Chapter 129 Bounding


In front of the gate of Press Dragon Cave in Press Dragon Mountain, two behemoths collided with each other.

It was a humanoid boar with a nine-toothed rake in one hand and a seven-tailed black fox.

The crash of the two behemoths and the thunderous rumbling of the rumbling sound made them stuffy. Under great force, the air almost broke apart.

This is the collision between Pigsy and Seveny.

At the moment of impact, the shock wave of terror spread in all directions and those foxes, who just got up and rushed at the fox in Pigsy, in the case of the shock wave, all inverted out, vomit blood and were injured.

Accompanied by a muffled thunder sound, there was also a piercing cry of pain.

It was sent out by Seveny, and Seveny had a big loss and suffered crushing on the body!

The moment they hit each other, Seveny's paw was shattered and turned into flesh and blood all over the sky.

And Pigsy took advantage of the opportunity to strike, crushing Seveny's paws. He grabbed Seveny by the neck, grabbed him and flung him out violently. Seveny's body flew out like a huge bomb.

Along the way, many ancient trees and boulders were smashed by impact. It was not stopped until a small hill was smashed and embedded on the Press Dragon Mountain.

Bloodshot out of Seveny's pores like a giant shower, while the dense bone-cracking continued.

Pigsy shook off his hands and disdained to say: "Ah, it's just a goblin at fairy level. Do you want to fight with me? Too weak! If Master doesn't say I can't kill people casually, I'll crush you. "

With that, Pigsy squinted at the Nine-Tailed Fox and said, "Lady, I've kept you waiting."

Pigsy's body quickly returned to normal, crossed the crumbling ground and continued to swoop up Nine-Tailed Fox. to treat beautiful women, Pigsy can be very persistent and patient.

"Damn, Pigsy you damn! You guys not only killed my two children but also wounded my brother! I will not spare you! " Nine-Tailed Fox stared at Seveny's miserable appearance and immediately became furious, rolling in the rise of the sinister smell, with white fox tails sticking out from behind her.

"The black fox is your brother? Holy crap, do I want my little uncle to be mutilated? of course, no! " Pigsy, hearing Nine-Tailed Fox's words, widened his eyes and explained that. Damn it! he had broken his little uncle's arm. But he still wanted to have sex with his beauties! This is somewhat bad.

At the same time, thanks to the majestic "the sinister smell" on Nine-Tailed Fox, Pigsy can only know that this beautiful goblin is the most powerful one here, but Pigsy only Pigsy take her seriously a little.

However, what makes Pigsy dismay is that the beautiful goblin was already the mother of two children. Pigsy's favorite was the original product, but looking at the charming and delicate face of Nine-Tailed Fox, Pigsy changed his heart again.

The saliva overflows and the posture of the swoop remains unchanged. The original goods Maybe better!

Looking at Pigsy's fatty belly, spattering saliva and his squinting eyes, Nine-Tailed Fox was disgusting about him. Nine snow and white foxes gathered in front of her to form a ball to surround her. Nine foxes' tails were pointed at each other, making the sinister smell gather together, and in a twinkling, it was condensed into a sphere.

That is the sinister-smell bomb, a very simple attack method, but the power is not used to it. The more force the cohesive the sinister smell uses, the greater it will be.

Bang! The sinister-smell bomb in midair was aimed at Pigsy!

"Oh, my God, are you trying to murder your husband?"

Pigsy got a fright and was busy hiding in the air. the sinister-smell bomb made him a little scared, but he did not forget to take advantage of her in oral.

However, Pigsy's face changed violently in the next moment. Although the sinister-smell bomb was easily dodged, a little golden light was rapidly magnified in Pigsy's eyes, and at the moment it fell on Pigsy.

Nine-Tailed Fox wore a mocking smile on her mouth. the sinister-smell bomb was not her real weapon. Gold Rope, which followed the sinister smell, was her real weapon. Nine-Tailed Fox knew it was hard to be Pigsy's opponent to play hardball, so how could she choose to play hardball?

The sinister-smell bomb was only playing to a cover of Gold Rope, in order to smoothly bind Pigsy.

“Gold Rope?” The golden light fell on Pigsy. Pigsy recognized Lord Lao Zi's treasure and immediately said in horror. He could not understand why Lord Lao Zi's treasure was in Nine-Tailed Fox's hands.

He wants to escape, but it's too late. Shoop~ Shoop~Shoop~Shoop~ Gold Rope bound Pig like a pyramid(ps:it is shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. It is a traditional food in China)

Bang! he fell to the ground and a pig chewed on the mud.

"Bah, bah!" Pigsy spits out the mud in his mouth and said: "lady, you like this way, I really can't see it. lady, will you let me go and let me tie you up? I can do many tricks, and Master taught me!"

"Hum, you are dying. How dare you be so presumptuous!" When Nine-Tailed Fox heard the cold hum, she came to Pigsy's front with a flash and stepped on Pigsy's mouth. This smelly mouth really made her hate it.

However, Nine-Tailed Fox underestimated Pigsy's shameless degree. Her foot stepped on Pigsy's mouth. Pigsy not only didn't cry out for pain but put out his saliva-soaked tongue to windbag her foot and smell, "Lady, your feet are fragrant!"

"ah!" Nine-Tailed Fox's body hair just blew up, screamed and jumped out of the distance, her face flushed.

Nine-Tailed Fox's hair stood up at the moment, her eyes were burning with fire, her face was as red as blood, and her nine white foxtails were all stretched straight. Pigsy's licking really surprised Nine-Tailed Fox. While she was nauseous, she was also angry.

Can her foot be touched by a pig demon? So far, only one person could do it to her!

"You damned fat pig, I will torture you to death today!" Nine-Tailed Fox was furious.

Swish, swish ... Nine foxtails became thicker and longer, with long white hairs standing upright and gleaming with new cold light. At the same time, the white foxfire was burning fiercely on it. Nine foxtails were whipping towards Pigsy like nine white dragons!

Pa pa pa pa pa ...

The nine foxtails snapped on Pigsy, pulling him out of the ground into the air, then flitting him around like rubber balls in the air, with the smell of barbecued meat coming out.

"ah ah ah ah ~ pain pain pain pain, lady don't hit again, I don't like this kind of style! ah, no, I smell barbecue, I'm ripe!" Pigsy was screaming in pain in the air, but it seems his voice includes a kind of ... joy?