a person? Monk Tang lamented in his heart.

"The holy monk, it is really a misunderstanding, seeking sutras in west is a big thing. we are not able to delay it. whom I am to take away is not you but her! " Great White Planet focused on the White Bone Demon.

"you want to bring her away?" Monk Tang's eyes widened and he was surprised to hear this.

"Me?" The White Bone Demon was also covered in a mist when she heard these words. Did people in heaven send so many people just to take her away?

Sun Wukong, Pigsy and Sandy were also a little confused when they heard these words. Is this unreasonable?

Great White Planet nodded and said: "Yes, holy monk, the person I came here to take away is The White Bond Demon. Presumably, you should also know what was the previous life status of White Bond Demon. She was originally a maid in the Hall of Fragrance, but she violated the heavenly rules in private. I came here to take her back to heaven to let her accept punishment ..."

"Wait, wait, wait, wait ..." Monk Tang held out his hand to stop Great White Planet from going on, saying: "Amitabha, fairy, you must not think I have a low IQ even though I have little hair. Don't try to cheat me. It's all over a thousand years ago, right?"

Great White Planet: "..." Hum, is there a relationship between hair and IQ? Besides, do you have any hair?

Great White Planet thinks in his heart that the Golden Cicada X in this life is really too different from the one of the previous life. In this life, in terms of the Golden Cicada X, Great White Planet could not find any words to describe him!

"Yes, why did you take me away?" The White Bone Demon is also puzzled. If Heaven were to punish her, they should have done so long ago. Why did it happen at this time? The White Bone Demon is very clever, and at first glance she sees odd things in it.

"This is a heavenly rule!" Great White Planet can only give her this answer. Great White Planet also cannot understand why Lord Lao Zi personally ordered the Jade Emperor to arrest the White Bone Demon back to heaven.

When Monk Tang heard these words, he immediately gave a sneer: "Heaven forbid? Oh, I don't know whose is! What if I said, you can't take her away? "

Damn, I took so hard time to have a maid! can I let you say take her away? Where do I put my face?

"Hum, you monk, don't be ungrateful, I have been tolerant enough if you dare to stop me to do law enforcement, believe it or not, I will treat you as the White Bone Demon' same sin? Who cares if you are a holy monk or Monk King? "Nezha said with a cold voice.

And with Nezha's voice, the 100,000 Celestial Troops and Generations behind him are a neat step forward.

The momentum rose to the sky, armor makes sounds, They all take a position to be ready to start a war.

Monk Tang's eyes narrowed when he saw this: "oh, my gosh, are they especially come here for us?"

Monk Tang immediately understood why the arrest of the White Bond Demon required the deployment of 100,000 Celestial Troops and Generations. Their original purpose was aimed at them. The White Bond Demon was just a reason for them to take them all down.