Chapter 132 The Company You Keep

Snow, Sun Wukong and others immediately burst into laughter. This time they finally noticed how Monk Tang controlled Gold Rope!

Ha, ha, ha, ha ... A big laugh reverberated in the night.

Previously in Flat Top Mountain, Sun Wukong and others were curious about how Monk Tang controlled Gold Rope, but Monk Tang kept it secret.

In addition, what is known about the White Bone Demon is also tight-lipped, which makes Sun Wukong and others have no idea.

I didn't realize how Monk Tang controlled Gold Rope at this time. The movements, the postures, that's really ... it's hard to put an eye on him directly.

The act of twisting the buttocks is really too funny, okay? Sun Wukong and others couldn't help laughing.

"Oh, Master, what are you doing?" Sun Wukong laughed and fell from the tree.

"Ha, ha, ha, Master, why are you twisting your waist and hips? It's really unsightly!" Pigsy, who returned to Sun Wukong and others, could not help rolling on the ground with laughter and touching the wound. Although he twisted with pain, she could not help laughing.

"Master, so you are such a master ..." Sandy laughed and wrote pictures in his small notebook. He wanted to clearly record all the events of today and keep it for later in unhappy times.


Hearing the laughter of Sun Wukong and others, Monk Tang's face suddenly darkened, and all of his "majesty" as a teacher was gone!

Monk Tang wanted to cry but did not stop because he could feel that Nine-Tailed Fox had strong control over Gold Rope.

If he relaxes on his side, he will be immediately tied up by Gold Rope. Monk Tang does not want to be caught. Monks do not stand under the dangerous wall. (It means he doesn't want to lose the battle)

Sun Wukong and others smiled for a while and finally, they laughed enough.

After that, Sun Wukong and others just became curious. They wondered why Gold Rope was here at Nine-Tailed Fox's hands!

They can remember that the Gold Rope and the other four treasures were taken away by Lord Lao Zi and would not normally appear here.

Nine-Tailed Fox stole it?

That's impossible. if Nine-Tailed Fox could steal from Lord Lao Zi, she would be cool.

Lord Lao Zi lost it?

It's not possible, though, with an "old" word in his name, Lord Lao Zi is not old enough to lose things. (ps: “old” is a homophone for the word 'Lao' in Chinese.)

The point is, it seems that Nine-Tailed Fox uses Gold Rope faster and more conveniently than Golden Horn King.

Sun Wukong and others both keep eyes on her. Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy smelled a deep smell of gossip.

It has to say that they have been with Monk Tang for a long time. For some things, even Sun Wukong has become much more acute and more interested in gossip. The company he keeps.

This way, Sun Wukong, and others have no special reaction to Monk Tang's ability to control Gold Rope. after all, they have seen it.

However, Nine-Tailed Fox is different from them. when seeing that Monk Tang can also control Gold Rope, the shock in her heart cannot be expressed clearly.

Even shocked, she didn't find Monk Tang's shameful actions and incantation from his mouth.

Nine-Tailed Fox has only one thought, that is, how did Monk Tang do it. she has some doubts that Lord Lao Zi cheated her.

It took a while for Nine-Tailed Fox to wake up from the shock and immediately shouted, "Go! Arrest the monk."

Nine-Tailed Fox can't do it at will now. although Lord Lao Zi gave her the highest permission to use Gold Rope, if she wants to maximize the power of Gold Rope, Nine-Tailed Fox can't do it at will, at least can't catch Monk Tang.

"Yes, madam!" The rest of the fox heard the sound of Nine-Tailed Fox, only to wake up from the slaughter of Monk Tang just now. Just now Monk Tang killed too fast and too fiercely, making these foxes, who have already killed many people, tremble with fear, and have been in a state of shock and stun. At this time, the foxtails are twisted toward Monk Tang.

"ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, you have acted shamelessly, how can you fight with me together?" At the sight of this strange cry of Monk Tang, he read his incantation, writhed and used "shrinking into inches", shuttling among the numerous foxes, and occasionally had some chances to kill fox goblins.

It can be said that he is so so so cool that he can do four things together at the same time.

"he can do it like that!?” Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and others were also surprised to see Monk Tang like this. No one can do four things casually at the same time. They all wanted to help him, but seeing Monk Tang doing like this, they decided to continue to watch the fun.

Then Pigsy started to kiss up to the Monk Tang: "Master, I admire you so much for your operation, you are so 666!"

Hearing these words, Tang's monk smiled triumphantly, but his face darkened immediately. he shouted in his heart, "Damn it, you don't help me with your mouth! ! with your hand!"

Although Monk Tang runs the show, only Monk Tang knew how it difficult was. Monk Tang felt tired, but his incantation could not stop. If he stopped, he would be crushed by Nine-Tailed Fox.

With a whoosh, Monk Tang finally got a little exhausted, emerged from the pile of fox goblins and came to Sun Wukong and others ... for help!

Monk Tang said his lines and made shameful moves while winking at Sun Wukong and others: do me a favor.

Sun Wukong: "..." What is this monk doing? Why are you winking at me? He is not want to ask for my help? Hey hey, I just pretend I don't understand it.

Pigsy, seeing Monk Tang winking at him, his eyebrows leaping, his whole body hair bristling, his hands clasping his chest fiercely, said: "Master, I only like beautiful women, I am not a gay!"

Monk Tang: "Twist, twist, twist, twist ..." Hearing Pigsy's words, Monk Tang almost passed away. Damn, you are gay! your whole family members are gays, and this damned "actor" is so dramatic.

Monk Tang gave Pigsy and Sun Wukong a hard look and looked at Sandy, hoping Sandy could understand what he meant.

However, a moment later, Monk Tang regretted to ask Sandy for help. Damn it, why he asked for it?

Sandy was a little confused and looked at the Monk Tang who winked at him. he really didn't know what Monk Tang meant and said, "Master, what do you mean? Don't' twist and twist', say something else! "

Monk Tang's eyes rolled wildly. Goddamn it, if I could just say something else, would I wink at you?

Sandy: "Master, don't roll your eyes. I don't understand what you mean. Are you getting sand into your eyes?"

Monk Tang: "twist, twist." I was so angry with you! Monk Tang gave a loud roar in his heart.

Sandy tugged at Sun Wukong and said, "Master, what does Master mean by rolling his eyes?"