Chapter 13 Killing the Real Chicken Before The Real Monkey

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 4

Experience: 40/80

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-ring spade, and Gold three-hoop Ring(fake)

Sun Wukong walking in front, suddenly felt the breath behind him, looked back with some doubts, Monk Tang's two breakthroughs naturally could not conceal the Monkey King, it was too easy for him to breakthrough. When he was still a stone, he already had a sense of intelligence.

Every so often he breaks through and becomes stronger, so he is no stranger to breaking through.

However, Sun Wukong feels that Tang Sen's breakthrough is a little different. Even his breakthrough has an omen, but Monk Tang broke through without any symptoms, which made Sun Wukong wonder.

Of course, this doubt only lasts one second, and in a blink of an eye, it was left behind, and he runs in front of Monk Tang and has a look at here and there, and his lively nature was revealed.

The master and apprentice walked not fast, but not too slow. After traveling for nearly a day and a half, when they came to a forest, the prompt of the system sounded, and Monk Tang was immediately refreshed.

Because the prompt sounds, which means that a task has been released. Having a task means having experience, and having experience means being able to upgrade and become stronger.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for taking the third step to the west. Now release the third task: through the Tiger Monk Forest, the task rewards 10-100 experience value. ’

Hearing the sound of the system, Monk Tang laughed in his heart, and finally came to the Tiger Forest? Monk Tang thinks that this forest is also a good place to fight with little monsters!

Looking at the forest in front, Monk Tang waved his hands to Sun Wukong happily and said, "Wukong, let's go but be careful, there are tigers!"

Sun Wukong heard that although he didn't know why Monk Tang was so happy, he was dismissive when he heard the tiger. he even was not afraid of dragons not mentioning the little tigers.

However, Sun Wukong kept up quickly. He was really afraid that his weak chicken master would be killed by the tiger. Although he could regain his freedom, it would take a lot of effort to get revenge. Wukong's bottom line is that Monk Tang cannot die, at least until he avenges his death!

The Tiger Forest not only has tigers, but also many other beasts. For example, a chicken appeared in front of the eyes of the two. Monk Tang drooled when he saw the chicken, although the chicken was several times larger than the earth. Monk Tang swears by his previous profession it is definitely a chicken.

The reason why this chicken can grow so big is due to the reasons of this world. There are fairy and monsters here. It is quite normal for a chicken to grow bigger! This is fine.

Looking at this chicken, an idea suddenly appeared in Monk Tang's mind: there are umpteen kinds of methods for cooking.

White chopped chicken, braised chicken, spicy chicken, drool chicken, callous chicken ...

Monk Tang decided this dinner is this chicken!

Big cock: Damn you! dead bald! Why are you staring at me? You pervert dead bald donkey!

Sun Wukong looks at Monk Tang as a fool. He didn't know why Monk Tang has to face a big cock and keep saliva. Sun Wukong feels a bitter chill. The young monk is very handsome. Why his taste is so heavy!

After Monk Tang finally recalled all the chickens in his head, he raised monk spade and hit the big rooster in a threatening manner: "You, chicken! Go to die!"

The big cock was muddled, and it was still the man who kept gentle eyes on itself, and suddenly hit it aggressively, which really scared him.

The big rooster chuckled, not only did not run but rushed towards Monk Tang: Damn, you want to rob in my place, on way!

Although the big cock is big enough and the fighting power is good, he finally died in the hands of Monk Tang at level 4.

‘Ding, kill a beast and reward 5 experience value! ’

Listening to the voice of the system in his head, Monk Tang smiled slightly. He felt very satisfied, not only meat but also experience value. So cool. Although the five-point experience value is not much but relative to his current level, that's not too small.

Monk Tang could not help but open the character panel to view it.

Host: Monk Tang

Level: 4

Experience: 45/80

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Brocade Kasaya, Nine-ring spade, and Gold three-hoop Ring(fake)

Monk Tang glanced at the experience value and sighed. He wanted to upgrade but had a long way to go, but soon Monk Tang left the upgrade behind him, watching the big cock knocked to death, Monk Tang swallowed his saliva again.

Due to cooking conditions, Monk Tang chose to use a method called beggar’s chicken to deal with this big cock!

Of course, he scolds about Guanyin Bodhisattva. If the system mall still is here there are more ways to cook it.

Sun Wukong thought that Monk Tang was just trying to get rid of the big cock. He didn't expect Monk Tang to kill the big cock. Although in the Five-Fingers Mountain space, Tang Sheng mentioned eating horse meat, Sun Wukong just thought that it was Monk Tang's nonsense, but now he killed a big rooster like this, he still has a bun.

Although he did not know how to kill the ghost soldiers and soldiers from the heaven palace when he was in trouble at the palace, he would not kill a beast who came to provoke him for no reason. But the monk did!

Sun Wukong said: Is this a monk?

But after the bun, Sun Wukong was happy, and he thought the monk was really interesting.

But he didn’t think Monk Tang was interesting a few minutes later, but abnormal, even the corpses were not let go, and the hand, within a blink of an eye, was cut off. took off the feather of the big rooster, and it was gutted.

Suddenly Sun Wukong deeply understood that Monk Tang had a cruel heart under his handsome face.

What the hell, while doing ferocious things, and smirking while swallowing, Sun Wukong didn't know why he suddenly felt cool and looked at Monk Tang with a hint of fear.

Monk Tang was immersed in cooking. He didn't know that I had already performed a "kill chicken before a monkey" and had achieved unexpected results. Even Sun Wukong, who was not afraid of anyone, felt scared, Monk Tang doesn't know, if he knew, he would be happy about it!

After busy work, Monk Tang finally finished processing the big cock. Without the tin foil, Monk Tang found huge leaves in the forest instead, wrapped it in several layers, and then baked it with fire.

The most indispensable thing in the forest is the firewood. Within a few minutes and two piles of firewood are piled up in front of them, but the fire is a big problem. Although the principle of drilling wood to gain fire is understood by Monk Tang, it needs skills and luck. If it had bad luck, it would take a long time to succeed, which has nothing to do with strength.