Chapter 130 Nine-Tailed Fox: YMF

"Ah ah ah ~ pain pain pain, pain, I am dying, I am almost ripe! Master, help me. " Pigsy's shrieks echoed in front of Press Dragon Cave. His fat body was whipped back and forth by nine foxtails, like a ball flying in the air.

To tell the truth, if it weren't for Gold Rope, Pigsy wouldn't be afraid of an attack like Nine-Tailed Fox. What she did to him is at the extent of tickling him.

However, Gold Rope not only tied him up and could not move, but also sealed him up with all his strength, greatly reducing his defense.

Pigsy began to ask for help. Although it was a little comfortable in his heart, it was really painful.

Hearing what Pigsy said, Nine-Tailed Fox was shocked and thought that Monk Tang and others were also here? She Immediately perceives the surroundings.

"My hair, you pig, why should you expose your whereabouts as me? I prepare to watch more plays!"

A nondescript Buddhist chant sounded, and Nine-Tailed Fox saw a shiny bald head emerge from the darkness.

When she saw the bald head, Nine-Tailed Fox only had one thought ... good head, bright head, and dazzling head!!!

Pigsy was about to cry when he heard this. Damn it, the monk was still thinking about watching the play. To watch the fun was just to see him beaten.

For a moment, Monk Tang and his party walked out of the darkness and came within the light of the fire.

"Master, I didn't mean it, you are quick to save me down? I'm going to be roasted! "

Pigsy shouted at once when he heard this, Nine-Tailed Fox's foxfire was still very powerful, and one of his skins had already been baked.

Monk Tang ignores Pigsy, and this guy will definitely not die for a while. It is better to let Pigsy suffer a little, so as to stop him is rush to see female goblins or something in the future. Of course, Monk Tang also knows that it is too difficult for Pigsy to change his nature. In short, it is better for Pigsy to have a lecture.

Then Monk Tang looked at Nine-Tailed Fox and was also shocked by the beauty of Nine-Tailed Fox. Monk Tang has seen many beautiful women in the world, such as the White Bone Demon around him, which can be compared with Nine-Tailed Fox in terms of the face alone.

However, it is the first time he met a beautiful woman like Nine-Tailed Fox, who is full of charm and can tease men's most primitive desires.

Of course, it's only so. Monk Tang is a man with a very firm heart. Can you not see that he could resist his desire while eating so much gold money meat? The external temptation of Nine-Tailed Fox is really not a big allure for him. It's a piece of cake for him.

Monk Tang is more confused now-------Ah, is it said that Nine-Tailed Fox is an old lady?

Just when Monk Tang looked at Nine-Tailed Fox, Nine-Tailed Fox was also looking at Monk Tang and his party. she stopped and she carefully stared at Monk Tang and others. Nine-Tailed Fox felt a great threat from Sun Wukong.

When she saw the White Bone Demon standing beside Monk Tang, Nine-Tailed Fox's mind also flashed doubts---------how did a woman appear in the monk team? What a powerful demon, no worse than me.


Losing strength, Pigsy dropped to the ground with an "ouch!" sound, which also woke up the two people in meditation.

"are you Nine-Tailed Fox?" Monk Tang returned to absolute being and asked, still not sure. she is so different from the original.

"Are you Monk Tang? The bald donkey who killed my two lovely kids? "

Nine-Tailed Fox asked, looking at the Monk Tang with murder in her eyes, she was saddened to think of the deaths of Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King.

Although Nine-Tailed Fox did not give a positive answer, Monk Tang has already confirmed that this beautiful and seductive fox is the one who wrinkled, ugly and aging Nine-Tailed Fox in the original book.

Now her identity has been confirmed, Monk Tang has no more nonsense to say. He took his monk spade to rush toward Nine-Tailed Fox.

At the same time, Monk Tang said to Sun Wukong and others, "Wukong, you guys watch me, stay still!"

"Don't worry, Master, I'm not going to help you, haha." Sun Wukong said when he heard this, his body leaped into a big tree.

On hearing this, Monk Tang, who rushed forward, almost fell a somersault and gave Sun Wukong a hard look: He's stuck in his heart, old Bro!

Then he continued to rush toward Nine-Tailed Fox and shouted, "Nine-Tailed Fox, you are dead!"

"Master, i is lying here to cheer you up, Master, 666!!"

Pigsy is also shouting-damn it, this is definitely the time to flatter! it is a huge opportunity.

"Hum, overreach!" Nine-Tailed Fox watched as he rushed at her, with a snort of cold on the surface, but in fact, she was overjoyed.

As a matter of fact, when Monk Tang and others were walking out of the darkness, Nine-Tailed Fox was going to run away. Although she was strong and had Lord Lao Zi's valuable Gold Rope, after two days of in-depth communication with Lord Lao Zi.

She also knew the strength of Monk Tang and his party and knew that she and Monk Tang and others would face each other head-to-head and that her party would definitely lose.

Moreover, the fact is also proved to be true. Only one Pigsy has beaten and maimed many foxes in her Press Dragon Cave. Fortunately, she has Gold Rope to tie Pigsy up.

But that's all. There is only one Gold Rope. If she binds Pigsy, she can't bind others unless she kills Pigsy. But will Monk Tang and others watch Pigsy be killed by her?

Don't need to think, Nine-Tailed Fox also knows, that is impossible.

But at this time, he saw hope, watching Monk Tang rush alone, and Nine-Tailed Fox seemed to see hope waving to him.

As long as Monk Tang is in her hands, Nine-Tailed Fox is confident that she will win the final victory.

At worst, with the Tang Priest's card in her hand, she also had a way to face it calmly and let her own side be in an invincible position.

Nine-Tailed Fox is now waiting for Monk Tang to come near her and capture him at one stroke.

However, the next moment, Nine-Tailed Fox almost vomited blood in frustration. why things always went beyond her expectation. it was too heart-stuffed.

"Hum, if you want to hurt my madam, you monk will have to ask us if we agree or not. Never want to be near our madam."

Sweet voices sounded along, with a line of figures standing in front of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

These figures were formally injured in the shock wave just now, and now all the foxes who have been adjusted have been brought back to life with full blood. The timing is just right--------they will never let go of the opportunity to present themselves in front of the lady!

you Damn it, get out of the way and let the monk come here! Nine-Tailed Fox looked at the many subordinates standing in front of him. Nine-Tailed Fox was not moved but had the impulse to slap away the subordinates in front of her.

At this moment, Nine-Tailed Fox was depressed to death, but it happened that she could not show her real thoughts.