Chapter 135 Lord Lao Zi Was Almost Been Cuckold

Lord Lao Zi and Nine-Tailed Fox went back to the palace of driving in a good mood after a deep exchange of life and ideals.

When preparing to continue alchemy, his heart suddenly jumped and a bad feeling occurred in his mind.

Lord Lao Zi couldn't help cursing at the moment when the bad premonition occurred. The bad premonition appeared too frequently these days, and he did not consider alchemy. He immediately did fortune-telling. His face turned white and his beard quivered. "No, Ninei is in danger."

Lord Lao Zi disappeared from the Doushuai Palace.

It's no laughing matter that spending a day in heaven equals one year in the human world. although Lord Lao Zi has just returned to heaven, it is already several days on the ground and two days since Lord Lao Zi left Press Dragon Mountain.

Lord Lao Zi emerged in front of the Press Dragon Cave, and the horrible picture of the Press Dragon Mountain was shown in front of Lord Lao Zi.

First of all, Lord Lao Zi saw a huge seven-tailed black fox embedded on the Press Dragon Mountain, sending out the blood of brilliant black light flowing from the cliff wall like a stream. The huge head was smashed by some beating.

“Seveny! ?” Lord Lao Zi's face changed and he felt that fox Seveny had expired for a long time and the rest of the temperature had dissipated.

Lord Lao Zi then saw stalls of meat mud and fox bodies with different fur colors on the damaged ground.

A bit of snow-white thing came into Lord Lao Zi's eyes, and Lord Lao Zi came to the snow-white thing side with a flash of body shape.

This is the body of a fox with white fur, which is much smaller than other fox bodies. But it is very extraordinary, even if it is dead, it still gives people a very beautiful, very tempting feeling, with nine tails. It is the body left behind by Nine-Tailed Fox after his death.

"Ninei, how can! ?” Lord Lao Zi picked up Nine-Tailed Fox's tiny body, hair and beard were all stretched out, and anger was surging.

There is a blood hole between the eyebrows of Nine-Tailed Fox's body, which is the fatal injury of Nine-Tailed Fox!

Lord Lao Zi's anger was surging, but there was not much sadness in his brow. he looked at the sight and said, "damn it, what happened? I have just left for a second. who is so bold? What forces nearby can kill Ninei and others so quickly? I want to see who it is. "

To himself, Lord Lao Zi was just pointing out and using his great magic power-back in time.

A strange and grand force pervaded Lord Lao Zi's fingertips, turned into ripples, and enveloped the Press Dragon Mountain in an instant. this force is the power of time.

Under the influence of the power of time, scenes appear, which are exactly what happened in front of Press Dragon Cave not long ago.

"Golden Cicada X? Sun Wukong? Why are they here? "

Lord Lao Zi couldn't help but be surprised to see the image of the people in the picture, saying, "Press Dragon Mountain is not on the way to the west!"?

Lord Lao Zi saw Pigsy, Sun Wukong, and others sweeping through Press Dragon Cave's belongings.

Seeing Monk Tang was stabbing Nine-Tailed Fox to death with his monk spade and was smashing Seveny's huge head.

When Pigsy, Sun Wukong, and others started to fight, they took Nine-Tailed Fox and kill other foxes.

"How is it possible? How can golden Monk Tang compete with Ninei for control of Gold Rope? "

Lord Lao Zi stared at the picture of Monk Tang and Nine-Tailed Fox vying for equal control of Gold Rope.

When Lord Lao Zi saw Golden Horn King bound by golden rope in the chrysanthemum cave, he knew that some of Monk Tang's team had mastered the mantra of controlling golden rope, but he didn't care much.

Because Lord Lao Zi believes that even if Monk Tang and his party had mastered Gold Rope's method of control. That is because they had overheard it from Golden Horn King or Silver Horn King, which was only a low-level method of control.

Of course, Lord Lao Zi was still paying attention.

That's why he gave the highest level of control to Nine-Tailed Fox when he was in deep communication with Nine-Tailed Fox.

But at the moment Lord Lao Zi saw that Monk Tang could still compete with Nine-Tailed Fox for control of Gold Rope.

Moreover, Lord Lao Zi can tell that the control method mastered by monk Tang is not the one that taught the Nine-Tailed Fox-the method mastered by monk Tang, which is really too shameful!

Lord Lao Zi couldn't believe it, even there are some other methods to control Gold Rope, you know Gold Rope is Lord Lao Zi's belt, which Lord Lao Zi personally refined in his furnace.

Although it was too shameful to say that Monk Tang had mastered the method of control, Lord Lao Zi had to admit that he was very clever. in a flash, Lord Lao Zi flashed countless thoughts and thought that Monk Tang had a powerful man behind his back.

But Lord Lao Zi could not figure out who was capable of making a stand against him behind his back!

At last Lord Lao Zi snorted, and no matter which powerful man was plotting against him, Lord Lao Zi decided to let him pay the price sooner or later. when he thought about it, he wanted to take back the Gold Rope taken away by Monk Tang.

However, Lord Lao Zi's face turned black when he moves his willpower to perceive where the gold rope is, as if he had eaten a fly.

Damn, Lord Lao Zi found out that he could not sense Gold Rope at all, let alone call it back!

Then Lord Lao Zi laughed, because of anger.

The one who is helping Monk Tang is really making his efforts.

Not only did he teach Monk Tang a new control method to control Gold Rope, but he also helped Monk Tang cover his induction to Gold Rope.

With this in mind, Lord Lao Zi did not worry about bringing the Gold Rope back. just make sure that the Gold Rope is on Monk Tang-----------temporarily store it at Monk Tang's place, he must find a way to hide his induction of Gold Rope and then bring it back later.

As for directly asking Monk Tang for help? As Monk Tang thought, Lord Lao Zi did not think about it. Lord Lao Zi did not want to do it.

Although Lord Lao Zi knew that his relationship with Nine-Tailed Fox was not a secret in front of some powerful people in Heaven.

But, after all, they were not put on the table, and Lord Lao Zi did not want to uncover them himself, because he would not be able to explain them at that time.

Even Lord Lao Zi has reason to believe that the one who helped Monk Tang was to want him to take the initiative to ask for Gold Rope, and then to uncover his relationship with Nine-Tailed Fox so as to make him lose all his face.

Lord Lao Zi went on looking back at the picture and his face turned red because Lord Lao Zi saw that Pigsy was going to have sex with Nine-Tailed Fox.

Damn's, he can bear other things, but it is really unbearable. Pigsy was going to be cuckoldry??

If it weren't for the fact that Pigsy didn't succeed, Lord Lao Zi really couldn't help it immediately, slapping Monk Tang and his party to death. Even so, Lord Lao Zi also couldn't control his own mighty and boomed it out, leaving the place thousands of miles away in the Press Dragon Mountain silent.

Lord Lao Zi, with a sad face and red eyes, growled, "Marshal Tianpeng, I will surely let you die!"

At this moment, Lord Lao Zi's hatred of Pigsy directly surpassed Sun Wukong and Monk Tang and Pigsy came first one in his killing list.