Chapter 128 "Heroic" Pigsy

"Haha, little ladies, it's not good for you to do this. You have to follow me!"

Pigsy didn't care at all about the attacks of all the foxes. It seemed fierce, but it was too difficult to do him any harm. Did they see his rough skin?

Don't look at these foxes looked very strong. They are almost at fairy level, but the difference between the two is still too far, is Pigsy stood motionless, they also can't break the prevention on Pigsy.

However, Pigsy is not an M-typed person either. of course, he didn't think of hard resistance. his nine-tooth rake appeared in his hand!

"Little ladies, watch out my rake!" Pigsy's nine-tooth rake is waving in his hand.

Bang, bang, bang ...

There is no doubt that the foxes' tails were deflected and the foxes flew out screaming.

"Look, let you not follow me. did you suffer this time? I have always been very gentle! "

Pigsy looked at many flying foxes and said, his eyes shining. Beauty is indeed a beauty. The foxes beauties who flew upside down also maintained thrilling beauty. Pigsy is merciful to beauties.

Hitting the foxes, Pigsy looked again at Nine-Tailed Fox who is angry abnormally. But Pigsy was going saliva flow out his mouth again.

Nine-Tailed Fox is so beautiful and alluring. Pigsy wiped a mouthful of saliva and continued to pounce on Nine-Tailed Fox!

"Beautiful little lady, I am here, you must wait for me for a long time?"

At the moment, Pigsy is like a landlord or bully who molests a good family. His face is really ugly.

"Are you Pigsy?" Nine-Tailed Fox's face was cold, and she recognized who Pigsy was. There were not many such powerful pig devils in the world, and the nine-tooth rake was Pigsy's special magic weapon. During two days of in-depth communication with Lord Lao Zi, she asks a lot about Monk Tang and his party.

"Hey? Little lady, you know me? Ha, ha, ha, that's easy for me. You just have saved time to get to know each other, let's go straight into the bridal chamber? " Pigsy heard a light sigh and continued to pounce on Nine-Tailed Fox.

"Hum, it's good to admit that you are Pigsy. I was worried about how to find you. I didn't expect you to deliver it to the door. I'll kill you today and then kill Monk Tang and Sun Wukong to avenge my two children in bad karma!" Nine-Tailed Fox grunted coldly.

"Seveny, kill this pig for me, and we'll have a full pig feast soon!" Nine-Tailed Fox ordered the fox Seveny.

"Yes!" Seveny should be a sound, the body is turned into a mass of blacklight rushed towards Pigsy.

"Get out of here!" Pigsy looked at Seveny thundering at his shot, and at the same time, a rake was set up against Seveny. In terms of male, Pigsy was not as gentle as he treats females.

Of course, Pigsy is also a little confused. He doesn't know who are the two children!

Let him not think much, the next moment, Pigsy is minded a fiercely, look a change, feel some underestimate the black fox!

The nine-tooth nail rake was a strike, but there was no picture of blood shooting and the figure flying backward.

But Pigsy was stopped by two claws with black hair and seven tails like black snakes and pythons!

"Gnome male! the former Marshal Tianpeng was just the same! " Seveny felt the strength coming from the nine-tooth rake. Hehe sneered. Although the power on the nine-tooth rake is heave like a mountain, Seveny's confidence soared.

Pigsy got angry when he heard this and was despised by a black fox, especially if the black fox was a male.

"Dare to look down on your home I? Black Fox, go to hell! "

Pigsy thundered, his body shook, his body soared 10 meters high, and his nine-tooth rake also soared.

Although Pigsy is usually greedy, lazy, and very lustful, seemingly weak, it is only a superficial phenomenon.

Can Pigsy not have some real skills to sit in the position of marshal of heaven?

Usually, Pigsy just wants to loaf on the job, doesn't work out, and then he easily walks all the way, so he keeps the low key.

Although Pigsy has not practiced the 72 changing skill, he has practiced the 36 kinds of protection skill, which could make his body extremely tough in the flesh.

At the moment, Pigsy has used the ability of 36 kinds of protection skills, and his strength has soared several times.


Seveny was very tall and straight just now. Under Pigsy's earnest efforts, he was smashed into the ground in an instant!

“Seveny!” Nine-Tailed Fox let out a scream at the sight of this. Unexpectedly, Fox Seveny fell into the ground in an instant. Her heart was a little cold and shocked that Pigsy was so strong. Then Sun Wukong would be strong. Nine-Tailed Fox understood why Lord Lao Zi didn't let her take revenge!

"Damn you fat pig!" A furious voice came from the ground, at the same time, a dozen meters thick giant tail drilled from the ground, toward Pigsy strangulation.

Pigsy's body is fat, but it is extremely flexible. He hid from seven huge black tails burning with black flames. He whispered softly, "You black fox, you are quite resistant to beating!"


Pressure dragon hole in front of the earth split, a monster emerged from the ground, it was a nearly a dozen zhangs size huge black fox, eyes red, like two rounds of the bloody full moon, seven burning black fox tail bared his teeth beating in midair.

This is Seveny's black fox body.


Show ontology, Seveny's ability to improve at the highest level, and the body is not lost at this time of Pigsy, even more than a lot, black paws tear in midair toward Pigsy.

"Really? lying down in the underground is not good? Don't you want to come out to been kicked off by me?! "

Face with much more powerful attacks than before, Pigsy was not worried, but rather impatient. Pigsy now wants to have good sex with Nine-Tailed Fox. If he meets a strong opponent like Seveny at ordinary times, he will definitely pretend to be unintelligent and let the monkey deal with it. He is good at slacking off and comfortably staying aside.

But not now. Nine-Tailed Fox was standing nearby. Although she did nothing, he still felt itching. He couldn't wait. He didn't have time to respond to Seveny. Pigsy also wanted to show his "bravery" in front of Nine-Tailed Fox.

Pigsy body shakes, the body suddenly jumped to 20 zhangs high, leaned out his hand which bigger than a tree, and stretched to Seveny.

The two huge bodies collided and made a muffled Bang!