Chapter 131 Having Drugs!?

Looking at a group of foxes stuck in front of him, Monk Tang was not surprised or pleased and shouted, "Then die!"

For Monk Tang, these foxes are no different from Nine-Tailed Fox. They are all experience points. It doesn't matter who is killed first.

Indestructible Knack works. Monk Tang's skin instantly turns golden, just like gold. Even his robes are dyed golden. Monk Tang immediately feels the surging power and explodes in the flesh.

Boom, Monk Tang brandishes nine-ring spade at the fox goblins who are stopping him in front of the Nine-Tail Fox.

The blow, Monk Tang did not use other skills, just using simple force to strikeout.

However, it is still very powerful. The wind was blowing in front of the Press Dragon Cave when Monk Tang swung his spade.

The rubble on the ground turned into dust under the strong wind and the dust filled the sky.

Even the space in midair is, fortunately ... deformed and sunken on the pressure of Monk Tang's spade!

"sisters! we go to work together, take down the monk, and then pick him and suck him up!" Feel the power of the blow, a fox goblin exclaim, two red foxtails are whipping on the spade, but their purpose is too impure!

"Well, sisters, let's do it together!" Other fox goblins agreed, their eyes went sharp. what a handsome young monk, they have never got the essence from a monk! It let their hearts tempting, so they pull out their ... Tails.

There are hundreds and thousands of foxtails in various colors, interwoven in the in midair, forming a colorful fur wall.

When he heard the fox, Monk Tang's face became black and angry------------Damnit, a bunch of whores, I don't want them.

"Kill!" The golden light of Monk Tang's body was even brighter with a burst of drink, and his strength rose again to a new level.

Thud~Nine-Ring Monk Spade crashed on the wall interwoven with foxtails, making a muffled sound.

Then I saw that the colorful wall was violent went down, and then it broke apart, and pieces of foxtails scattered with blood.

The strike from Monk Tang was too strong, and the fox's tails simply could not bear the power of such a strike!

Seeing this scene, Sun Wukong's were all wide open: when has the power of this monk become so abnormal?

The tails are a very important place for foxes. The pain of cutting off the tail is like a broken soul. They can't help crying out in pain.

Monk Tang was reasonable and unforgiving. He uses "shrinking into inches", and he appeared beside a painful fox who couldn't stand up straight. He strikes with his spade at her. With a Thud, The fox didn't even scream and was smashed into a paste.

At the same time, Monk Tang heard the prompt tone of the system:

"Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for slaying a fox demon and rewarding 100000 experience points!"

Monk Tang's eyes brightened slightly. The experience points of the fox were really high, which made Monk Tang even more excited!

Then the body flashes continuously. Every time he flashes, Monk Tang will appear beside a fox goblin and beat it into a paste.

"Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for slaying a fox demon and rewarding 100000 experience points!"

"Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for slaying a fox demon and rewarding 100000 experience points!"

"Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for slaying a fox demon and rewarding 100000 experience points!"


The prompt tone of the system is continuously sounded, even producing stress. This shows how fast Monk Tang is killing those fox goblins.

It sounds very slow, but he only takes a few seconds. Then there are dozens of extra stalls of meat paste on the ground.

In this short period of time, Monk Tang has gained millions of experience points and is enjoying himself.

"Ow ~ I feel so painful!" Pigsy gave a sudden howl, which startled Monk Tang and others.

"What's wrong with you, Pig?" Monk Tang asked with concern, thinking that Nine-Tailed Fox had secretly hit on Pigsy.

"Not really, Master, I suddenly felt very distressed!" Pigsy sat up, shook his head and stared at the stalls of meat mud on the ground, leaving behind big tears-------------what a pity to lose these beautiful little ladies, unfortunately, I haven't done that thing with them! this monk is really don't understand the mercy to women.

"Mercy?" When Monk Tang heard this, he thought that Nine-Tailed Fox had tampered with Pigsy's heart. But when he saw Pigsy's eyes, Monk Tang immediately understood what is really happened here. and he was speechless. This salacious pig still doesn't change his mind!

"ah ~Monk Tang, I will kill you!" Nine-Tailed Fox let out a scream at this moment. Just now Monk Tang was killed so fast that she did not react. When she did, the subordinates who had stood in front of her were already half dead.

These are all the strength of their fox clan, and they belong to a clan. Although they are subordinates, they are more like relatives. Looking at her subordinates who turned into dozens of stalls of meat mud, Nine-Tailed Fox immediately collapsed. Although Pigsy had a good time before, he did not cause much damage to the fox clan of Press Dragon Mountain, even he did not.

However, it is different at this time. Monk Tang wanted her people's lives first hand. Nine-Tailed Fox was unable to keep his calm attitude immediately. Although she did not go out of her way, she was also a little crazy.

"Gold Rope, go!" Nine-Tailed Fox holds the mysterious seal and controls Gold Rope.

Gold Rope shake to loosen Pigsy like the same golden snake, turning into a golden light and running to Monk Tang.

At this time, she has no matter what will happen after she releases Pigsy. Nine-Tailed Fox now wants to catch Monk Tang.

As long as Monk Tang is caught, everything will be fine, and Nine-Tailed Fox has decided to fight.

Monk Tang has noticed the golden rope for a long time, so when the golden rope came running towards him, Monk Tang was evading the golden rope by repeatedly using "shrinking into inches" and instinctively saying, "Twist, twist, twist, twist ..."

At the same time, Monk Tang's body is also doing back and forth twisting and swaying, competing with Nine-Tailed Fox for control of Gold Rope.

When the mouth utters a "spell" and the body moves with the spell, Monk Tang was muddled. Did he have drugs??

When did such shameful lines and actions become his instinct?

At the moment, Monk Tang is crying in his heart. Damn, this action is really ugly and shameful. Monk Tang is afraid to see Sun Wukong and others!

Although the method obtained from the system mall is quite different from the method Lord Lao Zi gave to Nine-Tailed Fox, the lines and actions are somewhat shameful, but the effect is comparable.

When Monk Tang said and twisted, Gold Rope seemed to have been cast with a body-fixing spell and was immobilized in the midair.

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and others did not have much reaction to the fact that Monk Tang was tender enough to control Gold Rope. After all, Monk Tang had already used such skills when he was in the Flat Top Mountain Chrysanthemum Cave, but ...