Chapter 134 I Will Grieve You Dead

The night is cool, the breeze is blowing, the stars are all over the sky, and wisps of starlight are falling down from the sky, like the light rain of stars.

Monk Tang and his team were on their way under the dim light of night, far away from Press Dragon Mountain and returning to the road to the west.

This is a magnificent view of the world at night, which could not be seen in Monk Tang's previous lives. Monk Tang lay on the back of the small white dragon and looked at it.

The White Bone Demon massaged him like a clever maid. Monk Tang is at unspeakable ease and enjoyment.

At the same time, Monk Tang also sang songs in his mouth:

A road leads to my home

My family lives in Liang Mountain

Under the mountain, there are five acres of fertile land.

Five acres of fertile farmland and rape flowers


The night was sultry, and Monk Tang was in a good mood because he had just upgraded to a higher level and got a lot of treasures in the Press Dragon Cave.

More importantly, Monk Tang has got a great treasure ------Gold Rope.

he got the Gold Rope at Flat Top Mountain and Monk Tang didn't dare to stay longer because of some scruples, then there is none now.

Getting Gold Rope from Golden Horn King、Silver Horn King and getting Gold Rope from Nine-Tailed Fox are completely different things.

Since Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King are Lord Lao Zi's apprentices. Lord Lao Zi has a legitimate reason to take back it which Golden Horn King and silver horn king so-called "stolen" from him. It is regarded as "the return of the treasures to their original owners"------------ The inside job, Lord Lao Zi's taking back the treasures is reasonable, and outsiders have no reason to judge him.

If Monk Tang and others don't return it, Lord Lao Zi has reason to ask for it. Lord Lao Zi took back the five treasures without saying anything at the beginning. This is a tacit understanding between both sides. Monk Tang also understood this at the beginning, so he didn't have the idea of having the five treasures behind. Monk Tang has his means to hide treasures and not let Lord Lao Zi find them. His portable space is not decoration!

However, Monk Tang did not do that. Monk Tang did not want to give Lord Lao Zi any reason to start a war with them.

It's been so long since they went on the road to the west, Monk Tang has already some ideas of getting sutras in western.

However, this time is different. when getting Gold Rope from Nine-Tailed Fox, Monk Tang has no reason to return it and also has reason to believe that Lord Lao Zi will not come and ask for it himself.

Because Lord Lao Zi had no valid reason, and Lord Lao Zi could not afford to lose face.

That Gold Rope is Lord Lao Zi's right, but Lord Lao Zi cannot explain why Gold Rope is in the hands of Nine-Tailed Fox.

Nine-Tailed Fox stole it? Oh, no one will believe that! Nine-Tailed Fox is just a goblin in the human world. She can't even pass the gate of heaven, let alone stealing Lord Lao Zi's treasures from the Doushuai Palace. If a fox demon could go to heaven and steal things casually, heaven would not exist for a long time. If she did so, So many immortals are really decorative. They are also proud.

What? You said that Nine-Tailed Fox is the godmother of Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King. Gold Rope was given to them from Nine-Tailed Fox?

It is true in the original book, but the plot here is not so. Monk Tang and his team don't know how much powerful men are watching on them secretly, so what wrote in the original book doesn't work at all in this world. Lord Lao Zi and his party may choose to believe this reason, but Lord Lao Zi's enemies won't believe it.

Lord Lao Zi would not even say that Gold Rope was given to Nine-Tailed Fox by himself. one was a fairy in heaven and the other one was a demon on the ground. They would be no relation at all. Lord Lao Zi would not even reveal his relationship with Nine-Tailed Fox because of this.

Gold Rope is Lord Lao Zi's belt, how did it get into Nine-Tailed Fox's hands? Pulling out his belt and giving it to Nine-Tailed Fox?

Lord Lao Zi couldn't explain it even if he had a hundred mouths to open. it was doomed that Lord Lao Zi couldn't open his mouth.

Therefore, Lord Lao Zi will definitely not make a big noise in order to get Gold Rope back. he can only do some intrigues in secret.

What Monk Tang is not most afraid of is intrigue. There are too many intrigues against Monk Tang and his disciples. Monk Tang is not afraid of one or two more intrigues. and if there are more lice on his back, he will not feel itching. (It means he has already get used to those intrigues.)

So after Monk Tang analyzed it, he resolutely put the Gold Rope away and threw it into his portable space.

Monk Tang has made up his mind that if Lord Lao Zi wants Gold Rope back, he will have to pay it accordingly.

Otherwise------no way.

Of course, Monk Tang also knows that although Gold Rope is left in his hand, it is difficult for him to use it.

Once used, Lord Lao Zi will perceive it and then take back just by one willpower.

Therefore, Gold Rope can only be a decoration and remain in his portable space.

However, it doesn't matter. Monk Tang is still cheerful. Although he can't use it, he just needs to stay in his hand and give Lord Lao Zi some plugging. Monk Tang already despises Lord Lao Zi. if it were not for him that he is too weak to fight with Lord Lao Zi, Monk Tang would have swung his spade.

Besides, Monk Tang also didn't think the Gold Rope could never be used. Maybe Lord Lao Zi died with a bang one day? Of course, Monk Tang knows this hope is too slim.

However, Monk Tang is still confident that he will have the opportunity to use the Gold Rope. Monk Tang believes that when he is at a certain level as master of divine focus, he can refine the Gold Rope into his own.

"Pig, you don't feel it? Master seems to be in a good mood!" Sun Wukong whispered to Pigsy.

"Well, I also feel it, maybe Master because got a lot of treasures? However, we'd better be careful. you should know who this monk is. monkey brother, you know him best. maybe he can give us another trap. "

Pigsy glanced at Monk Tang, who was lying on the back of a small white dragon singing and agreed with Sun Wukong.

Now the two are temporarily united front, ready to face together if Monk Tang is ready to play tricks with them.

Both Pigsy and Sun Wukong did not believe that Monk Tang would just let go of teasing they did to him.

Sun Wukong and Pigsy are all too familiar with how narrow-minded and vengeful Monk Tang is.

"Well, Pigsy, you're right, we really should be careful ... Ah? Press Dragon Mountain has a situation over there! Lord Lao Zi?”

Sun Wukong nodded in agreement. Suddenly his eyes burst into golden flames and looked away at Press Dragon Mountain. His eyes narrowed slightly.

Then he looked at Monk Tang, who was lying on his horse. He thought that the monk had expected nothing wrong. Lord Lao Zi did come and seemed very angry.

A vast and heavy mighty came from the direction of the Press Dragon Mountain, like a tsunami. All was silent within a thousand miles. Under this vast pressure, no creature dared to make a sound.

Monk Tang also sat up in shock and looked at Press Dragon Mountain. Immediately, the corners of his mouth turned up, he lay down again and crossed his legs again. His legs shook up with the rhythm and could not say how proud he was   --------------- old guy, I can't beat you, but I could grieve you dead.

He said, "Don't worry about him, keep going!"

Sun Wukong and others looked at each other after hearing these words, then shrugged their shoulders and continued on their way, turning a blind eye to the mighty coming from behind.